Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's Not Me...It's YOU!

      I thought that with homes in Louisiana still under water from hurricane 'Isaac',...the weather channel had this illustration on it's Facebook page...

            ...and hurricane 'Leslie' heading toward the east coast of the united states ...IN OUR DIRECTION...YIKES!!!!..., and with a massive wildfire burning out of control in California, and with the actor Michael Clark Duncan's death being announced yesterday, and...*Ugh! I'm getting a headache*...and with every other bad news thing that's going on...that today would be a good day to sit and play 'catch up' on what's going on around my bloggie world....and to have some mango margaritas, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman!! :-) (Just click on the photo above to go and get the recipe!)
      No, this post is not gonna be about me today...except for a little 'thank you' to my recent customers, who have now made me believe that my little "Wuglyees" crochet and poetry shop could really be lucrative! For the very first time, I'm shipping out three orders this morning!.....and a little 'thank you' from me to YOU, my loyal blog readers. I just noticed that I now have over 100,000 page views!!! ♥♥♥ You guys and gals are the BEST-EST!! :-)
    This post is about YOU!...Well, about some of you! ^_^ I'd be here with my fingers and toes...toes, because I'd be trying to lay down and type with a big toe while massaging my aching hand! LOL...cramped beyond recognition trying to update you on all of the blogs I follow! ^_^ If you look on the right hand sidebar you can see them yourself...and please go check 'em out yourself, if you like!
     Soooo...what's going on?! Well, I'll tell you! :-] There's good and bad news. First, some good news!...

       Spring has arrived in Australia! :-) And Jo, of the blog Blooming Lovely, is loving the warm weather! But it hasn't slowed down her crocheting though! Good girl! :-)

      Kamana, of journalling through photos blog, has been on a trip to Oregon...and she shared some of the photos during her trip...

       And she shared some of the photos of her travels on the way back home too...

            GORGEOUS!...and does Dubai have palm trees in their airport?! O_O If so, COOL!...Anyway, now she's back home. :-) We'll get more gorgeous pictures there too, because she lives on an island surrounded by the most beautiful ocean views! :-)

        More good news!...Yaya, of the blog Whispering Pines, and her husband, are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary!!...

     Congratulations you two! I'm doing a happy dance for you today, in the rain!.....ooch....ouch!...Maybe I better sit this one out, and wait for the sunshine. :-)) But still, you dance away!...

        (By the way, if you click on the photo above to Lazy Daisy Crohet's blog post, you can read some nice rain poetry too! :-) I loved it!)

      More good news was mentioned on the Simply Scratch blog...Laurie introduced us to Jenna Weber, of the blog Eat, Live, Run (I may now be following her blog!! Good Eats over there! ^_^)...Anyway, Laurie talked about how Jenna's book, 'White Jacket Required - A culinary coming -of-age story', is finally on bookshelves! :-)

       And Laurie also shared one of the recipes from Jenna's new book...Low-Country Shrimp and Grits!...YUM!!! Look at some of the ingredients below...Shrimp, with leeks and other veggies...

      ....and BACON!!!! :-]

       Need I say more?!......I didn't think so! ^_^

      In other news :-( Dee, of the blog Dee Dee's Vintage, is no longer going to be blogging! O_O She did her last post --> HERE <--.

      AlittleSprite's husband's surgery time is fast approaching...He's getting an Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (AICD) put in...it's kind of a worrisome time. Scary! O_O If you like, you can stop by and give her a little positivity, by way of some encouraging words.

      The Etsy shop and blog, Grimm & Grete, is no more!...But, no worries! It's not gone, gone! It's just having a change of direction, and a name change......it's now "REBEL by FATE"...But trust me, the jewelry is still gorgeous!! :-) ...

         Whatever you call it, Lisa, just don't stop making these kind of gorgeous pieces! :-)

       In some other news, 2-fold news, Julie, of the blog Nature's Splendor, who hasn't blogged for a couple of months because of building a new home in Indiana, having no internet service, and traveling a bit too....is back! :-) She did a blog post today full of her usual beautiful bird photos --> HERE <--. It's featuring a pink and white Roseate Spoonbill! :-) You have to see the photos yourself on her blog. ^_^
       She also had some bad news. Her dad passed away at the beginning of August. :-( It seems strange that people can go and scroll through her gorgeous photos and smile...while behind the lens her family has been going through such a tough time....Life! Isn't it just grand....sometimes NOT!

     And lastly, because if you start a blog post about mango margaritas, you have to end it with Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Potato Salad ^_^...

       Thank you, Framed Cooks!....and yes! there is a recipe on how to make it on her blog --> HERE <--! :-)

       So today, as you can see, it's not all about me....it's all about YOU! :-) Tomorrow....it's back to me!! ^_^ Have a good day, Y'all!! :-)

Around the Bloggie World

Blue birds, with tails extended.
New tutorial writers too.
New cameras at the ready,
all enhance my bloggie view.

Face sketches, eyes so pretty.
Flower earrings to give away.
And all kinds of crafty candy
also being given away today.

A painting of weeping skies;
a musical horn made into cake;
a miniature calendar
and a snow scene by a lake.

A new haircut, all snazzy;
A butterfly print. It's her first win!!
A Himalayan trek,
and baked cookies in a homemade tin.

I love the things I see
when I look at my Bloggie world.
It's exciting for a writer
whose a curiously nosy girl!      


  1. Thanks for including my photo in your post today :)

    I was saddened to hear about Michael Clark Duncan too. I really enjoyed his work. That deep voice of his was amazing. I always thought of him as a gentle giant.

    I'm so glad you were able to find some things to help brighten up such sad news. I'm off to check out some of the links you've shared. A trip around the bloggie world us just what I need :D

    1. It was my pleasure to share your photo, Jo! It's very cute! :-) It was great for adding to the brightening up of bad news. I hope you enjoy the links! :-)

  2. aahh i feel quite tearful after reading your post thank you for giving me a mention. I will be back at some point in the future hopefully in the new year after all i have to show you all our wedding day ;-) Its just i need to take a little break for now and hopefully things will settle down for us fingers crossed anyway ;-)) I will still be popping in to read everyones posts i can't stay away and not see what everyone is up to it will be like losing a huge family. I hope the weather doesn't reap to much trouble for you. Take care. dee ;-))

    1. Awww! No tears, Dee! :-] But I know that some of the readers of my blog read yours too. It's gonna be 'no vintage central' until you get back to blogging!...At least, 'no vintage central' for US! LOL I'm sure you're still gonna be decorating, buying and selling vintage! You wouldn't be YOU if you didn't! :-)) ...I'll miss it...Anyway, pop in and say hi from time to time, will ya. And have a happy wedding!


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