Saturday, October 13, 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes!

       Yesterday and the day before, the skies over the backyard were gorgeous! The blue skies against the reds, oranges, yellows and green of the trees was practically breath-taking!...

       ...and it's kinda cool watching our pine trees, that are always so green and strong, start to change the color of their needles too! :-]

     And a little lower to the ground in the backyard....amazing COLOR! :-) ...

     But that was all yesterday, and day before yesterday!...`This morning we woke up to 26 degree weather...26 DEGREES!!...We felt it coming last night. We finally had to crank the heat up in the house.
     The ground was covered with frost this morning too...

     It doesn't show up too well in the photographs, but trust's frost!...What a difference a day makes! :-) So, it'll be a light blanket on the bed tonight, and maybe hot cocoa, a board game and some music for 'date night'! Something warm, musical and 'stay-put'-ish! ^_^ ...What are your plans this weekend?!...Whatever it is, have a good one! :-]


Where would we be without music?

Where would we be without music?
Don't answer. I don't want to know!
The thought of no guitar or back beat,
no humming or tapping of toe!

What umph would there be to commercials?
What excitement for games yet to play?!
What missing movie's anticipation
that the  'Dun Dun Dun' would happily say?!

How would new mommies rock their babies,
and calm them to put them to sleep?
Without music the world would be screaming,
but the ocean of silence would be deep.

So, where would we be without music?
In a world with no brain cells to link.
In a big room with nothing to do,
and a bunch of poor folks that don't blink! 


  1. You must live in my backyard because that's the scene we woke up to this morning! Frost, 28de..and we had to go to watch our Grandkiddo play soccer at 9am! Brrrr...but the color this year has been amazing and I'll be sad when the last red, orange and yellow leaf fall.

    1. Hi Yaya...No, I don't live in your backyard. ^_^ We just both seem to be experiencing the same weather right now! And I wonder...are you having rain this morning too?! O_O If so...maybe we're sharing a 'jet stream' or something! :-) You are right about the color of the foliage this year though...just gorgeous!


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