Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ooooo! I Love A Wedding!!!...And Even More So Now!

     I LOVE a wedding!!!...Why?!...Here are my 10 reasons:...

1. FIRST...Because I'm a girl!!...I think it's in the DNA somewhere..."You must love holding babies....and eating chocolate...any kind, or amount of chocolate!......And you must love your girlfriends...and non-stop chatter...and shoes......and weddings!!" LOL

2. Because I love emotional times to have a little cry.....Okay, a BIG cry!! LOL

3. Because I wanna see whether the bride has as 'gooda' taste as me in wedding dresses....and bride's maid dresses....and bouquets...and veils....and shoes, etc...! ^_^

4. Because, on wedding days, abundant color...reds, pinks, blues, purples!....and black and white, or no color....stand side by side in harmony!! 'ebony and ivory'. :-) And this is something that should be least once in a person's life!

5. Because I like that there is a day where all of the relatives and friends, who may not know each other, get to meet!...and where all of the relatives, who may have met and are now trying to avoid each other, can't! LOL

6. Because weddings precede 'receptions'.....and 'receptions' precede dancing and music!! ^_^ Need I say more?!

7. Because weddings and my beloved flowers are on display everywhere, going together like white and rice, hotdogs and buns, hamburgers and french fries, hurricanes and wind,....Bogie and Bacall. LOL

8. Because I just love 'love'! And I love that on wedding days two people stand up in front of all of their neighbors, workmates, friends and relatives and say 'Out Loud' that they love 'love' too!

9. Because I've been married for 30 years and want to see everyone as perfectly happy, and committed to being happy, as I have been. :-) ... Not committed, as in prison...or an insane asylum! LOL....and not perfect, as in garden of Eden, pre-trouble-causing Eve! LOL....But committed, as in "we're in this together baby, come thick or thin!....especially the thick part!" LOL...And perfect, as in: 

Him: "X-Y-and Z are what I need from you if I'm gonna be happy, baby."

Her: "Great!.....But uhhhh....I can't do this and this...just so you know! O_O"

Them: "Perfect!" ♥♥

10. And lastly, because weddings put me in a good mood and give me something else that's nice and positive to look forward to!....and with all of the friends I have, I'm in a good mood a lot!! :-)) Somebody is always getting married, and I always have something nice and positive to look forward to! ^_^

       I said all of that to say this...I now have a new thing to add to the list of why I love weddings! :-) Number 11...

        One of my customers, the one that bought this crochet lapel party wedding set from my Wuglyees shop...

      ...just sent me wedding pictures of them! :-)

      They're wearing my lapel pins!!! ;'_'; I cried as if I was sitting right there at the wedding, watching my 'babies' go down the aisle!! LOL...I LOVE weddings!!....and I LOVE my customers!! ♥♥♥

     The photograher that took these gorgeous photos was 3Haus Photographics!...Good job, Y'all! :-)
      "Okay new guys...

      ...go find a wedding to attend, will ya!" ^_^

      And if any of YOU bloggers are getting married and you need some lapel pins, I'm your crocheting, wedding loving, mama!!! ^_^ We go together Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder.....or like Ebony and Ivory! :-) Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

 Love Fills The Holes

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live,
the holes we fill up
from the love that we give?

Even the hard times
make wonders abound,
because of the memories
of times safe and sound.

The good times, they come,
they fill us, they flow
and leave behind a smile,
like the hard rain's  rainbow.

So, its the love that keeps growing,
that adds wonder to life;
because no matter how peaceful,
or how full of strife,

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live!
Cherish it always-
for the holes it will fill. 


  1. Congrats! It really looks great on him. How cool to have a creation made by you and then see it on someone who loves it just as much. Forever to be cherished every time they share their wedding pics. When they are old and their children's children look at the photos and there will be the lapel pins made by you! (don't get teary eyed!) Have a wonderful weekend Deb!

    1. ;'_'; Too late!...I started crying as soon as I started reading the words..."...Forever to be cherished..." Thank you for such a nice thought, Yaya!...Have a good rest of your weekend....I will! :-)

  2. I guess you really do love weddings!
    It's kinda funny that you mentioned weddings. Mark's twin is getting married in a few weeks time. Although their wedding will not be a traditional 'white' wedding. It will be a 'steampunk' wedding. They even want the guests to dress up in steam punk outfits. If you aren't sure what that is you can check out they have some interesting photos of the clothing.
    I don't think we will be getting dressed up like that though. It's really not our cup of tea.

    1. ^_^ Uhhhh...yeah! I really do!...How nice that Mark's twin is getting married...but I must admit, I don't understand the whole 'Steampunk' thing. O_O I did some research on it a while back (Wikipedia had great information) because I thought it was a real era in time that I had missed in my history classes at school...only to find out my was a 'made-up' time period!! But WOW! It sure has a following!


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