Saturday, January 5, 2013

Show-N'-Tell...Microwave Repair Guy Style!

      Once again my schedule is all off this morning...Ugh! We're waiting for the microwave guy to come back this morning. He came yesterday, tore up the kitchen, scattered his repair and work stuff all over the floor, and then.....left to get a part that he found out he needed...or make some deadline...or something! Then, in route,  he got an emergency call (somebody got a busted water pipe or something), and had to go there instead of coming back to finish replacing our microwave install. Grrrr!
      He's coming back to finish this morning, but we're not exactly sure what time! And considering that it's already been months waiting for this microwave (it's one of those 'over the stove' install types), and having to deal with the hole, and no cooking vent, we don't dare re-schedule him!!
      The whole thing has thrown me off though! Ugh!...So, while I'm waiting I'll blog a little 'Show-N'-Tell' for you! :-)

      This is the 'Giveaway Keychain' I made the other day out of some white thread and some leftover strands I had...

       I 'really' hate to throw yarn and thread away!! ^_^ I think it came out kinda cute! :-)) Of course I would say that! ^_^ ...But what do you think?!

      I'm excited to show you this next thing!...

     This was a gift from hubby! :-) ...When he handed it to me in the pack, it didn't say what it was...Would you have known from looking at it?!....I didn't!...I said to myself: "Here he goes again! me a gift that's suppose to be for ME, but it turns out to be some gadget that he knows I won't use. So it ends up being a gift that's really for him!! LOL"
      But that was not very nice thinking, because as it turns out...the gift was TOTALLY for me!! :-) ... It's a headlight to work on my crocheting at night!! :-) ...

       I just wrap the strap (above) around my head...and turn the light on!!!...

     WOW!!...So when the sun goes down early, or hubby wants to go to bed before me and the light is bothering him....

      I just put on my trusty reading headlight...

     ...and crochet to my hearts content!! ^_^ I can even peep up and down and check out what my Facebook friends are saying!! ^_^ ... "Thank you, honey!!" ♥ ... It's not the cutest thing I've ever worn, but I don't have to look at me, so I'm good with it!!! ^_^

      Last, I wanna show you the two white flowers I finished for a custom order biggie!...

      I'm gonna head over and list them in the 'Wuglyees' shop right now...while I wait for the microwave guy who is at this minute almost 25 minutes late and hasn't called!!! Ugh!...How do you get repair and delivery people to respect your time as much as they want theirs respected?!...Oh how I wish we could hand them a bill when they show up late, or don't show up at all!!...That's what the doctor and dentist's offices do!! LOL
      Have a good one, Y'all!! :-)


I'm not very good at waiting.
I've had to do too much of it.
Too many hours in the car.
Too many minutes just to sit.

I want to do it now!
What's all this waiting all about?
Too much time spent in the middle
turns my surety to doubt.

I guess it could be worth the waiting,
all this check-list, errand, chore.
Then again, that all depends
on what it is I'm waiting for.   


  1. I'm not good at waiting either. Totally understand! Hopefully you got the microwave installed!
    Yes, I knew immediately what that was! It's a great gift, but I have to burst your IS for him too!! He wants you to use it at night so HE can sleep! LOL

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi, Bead!...YAY!! The microwave is finally in!! Turns out it's a different one than the other one and he had to do some size adjustments. I'm just glad it's OVER!!! LOL...And about the reading light, Ha! Ha!...I think you're right!! ^_^ Oh Well...a win/win gift still works!! :-) Have a good day, my friend!!

  2. I hope your repair man comes back soon!! I have one of those head lamps same color and all. I love mine. I use it to read, use the laptop at night and yes of course Crochet. Enjoy it!!

    1. He 'did' come back...and the microwave is in!! :-] ... Thanks for sharing about your head lamp too! I'm loving it so far!

  3. I don't blame you about the waiting. I'm not sure I would be too happy either. I hope the repair man came back when he was supposed to.
    Love the light your hubby got you. I think that's a great idea.

    1. Hi Jo!...Yes, the repairman came back and the microwave is in!!! ^_^ I shared pictures on one of the other posts...And I used the head light again last night! :-)


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