Sunday, September 9, 2012

WAKE UP!!!....And Be A Beautiful Day!

      If I'm on the blog, talking my head off this morning, you know what that means!.....We survived the storm last night! LOL The truth is, I barely heard the storm. I did see the pretty lightening show though. But I was so tired that it would have taken a noisy, honking tank driving straight through the bedroom, to actually wake me up once I went down! ^_^
     And contrary to what that sounds like, I didn't sleep well either. Grrr! I woke up with a headache the size of Texas....the C-Pap machine didn't seal well. :-( ...Whatever! I'm determined not to let a little headache mess up my thankfulness for waking up at all...and not being dead!! LOL...Sometimes you just have to be thankful for that! ^_^
       Speaking of which, I saw this on the news yesterday....Upmf Umpf UPMF!!!!...

     Now that feet are out from under the covers...and I'm breathing and everything... :-) ...I have to...

      ....and I know just what I'm going to do too! I'm gonna get myself ready for my meeting....spiritual things first! :-) ...And then it's gonna be tennis! :-) Today is the men's last semi-final match, and the women's final...thanks to the storm shutting down play at the U.S. Open yesterday. Now the men's final is gonna be pushed over into Monday!...Tennis on into the beginning of the week?!... :-) I'm good with that!
     One more day to say goodbye!...

       Goodbye Andy Roddick and Kim Clijesters!....When you don't have tennis practice or tournaments to get to tomorrow, what will you do with yourself?!....I know! You'll...

       I hope you're better at waking up and being awesome than I was this morning! I woke up...with all appearances out the window looking like it's gonna be a beautiful day!.. and I tried to stretch and feel and be awesome!....but instead I'm just happy to be alive!...and I'm working on NOT being cranky! LOL....Anyway!..Rafael Nadal, please get better soon! I need someone familiar to root for for the next tournament!!

      Before I go, I want to send a 'SHOUT OUT!' to new followers of the blog....Holla!! ^_^...and I wanna say congratulations to Jenna, of the new blog I'm following now, Eat, Live, Run. She had her first book signing day before yesterday...and it went great! :-)

       And the cookies were a 'hit' too! ^_^ ... You can read all about it HERE...Okay, I'm off! Have a beautifully AWAKE day, Y'all! :-) (I know the poem is a recent repeat, but it was appropriate this morning. ^_^)

How Can You Be So Positive

"How can you be so positive
with everything so bad?
When folks are so unkind
and all those doctors make you mad?"

"It's easy!" I assure them.
'Cuz one thing makes it okay.
I wake up every morning,
and I'm breathing every day!

When I can't move a muscle
and can barely lift my head,
I think of all the folks I've known
who now are gone, yes, dead!

No matter what my problem is,
and if I stand or lay,
I'm thankful that my mind still works
and I'm breathing every day!

So how am I so positive,
When things sometimes seem bleak?
It's easy, 'cuz my breathing
keeps on going every week!

Oh yes, I have a choice!
I can be miserable and whine;
Be mean to folks around me,
Be demanding and unkind.

But who would make that choice,
when there's a better way to be?
I mean, who's breathing every day
and writing poems?...ME!


  1. Good Morning, my friend.
    I'm glad to hear that the storm has passed. How scary...
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

    1. Good Morning, Priscila!...Yes, it's passed and it's just a beautiful day! :-)

  2. A most awesome, positive post! So glad to hear you fared well in the storm. I woke up to bright sunshine, crisp air, cool temperatures and lovely bird songs. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Relax and enjoy your tennis!

    1. Thanks Julie!...And you woke up to what we're suppose to be waking up to from now on...cooler days, less humidity, and sunshine. Isn't it wonderful!....Fall! :-] ... By the way, the Ferrer/Djokovic match is on and great!! :-))

  3. The storm rolled through here and dropped temps to fall season. Love it! We need the rain and I'm a cool type of gal. It puts me in the cooking mood and that's just what I did. Maybe I'll even blog about it! I laughed at the floating man. How crazy is that? Asleep? Seriously? He needs some help!

    1. Yep!...Our temps are down too...and the humidity too! Now I' just waiting for the first frost, to kill off all of these outside allergens!...*achoo!*...Too bad I couldn't seen you some of the rain we got yesterday though! WOW! P-O-U-R-I-N-G!!!...I'll be looking forward to seeing what you cooked up!...Don't fall asleep anywhere untoward though!! LOL

  4. Good morning, indeed! I loved this positive post and am happy that all is well with you, too.

    1. Hello there! :-) Thank you very much for the nice words...I just read your blog. I'll be looking to see what you found at the sales. :-]

  5. I love that song from Oklahoma! I have that movie on DVD. Friday night is movie night .. now to just convince the boys to watch it :D

    1. I can go you one better, Jo...I love almost EVERY song from Oklahoma...and sing them regularly. :-)) They make me happy!..Your boys don't know what they're missing. ^_^


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