Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Pancakes!...But It's Still Sunday!

      Nope!...No pancakes again today! ^_^ But I did have a nice long toast and kielbasa between sipping on my hot green tea with lemon, and finishing my study of the 'Watchtower' magazine article for today's meeting! :-) That's why I'm a bit late getting my post up today.
       It's a good study article today too! Reminders to exercise faith and humility, and to trust in Jehovah...especially during these hard times. MUCH NEEDED!! I'm thankful for the reminders.

      There's not much else on the schedule for today...except watching the tennis final with Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer...Yes! I said David Ferrer!! ^_^ He whooped my 'baby boy' (Rafael Nadal) like he stole something yesterday!!! ^_^ And he's not doing so badly against Djokovic right now either!! :-) ... I'm not happy that he beat my 'baby boy', but I would like to see David win one. He's such a hard working player!!
       Okay...have I talked enough?! ^_^ Are you done with your coffee?!...

      Time to go and wash these toast crumbs off my hands...and off the keyboard! ^_^ ...

      Next stop?....Relaxing a bit before the meeting! :-) ...

     ♫ You make me smile... ♫ :-) Have a good rest of this Sunday, Everybody!

All With You!

If money could take me anywhere,
where would I go? What would I do?
I could walk down sandy beaches
as long as it's done with you?

I could paint on the French Riviera,
and on the cliffs of Dover too.
I could dance to the wee wee hours.
As long as it's done with you.

I could write my first true novel,
with every where, when, what or who.
And if well received...or not,
I'd be fine as long as I'm with you.

I could travel to Hawaii,
and ride horseback through the crystal blue.
I could hula and eat, and hula some more,
as long as it's done with you.

I could make a lot of friend's lives better,
pay their bills and buy them something new.
But it wouldn't be nearly as much fun
as spending all my time with you!

So if money could take me anywhere,
what would I want to see and do?
Exactly what I see and do right now,
because I get to do it all with you!      


  1. I got up early to do my Watchtower. We have the C.O. visit this week so I had to have it REALLY studied well! Enjoy your meeting today my friend!! Ours is at 1:00.

    Enjoy your relaxing time and tennis time too! Love that silver keychain by the way!

    1. Hi Bead! :-) It was a good WT today, wasn't it?!...Humility...Faith...Good Study Habits...yes! We need to work hard to keep those in play these days!!!...Enjoy your C.O.this week! :-]

  2. Sorry no pancakes were involved in the making of this post, but it sounds like a great Sunday anyway! I hope the rest of your week is a good one!

    1. Hi Yaya! :-) ... pancakes, but it was okay because I had kielbasa! Almost as good as pancakes! ^_^ Okay...maybe not. But they sure were a good 'in the place of'!!...And I hope the rest of the week is good too!!!!! LOL


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