Tuesday, October 30, 2012

YAY!...I Still Have Power!!

      Hurricane Sandy has been causing massive trouble up and down the east coast here in the united states Y'all, but not so much here in Holyoke and Western Massachusetts. It appears that we may have 'dodged a bullet'...so to speak. 
       The local weather people are reporting lots of power outages and downed trees and power lines, but considering what it could have been...and I'll show you what I mean in a minute...we're doing great!
       Unfortunately New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and other states didn't do well AT ALL!! :-( There have been at least six deaths, and the number is probably gonna rise once the assessments are done, now that the sun is up and they can actually see!
       Flooding...the New York subway system under water...a town in New Jersey is under water, people on their roofs like with hurricane Katrina in New Orleans! :-( ...bridges and boardwalks being washed out and washed away...ships wrecked...uprooted trees...blizzards, and two feet of snow in some areas!...and waaaaaaaaay more...*sigh*...I'll let the photos tell the story. (The header photo and the others below all came from The Weather Channel page on Facebook). If you don't like bad news, don't look! It's bad. :-( ...

        Atlantic City, New Jersey...


         Bay head Beach, New Jersey...

          Vineland, New Jersey...

         Virginia Beach boardwalk...

       Grandview Island, Hampton Virginia...

        Ocean City, Maryland...

     Lewes, and other parts of Delaware...

     And then there is New York... :-( ...

       Most of these photos were from Monday morning!...If you've been watching the news...especially the news out of New York...you know that the damage is much worst!....Devastating!! :-( 
       I have friends in almost all of these areas and I'll be waiting for phone calls and emails all day! I hope everyone is safe. :-( ...If you are in any of these areas, please pay attention to directions!! Your life is more important than your property!!
       I gotta find some breakfast...and something to crochet. I need 'CALM'!!!...Have a good day, Everybody. This too shall pass. There is something to smile about today. I hope you find it.

 A Thoughtful Life

A baby needs assistance
for a chance at living life.
An old man needs some help
to eat his food with fork and knife.

A troubled life will need
an "On Alert" lifeguard,
to help it navigate
the waves, cuz yeah! life is hard.

A lifeline will be needed
for a drowning sinking life,
when good and bad will come,
because, oh yeah, that's life!

An undiscovered life
can have a chance of a lifetime.
A life not truly lived
is just a waste of life and rhyme.

Light and batteries
are measured in a half-a-life.
Light in knowledge sparks
the way to save your spark-less life.

Insurance sometimes comes
in "Term"-life, or in "Whole".
In no uncertain terms though,
life must be the goal.

When lived well, you can have
 the best time of your life,
and the memory of it
keeps you free from stress and strife.

Life is worth the living
for every woman, child or man,
and worth the time and heartache
from the race of life you ran.

Though life's outer beauty
sometimes cuts us like a knife,
it's rich and inner beauty
has a full-stocked pantry life.


  1. Such great devastation! So glad to hear you are safe and sound. I hope all of your friends in these troubled areas are okay. It's hard to see others in need.

    1. :-( AND HOW, Julie!...Watching the reports from state after state will make your heart sick!...I heard from almost all of my friends and relatives. Everybody is safe! And I'm thankful!!!

  2. Wow! Such a terrible storm on the east coast. I sure hope our friends are all well. I worry about the brothers in Brooklyn. :( Prayer is definitely needed.

    1. Yes indeed, Bead! :-( I knew it would be bad, but not this bad!!! It's just heart-breaking!...I've been praying for the brothers and sisters all day too!

  3. I'm glad you're good and safe and I hope the same for your friends and family. We are good here, just wet! About 20mi south of us they got snow..it just skirted around us thankfully! Those pics say it all. I'm sorry there are people stranded but they were told to leave and chose to stay...now they are in great need of some help and will put the rescue crews in danger. I don't know, but it reminds me of the 5 foolish virgins in the scriptures. I do wish everyone safety but they knew this was coming and had plenty of warning. You can't mess with Mother Nature!

    1. Hi Yaya!...Thank you for the well wishes. And yes, I got in contact with a lot of my friends and family today. Everybody seems to have weathered the storm just fine. AMAZINGLY!! There are so many stories that didn't turn out that good. And I'm afraid it's gonna get worse and worse as the assessments build up. :-( ... Unfortunately, people are running true to form in their ability to follow directions. You thought of the 5 foolish virgins...I thought of Noah and the flood. Noah had to get on the ark with his wife, his sons, and his son's wives...who, by the way, must have had family that didn't follow the direction to get on the ark!!...It had never rained before that time, and they didn't pay attention to his warning. It's amazing how people always think that they will be the exception to the rule...because they wanna be!!...Sometimes you need to bow to someone that knows more than you!!...Even so, God showed mercy. That's why we're still here!!...And the people who didn't heed hurricane Sandy warnings now need mercy too. It's no time to say: "I told you so!!"...right?!...You reap what you sow! O_O We need to sow some sympathy. We never know when we're gonna need somebody to be sympathetic to us!!...Okay, I didn't mean to start preaching! ^_^ Have a good night, and a good day tomorrow, Yaya!


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