Monday, September 10, 2012

No Crybabies Allowed!!

      Oh Yeah! If I want to, I can sit and list all of the good reasons I have to cry!...debilitating health husband losing his job...death and sickness among my friends, etc....But lately I've been crying without a real reason to do it! Apparently...I JUST WANT TO!! :-)) 
      I cried because the lady on the Hallmark greeting card commercial found out she was pregnant ...I cried because I found out I didn't have anymore blue thread...a tragedy!...I cried because it rained out my full day of tennis the other day! Ugh!...The last straw was my crying yesterday when hubby brought me my plate that he had so lovingly fixed...brown rice and tomatoes, and pork roast!
       Why did I cry?!.....because the pork roast wasn't brown and crispy enough for me!....WOW!!...Now, to his credit, hubby just takes it all in stride. He's not the least bit flustered by my hormonal 'weirdities' anymore.  When I brought it to his attention, with soft sobbing, that my pork roast needed some more browning, he didn't even miss a beat! He said: "Would you like me to brown it a little more for you?!" O_O
      ^_^ We laughed about that later. ....He's really got this menopause thing figured out!...I wish I did!...because I'm telling you right now that if the situation were reversed, and he was sitting here crying over a plate of COOKED, but not brown enough, pork roast...I would be livid!!! Or I would be making all kinds of joking comments about him "Manning-Up" and how he should make himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something!! LOL

      Okay, maybe I wouldn't be that bad! ^_^ But I'm sure I wouldn't be as 'matter-of-fact' as hubby is!....and I'm thankful he 'is' like that! That leaves me free to cry whenever I want, without guilt or explanation. :-)
     I just tootle along, crying as I go! :-)) ...Crying when I matter what I eat!...

       And for a few days there, while crying, and when I wasn't eating, I was thinking about what I was gonna eat next!...*shaking my head*...And all it took was a suggestion from someone, or a tv commercial to get my mind reeling!!...

       YUM!!!...Fruit Pies!!!!....

     ...I WANT SOME PIE!!!!! ;'_';

        All I can say is...I'm glad I have crocheting...and tennis...or else I would truly be a mess!!! LOL...And yes, I said tennis! :-) The men's final of the U.S. Open got pushed forward to today because of the storm that came through New York the other day. I'm gonna be right in front of the tv a little later this morning, tissues in hand! ^_^

      And speaking of crocheting, before I go let me show you the latest lapel pin 'babies'. Now you'll see why I'm out of blue thread...

      I was left to use up some leftover threads....and this is what popped out! :-)) ...

      I think I'm gonna market this one as a pin for pocketbooks or hats too! I'm not sure if men would wear that much color on their lapels! LOL

    Anyway, I'm off to have some breakfast and get my tissues! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!!

 It's a good thing people know me

It's a good thing people know me,
and they know that I just "talk".
Cuz the things that I've been saying
might make people 'take a walk'!

It hasn't been because I'm angry
or I'm trying to make a point.
It's just the silly observations
of a brain that's 'out of joint'!

It's a good thing people know me,
cuz sometimes my mind's a ceive.
I don't remember what I found out,
and I can look insensitive.

So, for people who don't know me,
let me tell you from the start,
my mouth might shoot out kookie business,
but never worry about my heart.

My intention is toward funny,
or to simply tell the truth.
I would never hurt a fly...
Unless he's chocolate...I'm aloof!

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