Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Love Scatterings!

      I'm not all about anything 'deep' this morning. It's Saturday. The day notorious for things 'un'-deep!...At least that's the case around my house! ^_^ And today is gonna be no different!
      Don't get me wrong...I have things to do. But the things I have to do are not anxiety-ridden, or schedule driven. They are things all about love. ♥ The love of my God Jehovah...that I like to talk to people about on a nice Saturday. :-) 
      My love of crochet ♥ ...

      Some of which I worked on yesterday! :-) ...

       And some of which I sold from my Wuglyees Etsy shop last night, and I have to get wrapped and outta here some time this morning! :-)
     And then there's my love of all things...well, 'most' things...Etsy ♥ ...

      All of these are good, loving ♥ and 'scattery-thoughted'...Yeah, I know it's not really a compound word! LOL... things to talk about on a nice Saturday in November! ^_^ 
     Other than that...I got this guy! ^_^ ...

      My handsome 'other half'! ^_^ I love him too! ♥ I suspect that he's not loving me so much this morning though! :-)) I'm kinda hormonal, and 'complainy'...Yeah, I know it's also probably not a real word! LOL...He's made breakfast three times already, and's making me nauseous. O_O Sorry, honey. I suspect that green tea with honey and lemon, and maybe a toasted raisin bagel may be the only solution this morning...Of course...he can't hear me through my typing fingers. So....gotta go!! LOL {It's a good thing he already has a practiced thirty plus years in, with my hormonal moods I mean! ^_^}
      Have a good day, Everybody!! :-)

I'm Loving It Right Now!

The 'Hunt for red October'?
No! My hunt's for hummingbirds.
I'm loving them right now,
So much, I hardly find the words!

Speaking of 'the words',
I'm also loving Poetry,
and I'm loving pretty journals
and my feelings all set free.

Speaking of 'set free',
I'm free of fondness now toward rain;
Yet I do love how the rain has focused
my creative brain.

Speaking of my brain,
With all this rain, I just say WOW!
'cause It's keeping me together,
and I'm loving that right now!

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