Thursday, October 18, 2012

A World Created In My Mind!

      I've decided that...just for today's blog post...I'm gonna take a break from thinking about reality. The reality of bills, bad health, death and self-interested people is giving me a headache and an upset stomach! LOL...So, today I'm gonna let my mind loose and think about what kind of world I would create if I had the power...or the concentrated brain do so!...which I don't! But hey!...I can do marvelous things in my mind! ^_^
      As the header photo shows, if I had the ability to make it happen, all roads to anywhere would be paved with brick and good intentions. And rolling green lawns and flowers would line them. All clouds would be shaped like loving hearts and all of the people walking those roads would have nothing but love and other people's interests, instead of just their own, on their minds. There would be no selfishness...and no jack-hammers, pot-holes, or impatient honking either! :-] Just fun with animals!!!...

       Other things that would make people smile would be a genuine love of God and neighbor, and the fact that all fibers worn would be made of hand-knitted and crocheted soft yarn! :-) ...

        In the mental world that I'm creating there will, of course, be tons of flowers...

      ...maybe a few sandy beaches...
 the interest of 'thinking about other people', because I could live without a beach, frankly...or at least I think I could! LOL

       Also in the world of my creative mind, there will be no bills, no gas in our cars...they run on water...and not bottled water either! :-)) ... And of course, somewhere....actually EVERYWHERE!...there will be music and poetry,...and maybe poetry 'to' music! :-)

    And dancing too! :-)

      I could be here all day, talking about the world I would create in my mind. The truth is that one day we will have a world similar to this....I KNOW IT!!! :-) Imagine how wonderful life will be with no need for ambulances, doctors, hospitals, banks, locks and keys, insurance companies, etc.....Ahhhhhhhh! It can't come too soon for me!!! LOL

      Would you add to this list?!....If so, what?!...Sometimes the emotions of 'life' just need to get out!!!! ^_^ ...In the meantime, reality is calling me. I may yank the phone from the wall!! LOL

 Let Go

Ever against the tide we row,
fighting our self, with bent elbow.
(Releasing feelings, tucked inside,
hidden because of foolish pride.)

Fighting just to stay the course.
Using every ounce of force.
(Dreaded emotions pushing through,
trying to get the best of you.)

Waves of feelings swirling round.
Fighting hard to keep them down.
(They're  seeping out on every curve.
Letting them-takes lots of nerve.)

Open quick, your tight-clenched palm.
Feel the water's  quiet calm.
(Released emotions-held too long,
now are righting every wrong.)


  1. I hope that things get netter for you! Big hugs! I can totally relate with wanting to go off to a great place in my mind! Sounds like a good day for a happy movie to escape in ;)

    1. Thanks, Kelly...I'm sure things will get better. I'm staying positive and putting one foot in front of the other every day...just like we all are, right?! :-)...By the way, you're right about the movie too!...or reruns of some shows I've been missing! :-)) Enjoy your day too!

  2. People at work always kid me about going to my "happy place"...and they are right..I do go there in my mind to block out some of the things that I have to listen to at work! Like you, I have a vision of a perfect world some day. I'll see you there and hopefully many of our blog buddies! I'll picture all of us with your creations on our lapels! (or maybe those warm looking leg warmers!)

    1. ^_^ It's a good thing you have a 'happy place' to go to, considering the things you see and hear at work on a daily basis!!...And I hope I do indeed see you in my 'New World' one day! Oh, what a great day that would be, yaya! :-)

  3. How cute is that purple donkey! Ooo those flowers look so pretty!

    1. I know, huh! ^_^ I think he's cute too!...And the flowers too...You and I both love them!


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