Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I just Needed To Tell Somebody About....!

       Some things catch your attention so completely that you just need to tell somebody about them! That's what this post is for...Things I just need to tell somebody about!!...and today that 'somebody'...is you! ^_^
       The first thing I needed to tell somebody about was this clay architecture set in my header photo! I don't even know why I'm feeling the need to talk about it, except that the colors are so pretty...and I'm thinking about putting more pastel-type colors in my Wuglyees shop....and it reminded me of the little buildings from my home town of Georgia...and it reminded me of how I'm feeling so old these days, and more aware that I don't have a little girl to play with little pastel colored houses! :-]

      I also needed to tell somebody about the visitor to my backyard yesterday. We had a light snowfall coming down, and who comes trotting through my backyard?!...

     ...a fox!! O_O ... And not a pretty fox, like the one on the bracelet (above). No, he looked haggard and mangy. His fur looked like it had chunks taken out, and his tail?....WOW! It literally looked like the way a poodle's tail looks after it comes from the groomer!...like number three (from left to right) on this rubber stamp below...

      It was long, with no hair AT ALL on most of it, and then a puff of hair at the end!! O_O He must've gotten it caught in something...or SOMETHING!! But let me tell you...it was a strange sight to be seeing in my backyard yesterday!!

     I also need to tell somebody about "Downton Abbey" this week!...WOW!!! It was so good! Well...good, in a 'good show' kinda way. But not good, in a 'look what happened!' kinda way! I'm not gonna get into too much detail just in case you haven't seen it yet, but let me just say...THAT DOCTOR MADE ME SOOOO MAD!...the visiting doctor I mean. Not the family doctor. I mean, how do you come to someone's home where you don't REALLY know the people, and just make a diagnosis like that, and then INSIST that you're right?!!!! Ugh
     Needless to say, I KNEW he was gonna be wrong! I mean...the patient was delusional! She thought she was at work...but she was laying in her bed at home having labor pains!...Pregnant women have a lot of pain during labor. A LOT!!!...but they don't forget who and where they are during labor, do they? O_O ...HELLO!!!... Maybe it's just me!
     I know!...You're saying: "Why are you getting so excited about a television show, Wug?" ^_^ ... Well, I think this particular situation on Downton Abbey fed into my experiences with doctors!...UGH!...Some doctors...SOME doctors!...behave as if they're the 'end all to be all' when it comes to your treatment!...I've been on the receiving end of some of those doctor's diagnoses!!...and I've also been there when some of those doctors have been offering treatment for some of their patients that I was taking care of!....UGH!
       Anyway! It's, thankfully, just a tv show...because the patient on Downton Abbey didn't make it! :-( It was a total surprise twist to the story for me!....Now I can't wait to see what happens next week! ^_^ ... Yeah, I'm fickle like that!!...and I just had to tell somebody about it! LOL

     Lastly, the scarf! Hubby's scarf...which he says he's gonna finish by Friday! O_O ...Okayyyyyyy!...

    His stitches are still uniform...SHOCKING! :-)

  And it's getting so long!!

      I'm very proud of him. :-)

    ...And I just had to tell somebody about it...besides him I mean. :-))

      There's a couple of other things I could tell you about, but the fact is...that's what tomorrows are for!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!!

The Fact is....

The fact is...I love peaches!
I can put them anywhere!
On top of pie and ice cream,
and one day...a style for hair!

The fact is...I love laughing!
But not the judging, pointing kind.
Not laughing at the other guy,
but to de-stress, relax, unwind.

The fact is...I am quirky!
No one knows this more than me.
But I'm also thoughtful, loving,
and just oozing sympathy.

The fact is...I'm a reader,
...and a writer. That's a fact!
I read my Bible faithfully,
and write to share all that.

The fact is...I love people!
But I love my time alone.
I love a giggle by myself
or giggling on the phone!

The fact is...I'm a girl.
And a woman, sister, wife.
A fact that makes me happy with
my husband, friends and life! 


  1. Congrats to your Hubby on a job well done. I do a little crocheting and keeping an even stitch is not easy.
    As for your fox, he may have just been moulting. But if he was also staggering a bit he could be rabid.

    1. He's so proud, Jan! :-) And he says 'Thank You!"...and you're right. Keeping a straight stitch is half the battle!...I made him use the standard crochet hold, wrapping the yarn through your fingers for tension. It was a chore making him keep doing it, but look how well it's working for him now!!...Thanks for the info on the fox too. I didn't know they molted, and I never thought that he might be rabid either! O_O Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Go hubby! it is looking great :) love the houses too such pretty colours :)

    Bee happy x

    1. ^_^ He says "Thanks!", Bee!...and I agree about the houses too!

  3. Downtown Abbey i adore it that serious was very sad i wont tell you the ending and the christmas day special one was o my goodness i cant tell you just make sure you have a huge box of tissues at the ready i was still upset the next day over it. Its a wonderful programe though. I love pastels colours i know what you mean about having no little girl to play around with them with. I think thats why i use lots of pretty colours in my crochet and patchwork. It would be lovely for you to work with them in your crochet projects. And OH BOY your hubbys scarf is looking amazing he must be a natural like you :-) No wonder you want to share and talk about it. Enjoy your week and thank you for your lovely comment over at mine. dee x

    1. Hi Dee!...about 'Downton Abbey', it was sad. Very sad. :-( The shot of her husband standing in the window holding the baby after she died brought me to tears. :-( I guess that's what well acted shows do for you, huh?! ;-)...About the pastel flowers for my shop, I think I'm gonna go on the hunt for the colors soon!...And Oh Yeah! Hubby says: "Thank You!" about his scarf! :-) Have a good week, Dee!

  4. I love "Downton Abbey"..it's the talk of the operating room lately. Some Doctors can be ego maniacs..believe me, I've worked with them for 40yrs! But it's such a well written show. Congrats to your hubby for that wonderful scarf! What a guy!

    1. Another 'Downton Abbey' fan, eh?! ^_^ And I would love to be a fly on the wall, listening to you all talking about that last episode!!! WOW!...I had some good news today, and I'm gonna need a friendly doctor to talk to, so I'm 'tick-a-lock'-ing any news about bad doctors right now!! ^_^ Z-I-P!...And hubby says "A Big Thank you!" ^_^

  5. Wow! He's coming right along isn't he?! As for Downton Abbey, my friends are ALL really into it. I've never seen an episode, I'm so out of the loop. I rarely watch TV these days. But I am really tempted to allow myself to become addicted to it so I can share in the conversation. Glad you are enjoying it.
    I've seen mangy foxes like that before. Made me wonder if it was rabid or something. Be careful.
    Have a great evening.

    1. Yes, Bead, he's doing so good!! :-) I'm not sure if Friday is realistic to finish it though! lol...As to 'Downton Abbey', I didn't see it from the very beginning. I started watching it at the beginning of last season. I was hooked immediately. Hubby has seen 3 episodes and he's on board too now! ^_^ ...I haven't seen the fox since his trot across the yard, and I think I'm thankful!!...Goodnight, my friend!

  6. What a nice post! Thanks so much for including me :-)

    1. Thank you, Laurie! :-) And it was my pleasure to share your fantastic architecture set here! :-)


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