Monday, October 8, 2012

I LOVE This New Trend!

       No one that really knows me would use words to describe me like "cutting-edge" or "forward-thinking"...with good reason! Because I'm an old-fashioned, Motown-loving, "oldies-is-goodies" type of girl! :-) That's why I almost surprised myself when I heard about this new trend of wedding bouquets made with brooches! My reaction was: "How Cool!" :-)
     Have you heard about this?!...And if you have, and I'm the last person to get on the bandwagon, don't tell me! LOL Let me stay in my delusional "cutting-edge" bubble, will ya! ^_^
     The way I heard about it was from a customer. She ordered a couple of crocheted brooches. She said she was making her sister's bouquets out of all kinds of brooches and she wanted to include a couple of my crocheted ones! :-) Isn't that cool?!
      Me, being the "ME" that I am, immediately headed over to the Etsy search bar. I typed in "brooch bouquet" and WOW!!! I was shocked at how many beautiful brooch bouquets popped up! There were pages and pages of them!...

      I have my favorite among these, but out of respect to the fabulous "forward-thinking" creators of them, I'll keep that tidbit of information to myself! ^_^ ...And me being the "ME" that I am, and with the mind that I have, I could see this idea working for just about any color scheme you could crochet!!! :-) And that's exactly where my mind went as I looked through the pages and pages of these beautiful...mostly vintage brooch...bouquets!
     I could see me sitting in my little wedding shop downtown, with the blue striped awning, and my model "headless Tina" in a wedding dress in the huge front window, holding one of my handmade crochet flower brooch bouquets made out of imported Portuguese cotton and Swarovski crystals!......and then I woke up!!! LOL
      I don't have time to take a good nap now! ^_^ And I'm doing all I can to keep up with the custom lapel pin requests I'm getting right now! Where in the world would I find time to make custom wedding brooch bouquets?!! O_O ...Oh Well, a girl can dream!
       And by the way, my dream doesn't have anything to do with me being famous! My dream has to do with me supporting hubby and I through this rough time right now. His unemployment will be running out soon, and we don't know what direction we're gonna take from there. With my health issues right now, his being away for long periods of the day is not an option...So, the situation is deep in prayer right now, while we're trying to keep as many answerable avenues open as we can! Something has always come up in the past, and we're sure it will this time too. We just need to be patient. :-]
       In the meantime, I'm making lapel pins like a crazy woman...a crazy woman without a striped awning or 'headless Tina' in my window! ^_^ ...

      Okay, I'm off to finish up a custom order and do some reading. And I'm sure I'm gonna find something else to keep me occupied too!...What are y'all up to today?! Whatever it is, have a good one, Everybody! :-)

 I Love A New Experience

I love a new experience!
No matter how it's learned.
A fact that's new to me,
or a new food that I've burned.

A place I've never been,
or a person I've not known.
A book I've never read,
or a gadget on my phone.

A song that's not my norm,
or a craft I've never tried.
A veggie fixed a new way,
whether boiled, sauteed or fried.

I love a new experience!
A jolt for my old eyes.
To make my life worth living,
and each day a great surprise!


  1. Anonymous10/09/2012

    love the bridal brooches. very pretty!

    1. Thanks, Kamana....I do too! :-)


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