Friday, September 28, 2012

Unexpected Short Post

       Sorry Y'all...gotta make the post short and sweet today. I had an incident come up this morning that needs my attention. I'll be back tomorrow...with bells on! :-) Have a good day!

  Best Laid...UnPlanned

Every last detail
had been very well thought out.
Well-laid plans were in their place.
Wait!...What's this all about?!

A fly has stumbled in the ointment,
'well-thought-out' just got a glitch.
Life has thrown another curve ball,
and all your plans you have to ditch.

'Change-of-plans' were uninvited.
The 'shoe has fallen' without a sound.
Oh Well! You can't be aware of everything,
nor every curve can you see around.


  1. Hope everything's okay....

    1. I'm good, Cindy....Just got over my head in a situation that popped up and didn't have time to devote my mind to a post today. Hopefully I'll be back to my chatty self tomorrow. :-)

  2. Hope everything is ok sweetie and it is a good incident!

    Bee happy x

    1. It was not a good incident, Bee, but not life threatening either. :-] Just something that needed my focus and attention for the morning. It's all done now. Thanks for the concern though. Have a good weekend!

  3. Deb, Hope everything is ok. Sorry in getting around to reading your blog so late tonight. I had a lot to do today. Made lunch for my aunt and uncle. Sat with my uncle for a few hours while my aunt had a Drs. appointment for he really doesn't have much time on this earth left. Hopefully tomorrow I can get around to reading blogs early tomorrow. Chin up my friend. Hugs, Velma

    1. Everything is OK, Velma. Just a situation that didn't allow me the time to sit and talk my head off as usual. ^_^ ... I'm glad you got to visit and help out your aunt and uncle. That time is priceless. And will be remembered. :-] Blog reading can wait.


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