Saturday, September 8, 2012

What?!!!!!....Where?!!!!...I've Been A Little Distracted!

       Okay!...So I've been a little preoccupied....a 'little' I said!! LOL...Call it being a happy 'Spider Solitaire' opponent for my husband, or being a blissful crocheter. Call it 'wrap-A-Package' happiness. Call it 'tennis oblivion'! Call it hurricane 'Leslie'-put-in-the-back-of-my-mindedness!! OOPS!!!  O_O
      I mean...I knew Leslie was out there the other day...but then I forgot about it. O_O Besides, it's just a...

     ...Right?!....Well, it may not even BE a hurricane yet. It could be a little tropical storm! O_O !!!...YIKES!!....Leslie. 

      Yes, I've been distracted and 'De-stressing' on homemade blueberry muffins and 'desserty' things that my husband has been making lately...

             And on some of the awesome breakfasts! Breakfasts like the one he made this  morning!...

      ....Grits, cheese and eggs and...

     ...B-A-C-O-N!!!! :-) ...What?!...I've also had oatmeal and peaches and fiber-y stuff!....Hush!! LOL

      And I've also been lapel pin distracted!...

      I've been distracted with requests for them, and with trying to replace them in the shop. They're going like hot cakes!! :-))

      I've also been distracted by a grandmother walking her 'barely-walking' grand-baby through the backyard...I think mama is back to work, and all of the other siblings are back to school. Grandma has been a welcome companion for little one. :-)

      I've also been distracted by the ants...trying to figure out how to get to my hummingbird feeder. :-)) ...

             They haven't figured it out yet!...Ha! :-) ...I only have one lone hummingbird still coming anyway...And the ants aren't his only problem! There's a bumblebee that's been dive-bombing him every time he gets close to the feeder. O_O We don't know why. Silly Bee!....distracting!!

      And, of course, there's been the distraction of Etsy finds! What do you think of these (below)?...*and if you have something else to do instead of looking at my Etsy finds, go ahead. I won't be mad at ya! ^_^ There's no sense in ALL of us letting ourselves get distracted!! LOL*

       But as I was those of you still here... ^_^ I've been distracted by a couple of artists on Etsy...

       If you have the time, you should check out both of these artist's shops (above). Oh! They're sooooo talented!!

       WOW!...where did the time go?! O_O...And's kinda windy, and also kinda dark, in the backyard! O_O ... I guess it's not slipper time anymore...

      The weather is suppose to start deteriorating this afternoon. The weather people are saying we should be prepared for stormy weather...downpours, gusty winds, frequent lightening, etc....Ugh!...I guess we'd better make sure we know where the candles and flashlights are!...

      ...And maybe where the snacks are too! :-)) It's times like these that I'm thankful for my 'stash'!...Although I've only got 'hot balls' and 'Skittles' in there right now....EMERGENCY snacks!! LOL

      Okay, I'm off to check on the weather again....and check to see what time the semi-finals tennis matches start at the U.S. Open! :-) ... Uh Oh! O_O ...Could the U.S. Open possibly be rained out today because of 'Leslie'?!!...I sure hope something distracts least until the match is over!!! ^_^ 

       Have a good weekend, Everybody! :-] ... Let your hair down a little, but keep your head up! And if you're in the path of bad weather this weekend, like we are, HUNKER DOWN!!!!!

Have a good weekend!

Spend some time with your kids,
do the errands you been meaning to do,
do a little grocery shopping,
maybe make a chicken stew.

Organize your messy space,
clean the closets, throw things out,
watch a little mindless T.V.,
and replace the bathroom grout.

Take a walk around the park,
play some board games with your friends,
maybe even cut your hair
(but just a little bit, off the ends).

Take a trip to Grandma's house,
do some gardening in the yard,
give new projects a little finish,
but nothing that might be too hard.

It's the weekend, after all;
It's your week's tail, at a wag;
No need for scurry, hurry, rushing.
No! You want this time to lag!


  1. love this post :) Thank you so much for including our print :) Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you Danielle! It was my pleasure. :-) And happy rest of the weekend to you too! :-)

  2. *** This comment is from DAFyduk on Etsy -->

    Wonderful poem and I want to borrow your chef for a day - that breakfast looks awesome! Thank you for sharing these uplifting things with us. Love your blog. You have a great weekend also.


    1. Thank you very much!! :-) And sorry, the cook is not borrow-able. ^_^ I need him right here, taking my orders!!...Have a good day!

  3. Great post! Thanks so much for making me smile (and laugh) today! And especially for including my bumblebee lamp!

    1. Thank you for the nice words Rhonda! It was my pleasure to share your lamp!...And I'm glad you found something that you could smile at. :-] Please come back again any time!

  4. Gosh that bacon looks so good. I haven't bought any bacon for such a long time. Maybe it's time to go to the supermarket ...

    1. ^_^ I almost hate to tell you that it tastes even better than it looked! LOL


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