Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm Talking About 'WONDERFUL'!!

      I wanna talk about something 'wonderful' today!...And yes, I know it's a long shot trying to find something 'wonderful' to talk about today, when over 10,000 people are reported to have died in the devastation of typhoon Haiyan...:-( ... and cold weather is shooting up the coast toward us (including maybe....snow! O_O).
      My 'wonderful' almost wasn't gonna include any Etsy items today!!...That's because the whole Etsy activity feed, where I scroll and find items to share with you, was full of Christmas items!! O_O Christmas items!...when Thanksgiving hasn't even gotten here yet!! O_O
      The truth is that I don't celebrate either of those holidays anyway, or 'any' holidays really, so I wouldn't focus on them as a usual course. But I sure didn't wanna have to be wading through Christmas and holiday items just to find something 'wonderful'!...but wade through...I did! :-) And I did find some 'wonderful' too!!...

      I also made some more 'wonderful' yesterday!...Well, my brand of 'wonderful' anyway. ^_^ ...

      It's already in the shop. Just click on the above photo if you're interested. :-)

        I have one more bit of 'wonderful' to share too...A 'wonderful' conversation hubby and I had after we read the day's text this morning. (The day's text is titled "Examining The Scriptures Daily". It's a Bible scripture and comment in a little booklet that we read every day along with a portion of the Bible that we read)
      Today's text led us into a conversation about what he and I would do if we suddenly received two million dollars. Ha! Ha!...And if you saw the text you would be wondering how in the world did they get into that conversation from that scripture! ^_^ So that's not the 'wonderful' part!
      The wonderful part came when he and I talked through our receiving the 2 million dollars! ^_^ The conversation went 'something' like this:

      "But what would we do with two million dollars?! O_O"

    "We'd pay the 'tax man' at least 1/3 of it! LOL"

      "Right!...but then we could buy a new car!! :-)"

    "Yeah...and we could put all of the modern gadgetry in it...GPS...a T.V. for entertaining the nieces and nephews...a good music system..."

      "Yeah...but we'd also have to put an alarm on it, and buy one of those 'beep! beep!' things for it, so that we could start it from inside the house during the snow and bad weather!! :-)"
    "Well, why don't we just buy a new house...with a nice heated garage?! ^_^"

   "Yeah!...and hire somebody to come over and shovel for us during snow storms! ^_^"

      "You know why we don't do that?!...because then we'd have to do a whole records search on whoever we'd hire! Ha! Ha!...I can just see it now!...some dude we hire to shovel for us steals our car, which has our address in it, and the extra set of house keys in the glove box (for the times when we lock ourselves out of our alarm laden house! ^_^) ...Then he steals our bank account...with whatever money was still in it after the hackers got into it! O_O...
      The thief/snow shoveler doesn't leave us a penny!...and now we can't afford the mortgage on our fancy, expensively protected house!...and we can't afford another car...and we don't have jobs because we left them once we found out we had 2 million dollars!!...
      We get kicked out of our home!...The relatives don't wanna put us up, because they were jealous of our money and now wanna gloat in our fall...We can't get low-income financial help from any programs because of what our income was for the year!...and we end up homeless, and having to rely on the kindness of our friends!!!!" O_O

      "Wake up call!!!!...WOW! O_O...So honey, isn't it wonderful that we don't have 2 million dollars?!! ^_^"

     Ha! Ha!...Yes I know, bloggers...that's taking the negative side of being rich!...But since there's no chance of us getting 2 million dollars out of nowhere and becoming the rich Wugs down the street, I think it's still good! LOL 
      Have a 'WONDERFUL' day, everybody!! :-)

To Be My Pocketbook!

I go everywhere with you.
I am always by your side.
I hold all of your possessions.
I am where your secrets hide.

I hold all of your money,
and the pictures you hold dear.
I hold your make-up and I.D.
I make you feel secure, when near.
I'm your new pocketbook, every year!


  1. Thanks for including my pillow cover.
    Interesting thought process on the 2 million dollars.

    1. It was my pleasure, Crystal! :-] And I'm glad you could appreciate the silliness of the rich in love...even though we're as broke as broke can get!!! LOL

  2. You forgot about all your blog buddies who would like to share those millions with you! I mean, what are friends for? Ha! I think I'm sure I'll never have to worry about what to do with millions! It is fun to dream though! Sure hope that snow stays away and you have a wonderful week!

    1. Ha! Ha!....Oh yeah! ^_^ Okay...duly noted: "Please remember the co-bloggers when you receive your 2 million dollars!!...DONE! LOL"...and FYI, I wouldn't wait by the phone!!'s lightly snowing...*sigh*

  3. Thank you so much for including my Etsy mug in this great post. Very much appreciate your kindness! Hope you will settle for a "million thanks" instead of teh million, LOL. Make it a million and one- thank you!!

    1. Hi Lorrie! :-) ... It was my pleasure to include your mug! I eat and sleep Etsy around 'here'!! ^_^ And by the way, your check for the million thanks received!...I'm taking it to the bank!!! ^_^


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