Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Ever Wish You Had More Hands, Or...

      You ever wish you had another set of hands?!...That's exactly what I thought when I saw these crochet boot cuffs! (in the header photo) With 'Wuglyees' turning into 'boutonniere and lapel pin making central', I don't dare start another project! a scarf, necklace, pocketbook, headband, finish a rainbow blanket, OR crochet yourself a boot cuff! :-) Oh! But I sure want to!
      I need a few more sets of hands though!...for crocheting each project simultaneously...and...hmmm...while I'm at it, why don't I just throw in another brain or two also! ^_^ After all, I have checkbooks to balance, bills to pay, grocery lists to make, studying to do, letters to write, people to call, and a husband's back to pat!.... O_O ...See what I mean?! 
     For now though, with boutonnieres and lapel pins going out of the shop in multiples, I'm gonna just focus on making new ones of them for a while...until the flow slows down....which I'm convinced will be today!!...I say that every day! ^_^ So far I've been...thankfully...wrong! LOL
     Not actually working on something else hasn't taken away my inspiration though. That's why I'm keeping my eye on the shop where the boot cuffs are! She's just a wealth of inspiration for me!...Not only because of the boot cuffs, but also these...

      I love that she uses such interesting buttons on her slippers! She's a girl after my own button-loving heart! ^_^

     And, as of yet, I haven't been able to master the making of the crochet bow...but clearly she has!...and I don't have time to fool around with it right now! So, I'll keep my eye on her shop...for future inspiration. :-)

     Speaking of inspiration, there's another inspirational shop I'm in and out of on Etsy all the time too! It's called EyePoetryPhotography...The name says it all, right?! ^_^ Yes, it's photographs....Yes, they're a feast for your eyes....and Yes, they inspire poetry....

      I often wander through this shop when I'm looking for Friday 'date night' destinations. :-]

      The photos of Paris and New York are just beautiful....Poetically beautiful! :-)

     And even if we're planing to stay home and go for a walk, this shop's photos give us inspiration for that too! :-) ...

     You can click on any of the photos and go take a 'walk' too, if you like! :-)

     Okay, I'm off to finish my breakfast and try to use my ONE brain, and ONE set of hands, to take a dent out of the list of things I have to do!...I think I'm gonna enlist a certain 'manly' set of hands to help out with some of it though!...In fact, I've been training him to do a certain something that I'll tell you about tomorrow. :-)) ... goes away in a fog when you're not looking, doesn't it!...LOOK AT THE TIME!!!... O_O .... I definitely need another brain!...Have a good day, Everybody!

It All Went Away In A Fog

I dreamed I was writing my blog,
in the middle of an old Irish bog.
There came a woof! woof!
and the pounding of hoof,
and it all went away in a fog.

The next night I was out for a jog,
and again heard that same old dog!
I took off down the street,
hid in golden high wheat,
and it all went away in a fog.

I awoke eating just like a hog,
having wine with a spicy cheese log.
Giving numerous naps,
and the dog all my scraps,
it all went away in a fog!


  1. I think we all need more brain power, more hands, and especially more time! I LOVE those slippers!! I don't usually covet on Etsy, but.......LOL
    I'm glad you're still on a roll with your lapel pins and I sure hope it continues for a long time for you!!!
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

    1. ^_^ I think you're right! A little extra brain power never hurt anybody! LOL...Ad I agree with you about the slippers too. And she has them in all kinds of colors too!...As to the sales, I'm just gonna roll with it while it's happening. I try not to have any high expectations. I just get re-excited every time a sale comes! :-))...Have a good day, Bead!

  2. Sometimes it's actually good to be wrong. Congrats on your successful items. Yay!
    Lately, I wish I had more time...
    Hope your day has been cool like Fall.

    1. ^_^ Thanks Priscila!...Wrong, for NOW anyway! *Teehee*...And yes, the weather is great right now...'Big E' time starting tomorrow! :-)

  3. I always wish for my hands when I'm in the operating room. Loading suture, holding retractors, cutting stitches, suctioning wounds, counting sponges, passing intruments..all at the same time! Yikes! The crochet slippers remind me of the ones my Grandma used to make. I still have a pair tucked away. Now I'll clap my hands for your success in selling all your goodies!

    1. Thanks for the hand clap! ^_^ Too bad it isn't a hand clap of someone with 6 set of hands, right?! Ha! Ha!

  4. Wow I love those crochet ballet flat slippers. What interesting buttons too.

    1. Yes, I agree, Jo! The buttons are the thing that take them over the top!


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