Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's A Soup & Crackers Tuesday!


      Hi Y'all!...It's Tuesday!...That's right, right?!...It is Tuesday, isn't it?! O_O I'm a little bit fuzzy about it this morning. It was a looooong night...and a looooong day yesterday. That's why it's a soup & crackers day for me today!
      I keep finding reasons to smile, no matter what happens, but my 'wonky, up and down feeling' body doesn't make it easy! And yesterday was no exception!...I must've eaten something that didn't agree with my stomach's delicate disposition these days, because I was 'tossing my cookies'...in other words, throwing up...over and over last night. :-(
      It started early yesterday afternoon, with an overly full feeling in my stomach. But as the day went on, it was a dull ache, and then a pressured pain, and then...queasiness...and then...UPSY-DAISY!!! ^_^ In other words...up she came!!! LOL
       So today it's me...some hot soup...


      ...Some crackers ...{By the way, the above poster can be yours with free shipping. Just add the coupon code: THEWUGSBACKYARD at checkout!}...


      ...Some soup and crackers together...


      ...maybe some hot green tea with honey and lemon...and a blanket!...


      Thankfully I already finished writing my talk for the meeting. All of my sold items were wrapped and sent off (one to Greece!)...And also, thankfully, hubby is home again today! :-) I need 'babying' today. :-] Tomorrow it can be his turn. ^_^ ... For all of YOU bloggers...stay UN-sick!...and have a good soup & crackers Tuesday!! :-)

This I know!

I am breathing every morning,
moving limbs and reaching out.
And while my brain cells might be fuzzy,
of one thing I have no doubt...

I know I don't do this alone,
even though some don't agree
I know the fruit tastes good that falls,
but someone had to make the tree!

I have respect for other's views.
I don't push my beliefs on them,
but on a daily, weekly, basis,
I give all my praise to him.

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