Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'Thankful For The Cute', Tuesday!...And I Might Wanna Dance!


      It's Tuesday!...or, as I'm calling it today, 'Thankful For The Cute' day! :-) Relax though, I'm not gonna get all 'cute crazy'!! ^_^ I'm just gonna get slightly 'cute un-stable'! LOL And yes!...I have to!! ^_^
      As you probably have heard...from me over the last two posts!...I've been having some not-so-great issues going on....*boooooo...hisssssss!*...Oh, if only I had diamonds on the soles of my shoes!! LOL...And even though my day yesterday started off in a calm and peaceful place, the day slowly went downhill...then climbed back up the hill...did a few roller coaster moves...and went back to calm by the time I went to bed!! Whew!! O.O
      There was mail announcing wonderful prospects for our finances...a friend's panicked phone call because of a family emergency...another death...*sigh*...and all manner of other thing...that I'll spare you the details about...Trust me, you don't wanna be crying all over your keyboard, and then jumping for joy and banging your head on the ceiling!! LOL Yep!...It was that crazy of an emotional day!!!
      Thus....I NEED cute!! :-))





      Ahhhhhhhh!...and all is well with the world. :-) ... Not really...by a LONG shot!...but at least well enough for a cute Tuesday!! ^_^

      Okay...time to go! I've got some pills to take, some boutonnieres to crochet, some lips on a six-foot tall hard-working man to kiss 'Good Morning!' :-) ...


      And I need to dance!!! :-)) ... Have a good day, Everybody!...dance like you have diamonds on the soles of your shoes! :-)


Life is a dance, they always say.
It has a rhythm and a rhyme,
It makes you set a pace, while it
flows in the stream of time.

And dancing has expressions
that I think are kinda neat,
like dancing eyes, and dance of joy,
happy dance, and dancing feet.

Whatever dance you do today,
I hope life pleases you.
It really doesn't matter how.
Just dance! I hope you do!

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