Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh Yes! I Know "Ugly" When I See It!

      Yes! I know ugly when I see it...and I know cute too! This ring (in the header photo) is cute! And I would say that even if it wasn't mine! :-)

      But from some comments I got yesterday, about my 'ugly Wuglyee' scarves, I think that my ability to know "ugly" might be in question! So today....I'm gonna prove to you that I know 'ugly' when I see it!! LOL...Let me preface this by saying that my 'knowing' ugly doesn't mean that I wouldn't 'wear' ugly....because I a heartbeat!!...And I have!! ^_^
       Case in point, these earrings...

      They're big. They're gaudy. And when you're in a fun mood, they make a great conversation starter! LOL

      Now, I'm gonna share a couple of photos of my 'Ugly Wuglyee' scarves in a minute, but first I wanna give you a short tour through one corner of my jewelry box...'Ugly-ville'. ^_^ No, everything in there is not ugly. I have ceramic rose earrings...

      ...My beautiful blue/green abalone earrings...

     ...My swinging wire earrings...

    ...And even the flower shell necklace that was made for me by a stranger...Well kinda! :-) ...

      We were at one of our conventions one summer (we're Jehovah's Witnesses), and on the second day of the convention a woman (a 'sister') walked over to me and said she had seen me the day before. She thought I was beautiful, well-dressed, and she could tell I wasn't afraid of color!
       She went home and MADE this necklace to give me the next day....I'm NOT kidding! She said she had the flower shell for years, in a box, and never knew what to do with it. When she saw me, she did! :-)

      I tried to pay her for it, I liked it so much! But she wasn't having any of that! So I did the next best thing....I wore it the last day of the convention! :-) I got so many complements on it!
      I know it's not everybody's 'cup of tea', but with a linen skirt and some sandals and a pair of hoop works! ^_^ ... Now, other earrings in my jewelry box......not so much. :-)) And before you start giggling, remember: I have worn all of these!! :-) ...

        These (above) are earrings and a brooch. I haven't worn them recently. They've just been in their box. The reason is because I'm afraid I'm gonna destroy the signatures on them....Yes, each piece is signed! :-)

      They're just plastic, but I'm convinced that one day this signature on them is gonna lead to 'the mother-load'!!! LOL Millionaire-dom is right around the multicolored plastic earring corner!! LOL

      I call these my 'bubble gum' earrings...

              ...It's self explanatory, right?! :-] 

      These are my 'pocketbook' earrings...

      ....I don't know why. They just look like little pocketbooks to me. :-)) ...I wish I knew what the stone was. They're kinda heavy.

       And let's not forget my 'rodeo' earrings...

       ...and the "Pièce de résistance"....
 beach earrings! ^_^ ...If you've been following my blog, you can see the irony in me owning these....considering I really don't like the beach! LOL...But somebody gave them to me many, many , many years ago, and I haven't been able to part with them.
        And yes, I have worn them! ^_^

       So, as I said, I 'know' ugly when I see it! ^_^ So, now you'll believe me when I tell you that my scarves are 'ugly'!!...

         When my husband saw this one, he was like: "Really?!.....REALLY?!" LOL

        He couldn't see the door-stop possibilities in it! ^_^

         Hey!....I would wear it!! O_O ... I don't know where, but some where!! ^_^

      And I'd wear this one too!...

         Maybe I'd wear this one......ummmmm.......let me see.........Aha! To the circus!! ^_^ I think Bozo the clown could see the humor in it, don't you?! ^_^

        Anyway!......From now on out, when I tell you something is ugly...and I may be wearing it at the time....just saying! you'll believe me!! LOL...Have a good rest of the day, everybody! :-) 


I love to watch the water almost
as much as I like to gab.
I love to watch the zig and zag
of a house-stealing hermit crab.

I love to watch the sun go down
just as the waters reach.
I love to watch it, yes, so tell me,
why dont I like the beach?!

It may have something to do
with having sand between my toes.
Or the smell of fish and seagulls
doing strange things to my nose!

Or maybe it's the fact that there's
no backyard lawn or hedge.
That's why from home I'll ponder,
'mentally' viewing the water's edge.


  1. Bozo the clown?? lol!! You are funny.
    Hope your weekend has been great!

    1. ^_^ Ah! You've heard of my clown friend! Ha! ha!...Have a good week, Priscila.

  2. Poetess you have some wonderful earrings. You certainly named the bubblegum ones appropriately. They really do look like bubblegum or at least some form of candy.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about my earrings, Jo....and I mean KIND! LOL


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