Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's That?!!...EARTHQUAKE!!

     Yesterday I didn't have anything that I could talk about. That is NOT the case today! Although, if it had been left up to me, I might not have even known about it!...What?!...Last night there was a 4.0 magnitude earthquake on the east coast of the United States...a place where having earthquakes is NOT fact, it's very rare!
         It was centered a few miles west of Hollis, Maine, a bit north of us. It happened at 7:12 in the evening.  And apparently it was felt throughout western Massachusetts...right here where we live! O_O...and as far south as southern Connecticut and New York! 
       Neighbors of ours said they felt it. It was shaking and rattling dishes and stuff!....We...hubby and I, Mr. and Mrs. Oblivious...didn't feel a thing! And we were wide awake too! ^_^ The way I found out about it was on Facebook!...You don't know how much I don't want to admit that!! Ha! Ha!
      On Facebook I follow our local t.v. stations and The Weather Channel. So, if there's anything going on in our area, it streams right away on my timeline. And as soon as I logged on I noticed that not only were the local t.v. stations talking about the earthquake, but my friends and neighbors that live right here in town and in neighboring states were talking about it too!
      I wonder if there's gonna be aftershocks today. Oh Well, let's just hope we find out about it, if so! ^_^ *shaking my head*...If this were all the news I had to tell today, it would be okay with me. But unfortunately it's not. :-(
       I got a phone call from my father yesterday...mid-week! That's never good! And it wasn't good this time either. :-( ...My father grew up as the baby boy...the only a house with a doting mother and two older sisters. He refers to himself proudly as a "Mama's Boy". ^_^
      He tells stories of when he was a boy and how when his sisters would go out somewhere, how his mom would make them take their little brother along...not to get him out of her hair, as she claimed, but to be her secret informant! ^_^ He loved his mother, and he was a happy little tattler! LOL Unfortunately his sisters got wind of his undercover espionage and they made him pay....BIG!! LOL...I won't get into the details, out of respect for him, but let me just say that when sisters wanna 'torture' a little brother...they know how to do it!! ^_^
       My dad lost his beloved mom when he was 16 years old. :-( And a few years ago he lost one of his sisters to breast cancer. His remaining sister lives very far away, and yesterday she called him to say that her husband, my uncle, had died. :-( 
      I could hear the true sadness in my dad's voice, because my uncle was not just my dad's sister's husband. He was also his friend...Add to this the fact that my father has been in so much pain lately, and you'll understand how sad he truly sounded...He's pondering over whether he can wear his back-brace, give up his normal way of taking care of himself, and ride more than 16 hours in a car so that he can be there for his only remaining sister. :-(
      I didn't even try to give him any advice or suggestions about what he should do. This one is gonna be strictly on him. But something tells me...he's going!...What shape he's gonna be in when he gets there?...I don't know. But being able to hug his sister and 'shoot the breeze' with her (talk) may be worth the pain and discomfort for him. ..Sometimes it's better to take care of the mind.
       I'm gonna try to take care of my mind today crocheting! I won't be crocheting scarves though. I still have plenty of them. In fact, I just renewed this one this morning...

      ...No, I sold 6 lapel pins yesterday. My stash of lapel pins has to be replenished...again. :-] Crocheting lapel pins, some reading, and some studying, is on my schedule for today....and a nap or two also....Don't Hate! ^_^ Take a nap with me! Let your emotions rest a while! LOL....Anyway!...What are you doing today?!...Whatever it is, have a good one! :-)


Frustration, excitement,
Great anger, Pure joy!
Deep sadness, elation,
intent to annoy.

Loving, disgusted,
triumphant, afraid.
Affection considered,
uneasiness weighed.

Cheerful, proud,
optimistic, despair.
Euphoric, in anguish,
gloom hanging there.

Emotions experienced,
the good and the bad.
Without feeling, sincerely,
what life have you had?!

You need hope and peace,
kindness and love.
An unemotional life is
Not much to speak of.


  1. That's really scary when there are earthquakes in areas that they never occur. At the same time, didn't Jesus say it would be like that in this time of the end? I'm glad it wasn't worse than what it was.
    I'm sorry for your and your Dad's loss. I can sure understand him feeling the need to be with his sister. I know that whatever he decides you'll be supportive.
    Hang in there. Congrats on the sales too! Hopefully they'll keep coming in.

    Did your hubby get a job?

    1. Yes, it could be really scary, Bead. But in our case we weren't scared because we didn't even know it was happening! :-] And, as you said, we know that earthquakes, along with other parts of the sign of the times, will happen!...As to my dad, I'm still waiting to see what he's gonna do. I know he really wants to go...*sigh*...It's tough getting older and having health issues. It affects every decision you make...Okay, have a good evening, my friend. Thanks for the nice comment.

  2. Oh dear ... so sad to hear about the passing of your uncle. I hope your dad is doing okay. It's never easy when a loved one dies. I think it was wise of you to let him decide for himself if he will spend time with his sister or not.

    I heard about the earthquake out east last night on Facebook too. So glad you are okay. How funny that both you and your husband did not feel it. We have had a couple here in Illinois and I just felt slight movement. It really is a strange feeling.

    Congratulations on selling so many lapel pins. That is very exciting! Your scarves look especially luxurious. The colors, textures and variety of yarns make these pieces so very special. I am always in awe of your talent, Debbie!

    1. Hi Julie...Thank you for the encouragement about my crocheting, and also the sympathetic words about my dad. My dad still hasn't told me whether he's gonna try to make the trip or not...and I'm still staying out of it!...About the earthquake, I think it must be where we live on our mountain area, because there was a tremor a while back that everybody else was talking about that we also didn't feel! It's okay. I'm good with that. :-)


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