Friday, October 19, 2012

A Date With Scrabble And Popcorn!

       It's not even 8:30 a.m. yet and I've already had a leisurely breakfast with my hubby...sausage, eggs, grits and cheese, and, of course, a hot cup of green tea with lemon. :-) A sort of pre-date night breakfast date! ^_^
       We're off to a fast run today because we won't have much time together until tonight. Tuesdays and Fridays are now...per the recent family meeting...hubby's days to put eyes and ears on his mom, and to help her with whatever errands or whatnot that she wants to do. And it appears that she has a list 'yay' long today!...I hope he survives! LOL We've got big plans for our 'Virtual Date Night'! :-]
       Considering that this is our weather right now...

      ...we've already decided that we're gonna stay in tonight, turn off the phones, and play Scrabble and eat...

      ...popcorn! :-)

       What can I say...we're adventurous like that! LOL...We may even have an old TCM channel movie playing in the background while we're playing...Casablanca.....Bringing Up Baby....Gone with the wind! :-)
        On second thought, if I want Mr. Man's undivided attention maybe I'd better X the movie and just stick to the Scrabble and popcorn! He's not a very good 'multi-tasker'. :-)) In fact, back when we were dating...the night we got engaged actually...he made me a steak, rice  and corn dinner that took F-O-R-E-V-E-R for him to cook! The reason was because he cooked each item...from beginning to end...before he started the next item!! LOL...By the time the rice was done, the corn on the cob was too cold to put butter on it, and the steak had become a hockey puck!! LOL...As I say...not a good 'multi-tasker'! ^_^

         So, while he's with his mom this morning, sloshing around out there in the rain, getting her "To Do" list cleared, I think I'll brush up on my big words... :-)) ...write some cards and letters that I've been putting off writing...

           ...and get some nice warm covers ready for him, for when his mom gets through practically killing him! ^_^....'swimming with the fishes' to speak. ^_^

          ^_^ Cute fish, right?!...I love it! and I just had to share....And it made me thingk.....hmmmm....we could watch "Nemo" instead of playing Scrabble!!!....Something else to consider....Clearly my 'Virtual Date Night' plans aren't set in stone yet! :-) ... Have a good weekend everybody, whatever your plans are! :-]

What Should A Written Letter Be?

Should it be a simple "Hi!"?
A casual "I was thinking of you!"?
A 'Catching Up' on times now past?
A calendar of the things you'll do?

A sad reflection of how they're missed?
A needed word when someone's died?
To say you wished you could be there?
To say you really, really tried?

Solicitations for your business?
Requests for info? A note of thanks?
Impersonal salutations from
Insurance companies and banks?

Heartfelt apologies?
Explanations of what you did?
A place to 'let off a little steam'?
To, without loudness, 'Blow your Lid'?

Well, whatever reason for them,
they put a smile upon your face,
that no Facebook, Tweet, or typing
ever, ever, will replace!

I hope they never go out of style,
and keep the mailman's job secure;
because the smell of a written letter,
like hugs and kisses, should endure.        


  1. It's great to spend time with your loved ones, your breakfast with hubby sounds great :) have a happy weekend sweetie and I hope you are feeling much better now.

    Bee happy x

    1. Yes, Bee! It "is" good to be able to spend time with loved ones...especially when it's a regular date! :-) I highly recommend it!...And yes, I'm slowly feeling better, and getting back to my regular schedule. Thanks for your concern. :-] ...Have a good weekend, Bee!

  2. I hope letters never go out of style too. They're much more warm and personal that FB and tweeting for sure!
    Sounds like a great night! Not sure what ours is going to be, but as is true there, it's raining here too. Glad it held off long enough for the Tigers to win last night though!! It was raining all afternoon and evening on our side of the state.

    Sure hope your hubby isn't too tired for date night. I'm glad the family is doing this for his mom though. So important!

    Have a wonderful day and evening!

    1. Hi, Bead! :-) Between you and I, I don't think letter writing will EVER go out of style! Good for me! ^_^ It makes for a good day when you can sit and re-read old letters. The emotion is just as new as when you read it the first time! :-) ... I haven't done any letter writing yet. It's too dark and gloomy with all of the rain...not to mention the 'ouch factor'!...Congrats on your Tigers winning too, by the way! :-) Have a good one!


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