Friday, January 18, 2013

An Apple For The Husband Teacher!

                I have always known that I had an irreplaceable love for my husband. :-] Here is why...because nobody else has ever laughed at my silly jokes as hard as him...Or has eaten all of my 'trial-run' recipe dishes (even when I wouldn't eat them myself! LOL) with more of an adventurous spirit...Because nobody has ever 'put me in my place' in the most loving and 'in-my-best-interest' way...Or has supported my creative endeavors with as much gusto!...
       Because he has listened to every poem, and read almost every blog post I've ever written...over a thousand now!! :-)) ...with a smile on his face and a giggle of understanding...And has held my hand through the hardest times of my life, and gave me a shoulder to cry my sobbing tears into!....And....and.....and..... I could be here all day!! ^_^

       But last night I found out that there is another layer to my love for my hubby that I didn't even think was possible to achieve!...What level could that possibly be 'Wug', you ask?! O_O Well, the level at which I, with my sometimes loud and aggravated, but always loving and supportive assistance, taught him how his request!... crochet!! :-)
      Yes...he did!! :-) He asked me to show him how to do it!...

        My first thought was: 'Uh Oh! We are gonna be fighting in here in about an hour!' LOL And truth be told, about an hour into the teaching process I was SURE the fight was about to follow in full force!...But it didn't! :-] He totally humbled himself, bowed to my extensive knowledge of this particular skill, and let himself be taught! :-)
      When he finished a row by himself, and there were 'NO' mistakes (slipped stitches, double stitches in the same stitch, uneven extra loops and knots that I had to pull aloose), he smiled, let out a yelp, said: 'I got it!! I got it!!'...

          ...and then he gave me a high five! :-) ...a 'correct' high five too! (If you don't know it...there is an incorrect way to do a high five. I wrote about 'his' previous wonky high five on a post on our 'couple' blog a while back. You can read it HERE.)...and I fell deeper in love with him. :-)
      It's so great seeing him 'understand' what I do...and loving it! :-) Watching his wide-eyed excitement as he saw his scarf coming together....yes! It's a scarf! LOL...or it will be...around 2017 or so! ^_^

           ...kinda reminded me of when I was younger and was watching football with my brothers and dad. For the life of me I couldn't understand why a bunch of full grown men would run and jump into a sweaty pile every time the guy in the striped shirt blew a whistle!! LOL
      It took my brothers deciding to stop laughing at me...or ignoring me altogether....and, instead, to teach me the rules of football to make me come to a true 'understanding' of the game. When I realized that the advancing team had four chances to move the ball down the field ten yards...and that every time they got to the ten yard marker they got four more chances for the next ten...AND that the guy in the striped shirt was the referee...I smiled, let out a yelp, said: 'I got it!! I got it!!' and gave my brothers a high five!! ^_^
     That began years of football games with me calling out flagged plays before the referee did...with my brothers and dad starting football conversations with me...and with a lot of loud Sunday afternoons at our house. :-)
      I suspect that it won't be as loud in the 'Wug' household now, with both hubby and I mentally, and intensely, focused on getting our crochet projects done... :-) ...but love?...Oh yeah! The love is deep and with full 'understanding'! :-) And the layers are building up more and more every day! :-)

           As a side I was doing this post this morning a story came on 'Good Morning America' about a little notebook that was found outside in a 'Walmart' parking lot. Two little girls had lost their notebook full of over 150 'rules to live by' that they had made up. :-)
    The two that really gave me a smile were: 'Don't bite the dentist' and 'Don't color on people' {apparently they had a little sister that was in the habit of coloring on people! Ha! Ha!
    What's really cute about the story is that now that the 'Walmart' employee has gotten the little notebook back to it's owners, and the story has made the world news, they now have an publisher ready to publish their book! ^_^
     My sweet husband, after seeing the story, said in an annoyed way: "Hey! You write poetry! Why isn't a publisher coming to put your poetry in a book?!!"...Yep! Just one more reason for me to love him. :-] And one more reason to go somewhere fabulous for 'Virtual Date Night'! :-) Yep! It's Friday!!!...Have a good day, a good night, and a good weekend, Everybody!! :-)

What Is Love?

Love is doing the 'Loser Dance',
when your spouse beats you playing cards.
Love is flowers for no reason,
and a date, on the fridge...thats starred!

Love is saying that you're  sorry,
when every fiber says 'You're Right'.
Love is wearing your wedding band,
though you've  gained some weight and its tight.

Love is wearing cologne and perfume,
though you won't  be leaving the house.
Love is buying a top at the store,
'cause he'd  like the feel of the blouse.

Love is thinking of each other,
and then picking the phone up to dial.
Love is remembering it all,
and writing a poem, while you smile.


  1. Awwwww, that's wonderful!! I'm so glad your hubby is taking an interest in your crocheting. I can't even imagine mine taking an interest in jewelry making! LOL his defense, he DOES have some great ideas for me. He'll see something made and say "why don't you make something like that?" It does make you love them more, doesn't it? I work with him in electrical for Quick builds and he's taught me a lot. I can wire receptacles and switches, something I never thought I'd be able to do. It really pays to take an interest in one another's likes.
    As for the notebook, I didn't see that segment! How awesome is that? As to getting your poetry published...I'm with Jeff on that one...why? Someone needs to discover yours in a Walmart parking lot! LOL
    Have a great day and date night too! :D

    1. Hi Bead! :-) Well, now he's taking an interest in "his" crocheting! ^_^ And as soon as your husband runs out of all other things to do, he'll be right there asking you for some jewelry making tips so that his brain cells don't dry up and blow away!! Trust me! LOL He's almost there now if he's giving you ideas for jewelry!! ^_^ Isn't love grand?!!!...By the way, YOU GO! wiring receptacles and switches too!! :-] Okay, I'm off to look for a Walmart parking lot with a publishing house! LOL

  2. Anonymous1/18/2013

    Yes i agree with your hubbie!!!!! I think you should write books and publish them.. you are a great writer Debbie!!! I read some to my hubbie, he liked 'don't bite the dentist & don't color on people'


    1. Awwwwww!...Thanks, Jocel!! :-) Although I have written a book about my life...just for me though. I didn't do it for publishing. It's 13 years old now though...I wouldn't mind publishing some of my poetry though! Who knows...maybe one day! ^_^ ... I might be able to put my thoughts together enough to do soon as I remember some other things 'not to bite the dentist' or 'color on people'!! LOL

  3. Deb, beautiful blog post today. You made me realize the love that my husband has for me. Thank you for sharing. Congrats to the hubby for still willing to learn something new. Your husband is right you are a great writer and should be published. Have a great day!!!! Hugs, Velma

    1. Aww...thanks, Velma! :-) And I'm glad it reminded you of something so nice!!...Thank you for the nice words about my writing too...Speaking of writing, check your email. :-) Have a nice weekend, Vel!

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