Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Breakfast Update Chat!


      Sit down, rest your feet, grab a cup. Will it be green tea with honey and lemon, hot chocolate, or coffee?!...That's all I'm offering today. I'm not in the mood to talk blog themes, show Etsy photos...Well, except the one in the header photos with the goodies. ^_^ I could've shown her whole shop here if I was in the mood to show pictures though!
      I just wanted to take a minute and catch you all up on what's been going on in a 'Wug's life'! LOL I realized the other day that I haven't been telling you what's been going on. Today is the day! :-]
      First of all, even though I've been kinda leaning on the more negative side of blog updates, things are going okay. In other words, I'm coping with things as they come, even though there haven't been as many good things coming as I would like!...There have been a few deaths, some illnesses, some financial upheavals, some disappointments, lots of exhaustion, and some 'cra-cra'-crazy hormonal issues!!!
      Other than that, there has also been a few issues with my mother-in-law. Her home having been broken into a couple of times among them! O_O Right now we're in the process of emptying her house so that she can move on. Maybe the new owners will be able to figure out how to make the house a happy family home for some new tenants to reside in...in peace! I hope so...The world can be a scary crazy place sometimes!...just saying!
      In between the selling of her house and moving into a new place though, mom may come and live with us for a time. That's still up in the air though. We'll see. You can't 'bank on' too much in this system! Just when you think you have it all figured out, somebody throws a monkey wrench at your head, and all kinds of 'slippery when wet' signs start showing up on your road! LOL...Don't try to figure those words out. You're dealing with hormonally crazy right now. Just go with it!! ^_^
      By the way, that's one of the other issues I'm really trying to get a handle on...my hormones. They have been all over the place!! And my body doesn't like it one bit!! My body has been spitting and jerking and throwing stuff out left and right!!...trying to clean house I think. LOL
      But here's the good news....I'm still breathing. I still have my sense of humor...and so does my hubby. THANKFULLY!!! ^_^ I'm still 'rolling with the punches', and ducking, bobbing, and weaving when necessary!! LOL
      My Wuglyees shop is not selling that much right now, but I'm still crocheting anyway. I've gotten a lot of promises from 'high-muckety-muck' customers who love my flower boutonnieres and say they're gonna send their friends and clients my way too. So I'm trying to stay ready! :-) I've also been doing a few off-line custom pieces for people. The baby sweater I mentioned yesterday is one of those...I'll show you more on the sweater tomorrow. I may even be finished with it by then! ^_^
      Other than that, I can now report that I finally got my stipend for healthcare. YAY!!!!...I had applied a long, long, time ago...and it's been a long paperwork-filled road full of ups and downs! Finally though, we'll be able to breathe a little...a little! :-) And we're totally thankful!!...Now, if only hubby's job can move him back to a bit closer to home, all will really be good!...until I write "The Great Novel, with poetic footnotes" and be able to get my two million dollar check and stop him from having to work at all!! LOL...I know, I know!...Don't hold my breath! ^_^
       Sorry for being so wordy today, but it's hard to do updates without those 'pesky' words! ^_^ I'm all done for now though. So, I will say goodbye, til it be morrow! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

I Like To Talk

I like to talk;
I like to gab;
I like a girlfriend
free confab!

I like to chat;
I like to speak;
I find that words
are what I seek.

I like the chatter
of a crowd;
Not in a whisper,
but out loud.

But, please no talking
while you chew.
{Speaking does 
have manners too!}

I like the noise
that utterance does.
The constant
conversation buzz.

Maybe I need a
word-free diet;
No! I could not
withstand the quiet!

So, I will talk;
Oh yes! I'll dabble
in a constant
lingo babble.    

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