Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Weather...And Gray...Have It!

     Once again the weather is the thing that gets the first subject line of my blog! We went from rain to yesterday's below freezing temperatures and frost, to this morning's rain and promises of 60 degrees!...*shaking my head*...If I didn't love my backyard so much, I might just stop looking out the window!
    I'm not gonna let it get me down though. Weather?!...Pshah!...I've been hit by bigger annoyances than that...and survived! least so far! O_O LOL...Anyway!...I'm gonna start focusing my energies and my Wuglyees shop on things that make me smile. Like, for instance, the scarves in my shop.
    I've been showing my lapel pins as the featured products on my front page. I just changed that though, to scarves...It is scarf season, right?! :-]

     These four are the ones I have on the front page right now, but I'll be changing them periodically. Y'all know I have enough of them to do it!!! In fact, I have tons of scarves here in the house that have never seen the light of I mean. I'm even considering having a sale on them..What do you think would be a good sale price to sell them for?! Any help will be greatly appreciated. In fact, the best advice may actually warrant one of YOU a little gift too! :-)

       Okay. Moving on! a cute item I saw in my Etsy travels...

        Each one of the coasters is printed with NASA public domain images, and they can be used with hot or cold drinks!...Can't you see the conversations starting already?! ^_^ Of course it was the colors that caught my eye initially. But then I was fascinated to find out that they were planets! So cool!!

       The last thing I wanna share today is a treasury one of my brooches got chosen for. It's entitled ** StART wiTh A CLeAn sLatE **

     It's chock full of some really cute slate gray items, including my little brooch...

       ...and this cute set of clutch purses by cutiegirlie...
      I thought the suggestion that they would make great gifts for your bridesmaids was a good one too! So if you're getting married.....huh?...huh?! ^_^

       Okay....I'm off! It's the last day of the weekend, and maybe the last day of leaf-peeping in our area... if the rain, frost and whatever else has it's say about it!!...*sigh*...So enjoy what's left, people!!!! :-) Pretty soon it'll be blog posts about snow!

Just When You Think...

Just when you think you've got it bad
you see someone that's worse!
You complain: "My aches and pains...",
but some folks need a nurse!

Just when the weather's got you mad
and the snow's too deep to run,
you see the melting everywhere...
You look! and there's the sun!

Just when you think I'll just move on,
and find something else to do,
there's another blog post about snow...
and another poem too! :-]    

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