Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Do You Do When You Have The 'Droopy Sleepies'?!

      I am sooo enjoying Fall, but I have a very bad....VERY bad....case of the 'droopy sleepies'!! Do you know what I'm talking about?!...You know, that feeling where you don't wanna do anything unless you're pushed into it...and pushed hard! And where you just wanna sleep the day away...Well, that's me now. And that's been me for a few days.
       I can't seem to get out of my own way!!...Admittedly, some of it is that I don't feel very well...still. It's been rainy and dreary and I still have a bit of a raspy throat, and some aches and pains, from that virus...But the 'droopy sleepies' are not just because of that! I know because I haven't even wanted to crochet!! O_O ...I KNOW!!!!...Unheard of!!!
     Hopefully everything will go back to normal soon...In the meantime I'm gonna keep enjoying the Fall view around here...

    ...which includes some beautiful flowers still hanging on! :-) ...

     I know they'll all be gone soon. :-( ... But then...

     ...so will the 'droopy sleepies'!...Or at least, I sure hope so! O_O ...*yawn*...Have a good day, Everybody!


Daylight, you bring such happiness,
shining on the Autumn hues.
And when you're gone, you leave more darkness,
bringing on some moody blues.

How could some light, or lack of it,
have me waxing poetic rhyme,
wishing for a place with celestial money,
so I could buy some Daylight Saving Time?!


  1. Maybe it's your body still trying to recover. Give it some time, I am sure you will bounce back when it is ready.
    Beautiful flowers.

    1. Yes, Sprite, I think that's exactly what it is! And it's annoying because I wanna be all done with this thing already!!!! Grrrr!....Oh well, I guess there are some things you just can't rush!...You and your hubby know all about that right?! :-] Glad to see he's doing beter too! Woohoo!!


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