Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Do YOU Consider To Be Elegant?!

      No, I didn't go looking for elegance...especially not this morning! 'Looking' for anything this morning would be a problem!...Is it me, or are my eyes becoming MORE glued together at night when I go to sleep?!! LOL
     I know, you're thinking: "Don't start with the silliness right off the bat this morning, Wug!' ^_^ ...Okay! Okay! :-)) I'm talking about elegance anyway!...Elegance...because when I saw Cindy's bracelet, that's the first thing I thought of!...Isn't it pretty?!

      Another elegant thing, now that I can see! the little hummingbird flitting around the feeder this morning, right outside my window. :-) Although he just told us that he's not happy with the formula of the nectar this time....he came to the window and told us! :-)) ...So hubby is gonna re-do this batch for him. ^_^ (Apparently hubby washed the feeder in a hurry....he may have left some soap in there! O_O)
      The hummingbird refuses to sip it! He's going from the tree branch to our window...hovering, and looking in the window with his head cocked sideways, as if to say: "How long am I gonna have to wait, People!!" LOL...Who knew that in our 50s, the hubby and I would be the proud owners of a Mc-hummingbird drive up window?!! ^_^

     As I was saying....Elegance! LOL...Let me show you some things that I call elegant that I found on Etsy!...

       I call this little stone (below) elegant..because of the little kitty cat...on the stone! :-) ...

      Some other things that I call elegant are...sitting quietly on rainy days, glasses on, reading a good book or magazine!...*I need to get some new glasses though. Mine are no longer 'elegant'. They fall off my nose every time I look down! Ugh!*...

      ...And letter writing. Yes, letter writing, to me, is elegant. Especially in this electronic media laden world...

       Reading....and writing...I'm going to be doing both of these 'elegant' things today! :-) In fact, I'm off to do them right now! :-) 

By the way, I got a really great idea from the custom order I did last night. I'll tell you about that tomorrow!....WOW! So many things on my plate...and on my mind today. I really need to write it all done!...Where are my 'Post-Its'?!!! O_O

Have a good day, Everybody!

 Is It Worth A Post-It?

Appointment for the doctor;
Something you have to do;
A call you can't forget;
An ingredient for your stew.

A row in your new pattern;
A poem you need to write;
An inspiring thought you just heard;
An urge you have to fight.
Colorful, sticky papers,
on the wall, fridge, door or desk.
Is it worth a 'Post-It'?
If it's writable, I say YES!! 


  1. Awwww, thank you for featuring my bracelet! I really love it and I'm glad someone else does too! I also love that necklace! It would match my bracelet so well!!
    As for the hummers....I had ant trouble so bad this year I gave up. When I brought the feeder in for a final feeding, my hubby said there was a hummer out there looking for it, so...the softy that I am, as well as, the bird love that I am...I put it back out. Only to see the ants try to take over again!! I went online to find a solution. Vaseline! Who'd a thunk it!! I put it on the wire that attaches to the feeder and hangs on the hook! viola! The ants (most of them that is) don't like vaseline!
    Anyway...keep feeding them. They fill up this time of year for the migration.
    Have a great day my friend and hopefully you'll get those eyes open soon! If I had homemade fresh blueberry muffins, I'd have a sparkle in my eye this morning! LOL

    1. It was my pleasure to feature that gorgeously elegant bracelet, Cindy! :-) I'm not kidding either. I LOVE the red bead and the filigree work...A....LOT! And you're right about it matching the necklace too!...WOW! What great info about the Vaseline!!! Those ants almost drove us crazy last year!! We haven't had any issues with ants this year because the feeder is hanging directly from the house!...not from the tree branch, like last year! (The hurricane had taken the branch O-U-T!!! LOL)...Sorry I couldn't share my blueberry muffins with you! YUM!...Maybe next time. :-) Have a good day, my friend!

  2. I don't consider myself elegant..I'm more earthy! But I love the examples you gave! The word elegant reminds me of my wedding...My brother-in-law who was only 12 at the time was a cousin who was also around 12 at the time was a bridesmaid..they hated each other after their first meeting. (as only 12yr olds can do!) Trying to be nice to her on the day of the wedding he told her she looked very elegant. She immediately thought he said she looked like an "elephant" she said "You look very piggish today"...we had to keep them apart all evening!

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Way to stand up for yourself girl!!!...with insults real or imagined!! ^_^ Oh! That was too funny, Yaya!! Now every time I hear the word elegant I'm gonna think about that!! LOL

  3. You've definitely shared a lot of elegant items in this post. I love the jewellery. It looks very pretty.

    1. Me too, Jo...Especially Cindy's bracelet! I LOVE it!


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