Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Colors Aren't Just On The Trees...I'm Positive!

       Today I could talk about the crazy weather we're having, which was in the 20s and now is gonna be in the 60s today O_O; Or I could talk about the leftover body aches and blistered up lips I have from that virus that my body is still trying to get over; or I could talk about the fact that hubby's unemployment compensation is gonna run out soon and we don't know what we're gonna do then; Or the fact that I haven't sold anything in my shop for almost two weeks now...after selling something every day, or every other day, for quite a while!
     I COULD talk about those things, but I'm not gonna! I think I've said enough already to make you as sufficiently miserable as I am. ^_^ So instead I'm gonna go to the positive...The sun is gonna shine most of the day and the temperatures are gonna get into the 60s!...I no longer have a fever, and my energy level seems to be coming back...All of our bills are paid. We don't owe anybody anything!...and with me not feeling well lately, it probably was a good thing the sales in the shop slowed down. Now I'm ready for the speed up again....PLEASE! ^_^
       So, as you can see, life is all about how you look at it! :-) I prefer to see the glass half full. It's a healthier way of life...mentally and physically...for me and those around me! ^_^ ...And giving you some more positive updates, there are still leaves on the trees around here. The rain and frost didn't beat them all off...yet! In fact, I think our area is at peak leaf-peeping time right now! :-)
      But I haven't just been leaf-peeping out the window. I've been leaf-peeping on Etsy too! :-) Look at what I came up with!...

       They're gumpaste maple leaves for cake decorating. :-) They're made to order, and  can be colored in any shades that you need too!...If you're a baker, you could be 'going to town' on some seasonal cake decorating this time of year with these 'bad boys'! ^_^

      But these aren't the only leaves I found! Look at these...

       These little antiqued brass 'babies' aren't hanging on a tree, but they're pretty oak leaves just the same, right?! :-) And the acorns aren't bad either!

      And speaking of leaves not hanging from a tree... about some pretty felted leaves hanging from a necklace?! :-) ...So pretty!!

       And speaking of pretty....

      ...I absolutely love the color, and consistency, of this yarn!...If I knitted more, I could think of a few things I could make with this! But as I'm in the tiny boutonniere making business right now, it's a bit bulky for me...But wouldn't that make a good-looking boutonniere?! :-) I need to look in my stash and see if I have any Fall leaf colored thread!

         A big thank you to these wonderful Etsy shop owners for letting me share their items. They're positively gorgeous! :-) ... Positive...just like me today! ^_^ I hope your day goes positively great too!

How Can You Be So Positive

"How can you be so positive
with everything so bad?
When folks are so unkind
and all those doctors make you mad?"

"It's easy!" I assure them.
'Cuz one thing makes it okay.
I wake up every morning,
and I'm breathing every day!

When I can't move a muscle
and can barely lift my head,
I think of all the folks I've known
who now are gone, yes, dead!

No matter what my problem is,
and if I stand or lay,
I'm thankful that my mind still works
and I'm breathing every day!

So how am I so positive,
When things sometimes seem bleak?
It's easy, 'cuz my breathing
keeps on going every week!

Oh yes, I have a choice!
I can be miserable and whine;
Be mean to folks around me,
Be demanding and unkind.

But who would make that choice,
when there's a better way to be?
I mean, who's breathing every day
and writing poems?...ME!
(Sorry, but this one bore repeating today. ^_^)


  1. Perfect! Very beautiful finds!!! I like autumn, colorful leaves.

    1. Thank you! :-) And yours fit right in too!

  2. I needed that lift of positive energy today! The leaves here are gorgeous this year and even our very windy and wet Sunday night left many still hanging on. I saw a plaque that mentioned how fall leaves know how to age beautifully...if only I could be so lucky! Those aches and pains remind me I'm in the "autumn" of my life..but I'm not ready to hit that "winter" season of life yet so I guess I'd better reread that sweet poem and get some positive happening! Hope your shop sells out soon!

    1. ^_^ I'm glad to spread the positive around, Yaya. Like you, my aches and pains are reminding me, waaaaay too often, that I'm not the 'Spring chicken' that my mind is trying to lie to me and say I am! ^_^ But that lying mind of mind is also my best friend...mood-wise! I think I'll keep it! It's the only thing that I will stand to lie to me!! LOL My body is all about the truth...24/7!!! ^_^ Enjoy the last legs of Fall, Yaya!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better. I know what you mean about lack of sales. Seems to be an epidemic! LOL I LOVE those earrings! Sure wish I would have made them! :) And that yarn......oooooooo is that nice!!
    Enjoy the colors and your day. I know something will come up for you and your hubby as far as work is concerned. Jehovah will take care of you.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and enduring support my friend. :-)


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