Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy And Sad.......Hellos And Goodbyes!

         It's been an interesting set of events the last few days. I'm happy....I'm sad.....I'm ecstatic....I'm gloomy....I'm in a state of disbelief.....I'm in a state of "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!" LOL Here are the reasons why.......*I'm on a roll, doing the 'reasons why' thing, since the reasons I love weddings went so well! ^_^

      I'm happy because...I got an opportunity to do a custom order for a really nice lady! Her husband had been a customer of mine before. In fact, she sent me the photos of her husband wearing his boutonnieres! :-) She liked them so much that she thought of a great idea and wanted to know if I could do it!....Make a hair clip for her! :-)
     I made three, so that she could choose what style she wanted......She saw them and...bought all three!!!.....Hello!! :-)

       I'm sad's already the second week of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, and things are happening that mean that tennis will never be the same for me after this tournament. :-(
        Kim Clijesters is retiring...

       I think they said she wants to have another baby and get on with the rest of her life....Understandable, but STILL!! ;'_'; ...She played her last match, a doubles match with Bob Bryan, one of the Bryan brothers, who are the doubles champions right now...

It was so cute watching him and her do the signature 'chest bump' that the brothers usually do after a win. :-))

               Goodbye Kim. I'm gonna miss you! :-( ....Both of us are now....moving on!

    Okay, I'm ecstatic because...yesterday, after selling the three hair clips to a great customer, I looked back in my shop to see what needed updating, and lo and behold.....another sale!!! Another lapel pin sold! :-) ...Hello new customer! :-)

       I think that's the first time I can remember getting two sales in the same day! :-) ....Hello!

     I'm gloomy because...I found out that not only is Kim Clijesters not gonna be playing tennis for a while....but neither is my 'baby boy', Rafael Nadal. :-( 

       He's stopping for a couple of months to rest and recover his knee...So, no US Davis Cup...What about the Australian Open?! O_O I guess we have to wait and see! But I'm not thinking it's gonna happen...Goodbye high tennis hopes! :-(

      I'm in a state of disbelief the same Open,  Andy Roddick decided to announce his retirement!!!! O_O

      What's going on around here?!!! Does no one wanna play tennis anymore?! O_O ..."Now listen here, Serena, Novak, Maria and Roger, you better not go anywhere for a while!!!" ...Goodbye Andy. I'm gonna miss you! :-(

     And last, I'm in a state of 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME' because....I was contacted by yet another customer, for a custom order of lapel pins!! He wanted them done a certain way and wanted to know if I could do them for him. I worked at it....and worked at it....and worked at it some more! I finally came up with this...

       He loved it!!! He says I'm a 'knotting genius'! Ha! Ha! Ha!...I don't know exactly what that means, but hey!...I've been called worse!! LOL I actually think his expression means something good though! ^_^
      He wants me to make him five......5!!!!....Are you kidding me?!!! He wants them in very specific color combinations...I'm so excited!!...These are the three I've done so far...

    They're time consuming, but pretty cute when they're done. :-) I've got two more to do today. I have a little time before I have to worry about shipping them though, because the U.S. is having a holiday today and post offices are closed.

      The 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME' response didn't end there however!...because this morning I popped over to my shop and these three babies are also now SOLD!!! :-) ...

       Hello, official lapel pin business woman! :-) ......Goodbye 'free time'!! Ha! Ha! Ha!...Hello New customers and bloggers!! :-) ...*waving*...As I said in the beginning, it's been an interesting few days!...Goodbye everybody! Have a good day! :-)

Trying Something New

Sticking my feet in the water,
sticking my toe in the sand,
sticking my tongue out to taste it,
rolling it around in my hand.

It's not somewhere I've been before.
It's not something that I've ever had.
It's not what I had expected.
But you know what? It's not that bad!


  1. Congrats Deb on the awesome success! You work so hard and promote so hard - you deserve it!
    Ride the wave of success!

    I'm back on my surf board and looking for a wave to ride!

    Enjoy your Monday!

    1. Thanks Lisa!!...But the truth is, you'd be surprised how little I do promote! I show stuff when I first list or renew it, or on the blog when I'm making it. And rare occasions, as an after thought in between. I was blaming that on my lack of sales!...Now I don't know what to think!! ^_^ I'm just gonna enjoy the wave while I have it!!...'Dude!' LOL

  2. I'm ecstatic for you!!! You now know what people want don't you!!! Good for you!!! I hope you're able to keep up since you're hurting today... :/
    I think you need to keep making them in all sorts of colors. And the hair clips too!! You are REALLY on to something here and wow, keep it up!!!
    Sorry about your favorites retiring though. It'll be alright!

    1. Thank you, Cindy!! :-] Your words are always a place of encouragement for me!...I'm not doing much today though, but studying. Our meeting switched this week to TONIGHT!! O_O My aching fingers will have to fend for themselves!! ^_^

  3. Congrats to you. Deb, you deserve it.
    I'm watching tennis and decided to stop by and say hi.
    Happy Holiday!

    1. Thank you Priscila! :-)...And enjoy the tennis. I'm watching too. Watching Serena railroad over this young girl!...*shaking my head*...No competition there at all!

  4. Congrats on all the sales! I really like the bright lapel pins you've made. They look amazing!
    Wow so many tennis players retiring. It's a shame to see good players go.

    1. Thank you, Jo! :-) I can't take credit for coming up with this style of lapel pin though. They were completely the customer's idea! He knew exactly what he wanted!....And "I KNOW!"...about the tennis players! That's why I'm thoroughly enjoying the US Open this last week. It's not gonna be the same next year. :-(

  5. Anonymous9/05/2012

    Congrats, your pins are amazing :D and such vibrant colors. love your blog x **New Follower**

    1. Thank you very much!! :-] I'm so glad you like them!...And welcome to the backyard too! the way, I'm a new follower of yours now too! :-)


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