Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What Would You Do If You Had The Power?!

      I sure hope you didn't follow the post title thinking you were gonna come to my blog today and get deep and thoughtful conversation...cuz you won't! Not today. :-)) ...I woke up very late, and it's raining cats and dogs outside. The only thing that's moving with ease...is my mind! That's always trouble....for YOU! LOL
    The truth is...I 'do' have something serious to talk about today. Well...seriously sweet! It's a shop I found on Etsy that sells children's poetry prints. In fact the poem from the header photo was what got me and hubby into one of "those" conversations this morning! ^_^ I'll share that with you in a minute. First let me share with you a couple of the sweet poems on her prints. :-)

      I don't know why I didn't think about having hubby illustrate some of my poetry before I listed it to sell! It's a great idea!...But I think it works better with her children's poems anyway...

    Her prints are very reasonably priced and would look so cute in a child's room...not to mention bring smiles to the reading adults in the child's life! :-) I LOVED them! Especially "The Rescue"... 

        The illustration was what got me and hubby going. ^_^ It's such a sweet little cookie rescuing outfit!...and it got us to wondering what we would do if we had the power to do it!...Hmmmm... So here are our 4 ideas in a nutshell:

1. I would have a button installed on the back of my head that lengthens and shortens my hair. ^_^ ...

           Wanna look cute on 'Date Night', try a bunch of different styles of hair braiding, or wear a ponytail?....*push button*...long hair!...

        ....Wanna read, apply make-up, wash 'Noxema' off of my face, or cry uncontrollably when watching my favorite old movies?...*push button*...short hair. ^_^ Ah, yeah! I could have fun with a button like that! ^_^

2. Hubby says he would make it so that politicians could only talk about each other's good qualities! :-) Nothing about themselves!...

       WOW! That would certainly change some of the rhetoric on these commercials, huh?! :-))

3. This was a power I wish I had as a little kid!...I wished I had the power to give myself and everybody a visual water line in their eyes that showed when their bladder was getting full... :-) I know! It sounds ridiculous! But think of how much less explaining you'd have to do!...When I had to go to the bathroom when I was a kid, the teacher always gave me a hard time! But with a water line in my eyes...

           ...she would know I wasn't lying and just trying to get out of her class!! ^_^ That would've saved me a lot of embarrassing, front of the class, giggling and jiggling!...FOR REAL!...As adults, imagine how fast unwanted conversations, and checkout grocery lines would move along, if people could see your 'full bladder' eye line!! LOL

4. And last...My husband wants there to be a "Boomerang" button that you can install in your car...so that if someone steals your car, it will only go so far....and then boomerang back to you!!! LOL...

           He also wants a smaller pocket-size version for little things like glasses and keys. We could totally get rid of the idea of losing anything, because it would all boomerang back to you!! ^_^

      Okay...enough silliness! Back to reality....O-U-C-H!!!..Rain! Ugh!...I'm gonna go and do some reading and try to do a little crocheting. Maybe it'll limber my finger joints up. I hope so. I've got some more lapel pins to replace! :-) ...Have a good day, Everybody!


Poetry, the gift of words,
that help you say whats in your heart;
that puts your thoughts of life together,
but pulls emotions all apart.

Poetry, your quiet friend,
that gives your voice a place to land;
that gives the things you'd  never say
a way to jump out from your hand.

Poetry, done to a beat,
a beat of words, said right in time,
without confusion of the music,
but just the rhythm and the rhyme.

Poetry, phrase harmony;
the way a noun and adverb meet;
the way they line up side-by-side,
and all Not needed they delete.

Poetry, the passing thoughts,
and all the others I hold dear,
of all the people and the places
that I've  written down right here.

Poetry, the gift of words,
and putting them together too;
Without the pen and paper
what in the world would my mind do?


  1. These are sweet, indeed. Love the Rescue.
    You hubby is a genius! The boomerang button is great.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Thanks Priscila, :-) I thought so too! So sweet! And she's a good poet too, in my humble opinion...And I'll tell hubby what you said about his boomerang button. He'll be thrilled! ^_^ And he might be in boomerang production next week!! LOL

  2. Wow Wugs, I don't know how you do it! Every day you have something interesting to say! I'm lucky if I can come up with something every week lol!

    The water line in the eyes had me laughing!
    Thanks for the laugh!

    1. *Teehee*...I'm glad you liked it, Lisa! ^_^

  3. Oh, your post made me so happy!! First that children's illustrated poetry - how sweet is that?! And then your four choices for "if you had the power" - oh, how wonderful!! Especially the bladder eye water line was ingenious! Just think how that could help young parents with potty training!! LOL!

    Thanks for making me laugh! xoxo Silke

    1. Ha! Ha! I never thought of potty training!!! That would work, wouldn't it?!! ^_^ Thanks for the input!


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