Friday, October 26, 2012

It Has Decided To "Cut Up"!!!

       No, I'm not actually talking about the scissors! ^_^ Yes, they 'cut up' stuff too, but I'm talking metaphorically about something else that's decided to "cut up". I'll tell you about it in a second...but first I actually do wanna talk about and show you these cute 'cutting up' scissors!
     Did you notice that they look like the Eiffel Tower?!! :-) How cool is that!!

     They reminded me of how long it's been since hubby and I actually have been on a "virtual" date out of the country...Ahhhhh....our 'virtual' trip to Paris'!...*le sigh!*...And with the weather 'cutting up' now, this might be the perfect time for another trip out of the country!!! O_O
      Yep! The weather in our area is about to "cut up" big time!! Hurricane Sandy is heading in our direction, and they're using words like "perfect storm" because of how three weather fronts are converging all in the same area.
      In fact, one weather man yesterday said it could potentially be bigger than the perfect storm that hit Gloucester Massachusetts in 1991...the one that the movie with George Clooney was made about, The Perfect Storm!!!!..*gulp!*...Because of the time of year, they called that one a 'halloween nor-easter' too! Ugh! Hurricane Grace was involved in that one.
     'Sandy' and 'Grace'...Such sweet names for such violent storms!...I'm hoping that all the talk about what 'Sandy' is gonna turn into is wrong! Especially since she's heading directly at us!! O_O But it appears that, at the very least, we're gonna get some high winds and soaking rain. I guess we'll find out the rest of it next week...The weather man this morning said that us east coasters need to keep an eye on the weather reports through the weekend...You know I will!!!..Ugh! I hate it when the weather "cuts up"!!!!! Grrrrr!

      Before I go, let me share another couple of cute items I found on Etsy. I was gonna add them to the list yesterday, but somehow I forgot them...menopause made my brain 'take-a-pause'! LOL

      It's a repurposed croquet ball!! :-) How cool!!...Her description says its "Milled flat on the botton to sit on any surface with a hole drilled in the top that is customized to accomodate the Ionantha air plant.."...As I always say, people are soooo creative!! :-]

      And how about this!...

      Doesn't everybody need a place to hang their keys in the house when  they come in?!...instead of on some nail you banged into the wall in the kitchen! LOL And when it's so cute...and green...I'm in!! ^_^

     But right now....I'm out! I gotta go and keep my eye on the weather reports!!!! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!...East coasters (in the US.), HEADS UP!!!!! 

Massachusetts Weather

Wind and wet, fog and rain;
Nagging joints and aches and pain.

Massachusetts weather fare.
Is this the weather everywhere?!

On real bad days it gets to me;
This 'weather change sililloguy'.

Look out the window, shake my head,
pull up the covers...back to bed! 


  1. Hurricane Sandy has even made it on to the news here. It definitely must be a doozy for us to hear about it.

    1. Indeed it is, Jo! They're using phrases like "SuperStorm"..."Frankenstorm"..."Storm of the ages"...and "once in a lifetime event"!!!...I think we may just get the side-swipe of her though, if she continues on the path she's on now. That still may not be that much fun. She seems to have picked up some steam. She's gone from a 'tropical depression' to a 'category one' hurricane now! O_O


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