Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Just Wanna Share!

      Usually when I say that I just wanna share, I'm talking about 'talking'!!....and talking a lot! ^_^ But no worries, Y'all! Today it's not a ton of words I'm talking about sharing. I just wanna share a few cool finds I ran into on Etsy!...and a little piece of mail we got yesterday. I'll share that after my finds. :-)

      One of the finds I ran into is this pretty glass dish (the header photo is of a single piece of it)...

         It has swirls of brown and aqua throughout the french vanilla glass...Why, Oh Why, don't I have dishes that look like this?...Scratch that. I know why. It's because my last name is not Rockefeller or Trump, that's why!! LOL...If I could afford it, I'd have it!...I love it! :-) My affordability level is more on the line of 'Dixie cups' and paper plates right now! ^_^

      These next few finds are just the nth degree!...

     WOW! With some fabric scraps and a good idea, look what you could come up with! ^_^ ... I don't have any children, but if I did have some children this would definitely be an idea I'd be entertaining for their room!...maybe for the corner by the window where their school desk would be! :-) And my pencils would spell out the words "Study Corner"...or "Reading"...or "Love Mommy"! ^_^ Daddy could hang up his own pencil banner in the garage! LOL

      And if I was a mommy, I'd love this pillow!...

        Let's face it...I'm not a mommy and I love that log pillow right now! :-] ...As a matter of fact I love quite a few pillows from this shop, including these...

     Cool, right?! :-)

     Last, but not least, is this cute find, that for a crocheting fool like me, is self explanatory!...

        I mean, what crocheter doesn't need a yarn bowl with two little owls on the side, that says "thrive"?! :-) 

       So there you go.....shared!! ^_^ All except for my mail delivery yesterday...Apparently we were included in some class action suit...unbeknownst to us!...and we received the HUGE settlement check yesterday... :-) ...along with informing us that the settlement administrator canot provide individual tax advice, and that any taxes associated with our big windfall will be on us!....*gulp!*...They therefore suggested that we consult our own tax advisor if we were not certain about the tax treatment of this distribution! O_O 
        We were concerned about it until we looked at the amount of the settlement! Ha! Ha!...

       ^_^ somebody trying to fool with our heads?!!!.....I just know a camera is gonna pop up any minute, and somebody is gonna say: "You've just been punked!"....or whatever they call practical jokes on unsuspecting "broke" people these days!! LOL I mean...where are the other decimal points and zeros, people?!!! ^_^
       Apparently "class action" means we don't have any class, and with this amount of money coming to us we can't take any action whatsoever!!! LOL...How much is a gallon of gas these days?!.......Nope! We don't even have enough settlement money for that!!! Ugh!
         Back to the drawing board!! ^_^ Just in time too. Hubby has a job interview later today...I'll let you know how it goes...In the meantime, have a good day, Everybody! :-)

All The Things I Love

If I listed all the things I've loved
I could rattle on forever!
Whether by 'order of importance'
or by a poeticly quick endeavor.

Right now it's Tennis...Well, all sports,
and reading informative magazines.
And crocheting, food and music.
Well..that might be in my genes!

I've loved teaching and line dancing,
So many things in my short life.
But I've never jumped from a plane,
or wittled anything with a knife!

With every passing moon
I find some other thing that I love.
Whether grassy patterns on my lawn,
or phenomenal skies above.

Yes, if I listed all the things I loved
my words could fill all space,
It comes from curiosity,
and an Ooo-ing Awww-ing place!


  1. Such fun finds! Thanks for including my fused glass dishes, Deb!

    1. It was my pleasure! :-) Thanks for letting me share it!

  2. Ha ha ha!!! What a hoot!! I've gotten things like that before myself.

    I love the finds you showed off today too. Especially those dishes!! Drool, drool!!! Wish I was rich too! Not really....LOL

    Hope the interview went well. You guys need a break soon.

    1. ^_^ Can you believe it?!! LOL Although if it had been millions I wouldn't know how to act!! ^_^ ... The interview did go well, but we won't know for a couple of days whether he'll get the job or not. Pray for us. :-]

  3. I would totally expect someone to jump out and say just tricking! I love the items you've found to share those pencils in that banner really do look cute.

    1. Ha! Ha! That's what we expected too, Jo!!...but they never did!! ^_^ ... I'm glad you enjoyed the other items too!


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