Monday, January 7, 2013

My Team Is Out,.....But I'm In!!!!!

      I hope you all had a good weekend. I certainly did!! :-) I was a 'play-off football' watching, eating, and crocheting fool this weekend!!...And considering that my football team, the Dallas Cowboys (I'm talking U.S. football, Y'all! ^_^), is no longer in it....*Booooooo....Hisssssss*...I'm amazed at how much I'm still enjoying watching!!
     The reason may have something to do with my hubby! :-] We have a very friendly rivalry going between the two of us. Every team that he likes....I like the opposite one! ^_^ We've had some fun yelling at the television during plays! LOL
      For those of you not into sports.....I'm sorry. This post is gonna bore you to tears!!!! ^_^ ...because it's Superbowl play-off time...and I need to talk about it!! :-)) The Superbowl is on Sunday, February 3rd this year...I CAN'T WAIT!!! :-)
      There are only 8 teams left, and thanks to a few great shops I found on Etsy, including artmatryoshka with her 100% natural wood and paint Matryoshka nesting dolls, I can have fun telling you about them! :-)) ...In the NFC division the teams left are the...

    ...Green Bay Packers...

  ...the San Francisco 49ers...

    ...the Seattle Seahawks...

   ...and the Atlanta Falcons!...

      And in the AFC division, the teams left are the...

   ...the Houston Texans...

   ...the New England Patriots (This is my other team...when Dallas isn't playing!!! ^_^)...

   ...the Baltimore Ravens...

     ...and the Denver Broncos!...

      {If you're into other sports...or music...or...Uhhh...a lot of stuff! really have to check out this shop!!...artmatryoshka!...just saying!}

     I'm into football!...I'm hoping New England stays in it right up to the Superbowl!! :-) That would be a great substitute for my Cowboys!! :-) ... But I'm also into other sports, for instance, tennis. And guess what?!......*EXCITEMENT!!!!! ^_^* week, starting January 14th, is the start of the Australian Open Tennis matches!!!! YAY!!!! :-)
      What am I gonna do with my fool sporty self when football play-offs and tennis matches land on the same weekend?! O_O .... I know. I'm gonna channel surf back and forth all day, that's what!!!! LOL....I'm in, Baby!!! ^_^

      The other stuff I'm into is crocheting! And I did some of that this past weekend too!! :-) ...

      I made some three-color men's boutonnieres. This last blue, gray and white one is already listed in my Wuglyees shop --> HERE
        I'm hoping to get the other two listed today. It shouldn't be a problem...there's no football or tennis matches on today! ^_^ ... Okay, I'm off to do some reading, studying, and more crocheting! :-) Have a good day, Y'all!

Why Do You Have To Share?

I know you're probably wondering:
"Why does she feel the need to share?"
I'll tell you. It's no secret!
It's because...Oh Well...YOU'RE THERE!

Why should I suffer this alone
when I can whine right in your ear?
And, after all, you came to visit,
and you still are sitting there!

Why should I keep it to myself...
this so-called 'Too Much Information'?
If you leave it up to me
there'll be a 'Listen To Me' nation!

I like to share my good and bad.
I've done it for so many years.
But you don't really have to listen.
You could amputate your ears!    


  1. As you know, I'm not into sports, but I love your finds and I love your new boutonnieres!! I hope they keep selling for you!
    Enjoy the football too!

    1. Yes, Bead, I know you're not a sports fan...That's why I even more thank you for hanging in there with the post, enough to get to see my finds and my boutonnieres! ^_^ Have a good 'sports-less' day, my dear friend! :-]

  2. Gosh you had to mention the Australian Open lol. I know you are waiting for some exciting tennis but to me it just means that it's summer and we have hot weather and nothing good on TV to watch. Sorry but tennis is not my cup of tea. I'll leave all of that to you :)

    1. Ha! Ha!....Sorry...But think positive!...It'll only be two weeks of glorious*Crowd noise*!!! ^_^ Okay, I could see how that could be a little annoying for a non-tennis lover! LOL


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