Saturday, October 27, 2012

Super Storm...Preparation!

       There's a dark cloud over our area right now...and it's not as well put together as the original drawing of this dark cloud in my header photo, or the other ones in Nicole's shop!...Our dark cloud is the so-called 'super storm'..."hurricane Sandy"!
      She's coming up the east coast right now, prepared to hit in a couple of days, and suppose to be bigger and windier than "hurricane Irene "was last year! O_O I don't know if in the end Sandy will do all they think she'll do, or be as damaging as they think she might be, but I can tell...the weather people are nervous!!
      They're calling it a "once in a lifetime event", and saying it's gonna be destructive, historic and life-threatening!...WOW!...that's a lot of nervousness!...Thankfully, as of right now anyway, our local weather people are saying that western Massachusetts is gonna dodge the worst of "Sandy"...IF...and it's a big "if"...she stays on the path she's on right now for the next couple of days.
       Rain, storm surge, flooding, destructive winds, and snow...yes, SNOW!...are touted to be involved in this storm! O_O And they're saying that in our area we're suppose to get lots of power outages. So, if you don't see my blog post up you'll know why! Because you know I could talk my way right through a storm if I had to! ^_^

       If there's a lot of down time that won't be a bad thing for me though. My girlfriend has invited me to put some of my items in a craft show with hers in November, and I'm making lapel pins like a crazy woman right now! And I can use all the time I can get to make more!...I made these yesterday...

      Imagine what I could do with MORE time!! ^_^

      In the way of updates, our 'virtual date night' went well yesterday. No, we didn't decide to go to France. Instead we went to Japan. :-) I wasn't all about the raw food...sushi and stuff...YUCK! we had chef salads, Cape Cod chips, and Friendly's banana split ice cream instead! ^_^ It was a very good date!

     As to the job interview hubby had mid-week, they were suppose to call him yesterday to let him know, one way or the other, about whether he got it or not....We didn't get a call...We're not reading anything into it. Maybe all the talk about "Sandy" side-tracked them...*reaching!*...or maybe they weren't through with the other people's interviews yet. Whatever the case, I'll let you know when there's any further developments.

      The last update is that my memory foam for the bed has arrived!!!! YAY!!!! We're hoping to find some time today to put it on the bed...some time before or after we do some letter writing, making phone calls, checking on hubby's mother, finish studying our "Watchtower" magazine, having breakfast, lunch and dinner :-), and gathering the preparation stuff for hurricane Sandy's arrival!...

1. Get more batteries for the radio
2. Make sure the cell phone jack works in the car
3. get more water
4. get more canned food
5. Fill the car with gas (in case gas station pumps aren't working) 
6. get a few dollars in cash from the ATM (in case the banks have no electricity) 
7. Call my mother-in-law and see if she wants to ride out the storm with us again
8. Centrally locate my flashlights, candles and matches
9. Make sure all the pieces to the board games are accounted for ((Hubby is gonna be a bear without his "Spider Solitaire! ^_^) 
10. Make sure my bouncy, happy music is at the ready! :-) ...I mean, I don't wanna go outta my mind in here!! ^_^

      Okay,  I'm off to get this list scratched off...including a few other things I'm not gonna put on this list! my sense of humor and a few other non-material things...I didn't put them on the list because some things you just don't need...or want! know! Trust me! ^_^ 

Have a good day, and a good weekend, Y'all!! 

 Sense Of Humor

How do you gauge a sense of humor?
Is it just about a laugh?
Do you only know you're funny
when they're doubled up in half?

Can a chuckle or a giggle
be a clue that you have wit?
Or can a smile and a head shake
be the quiet proof of it?

It's the people that are laughing,
in their house, their yard, their car.
That can spot a sense of humor;
recognize it from afar.

I don't know myself.
I just know what makes me smile.
Anyone who likes themselves
and can be talking for a while.

And if they make me wanna sit
and wonder what will they say next,
then they have a sense of humor
cuz I wouldn't be here unless...


  1. We're gearing up for "Frankenstorm" here too, although I don't think it's going to be anywhere near as bad as the East Coast is going to get. But preparation is always important and I'm making sure all the gas cans, car (my car is in the shop) and batteries are up to the top! Good luck and I hope all our East Coast bloggie friends do well..prayers to all!

    1. Yeah, you guys are gonna get hit before us! BE CAREFUL!! It's suppose to have a lot of rain on your side of it I think. We're due to get only about 3 inches of of right now anyway. We're gonna get more wind on our side of it they think...unless the path of it changes within the next couple of days...which it probably will!...As you say, PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION!!! Stay safe, and see you on the other side of it...hopefully! *gulp!*. :-]

  2. Be safe, my friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers

    1. Awww! Thank you for your concern, Susan. I'll be careful. No worries. :-]

  3. Sounds like you are definitely prepared. It never hurts to have an emergency preparedness kit at the ready. I hope you remain safe.

    1. I hope we're prepared!! O_O I guess we'll find out!! :-)


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