Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1,000 Blog Posts!!...Writer's Block?...What's That?!! ^_^

      Back on April 29, 2010 I did my very first blog post. Who knew back then that it would lead to an every day conversation?!...I didn't! That's not necessarily what I intended when I got started. I had intended to just talk a little, share some of my poetry and crocheted items, and maybe draw some attention back over to my 'Wuglyees' Etsy shop!
       I still like doing that! ^_^...But somehow, as time went on, I got into a kind of groove...and just like I did with my daily diaries that I used to jot down 'this and that' in on a daily basis...mostly to myself...I got into a regular daily habit of talking!...That's one of my favorite things to do....TALK! if you didn't already know that!! ^_^
    Have I ever had 'writer's block'?...No, I've never had it. At least not so far!...Honestly, I didn't actually know what 'writer's block' was!...

      ...except maybe a place to hold your pens and pencils with style! ^_^

      I had to go over to 'Wikipedia' to find out what the 'other' writer's block was! LOL...It says that 'writer's block' is...

'a condition, primarily associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition varies widely in intensity. It can be trivial, or a temporary difficulty in dealing with the task at hand...At the other extreme, some "blocked" writers have been unable to work for years on end, and some have even abandoned their careers.'

       Uhhhh...Number one...I don't write as a profession...I sometimes wish I did! But I don't...Think of the money I could be raking in for running my mouth!! LOL...But no...I don't write professionally. And if I did...I wouldn't want anybody critiquing me about it! Grrrr!...That's probably why I don't do it professionally! ^_^ 
      That's also probably why I've never had 'writer's block'! I'm not tense about writing my thoughts down. I know that nobody's paying me for what I say, and nobody is gonna grade me as to whether it's 'good enough' so that the presses can get off on time! :-] It's just ME....talking about whatever I want! No pressure! :-)
      Besides...if I ever got 'writer's block'...I'd probably write something about it! LOL

          Going back to the definition for 'writer's block'...I never lose the ability to produce new work. Producing new work, 'word-wise' I mean, is my middle name!! ^_^ And 'trivial' conversation is why! I mean who does 'trivial' better than me?! LOL...I've talked about me being a 'button nut'...I've talked about my love of hats...I've talked about my 'Plastic Monster'...I've talked about my love of Motown...Well, MUSIC really! :-)...I had a "Say What You Need To Say" day where I shared the letter to my dad...I talked about whining...I even shared my little chat with 'Baby Wuglyee' (my crocheted bear)!! ^_^ I even brought you all along when I learned how to do a tunisian crochet stitch...Oh! The things I've talked about here on the blog!!! :-) ...Trivial extraordinaire!!! LOL

      So I'll end my 1,000th blog post....WOW! 1,000!! saying THANK YOU to all of you who have come along for the ride! :-) Thank you for reading my lengthy, silly words, and for sharing some of yours! :-)
     As a true THANK YOU I'd like to send one of my poems to one of of charge. A GIVEAWAY of sorts! ;-) You choose the poem, or I can send you this one...

     Just write me a comment...a word or two...below. It's just a one day...1,000th day...Giveaway. :-) I'll draw the name and let you know who won tomorrow! :-)

     Okay, off I go to use my fingers a while now...crocheting!! :-) That's something else I've done a lot of talking about!...But right now I'm all out of words! least I am for the moment! ^_^

Mind-Less Talk

Lack of communication
is like a fall without the 'Splat',
like a brim without a hat,
and like a 'This' without a 'That'.

Without two minds that think as one
there is a start, but there's  no end,
there is a tear, but there's  no mend.
There is a foe, but there's  no friend.

When there's  no mental harmony
its like a sunset where there's  no night,
its like a bark where there's  no bite,
its like a wrong where there's  no right.

Without communication
its like a coat put on in June,
and a song sung out of tune;
A band-aid on a bullet wound.

And if you get it right
its like a talking symphony.
Its like the bumble , with the bee.
Its like no 'You', but always 'We',
because your heart they truly see.


  1. one thousand posts...thats quite a journey!great work i must say

    1. Yes indeed it is quite a journey!! :-) And it's been fun all along the way!...By the way, seeing as you are my only comment today, you win the framed poem!! Just leave me your name and address through my email in my above profile. :-) And have a nice day!

    2. wooo thats are too kind....
      good day too.

    3. :-] Hello!!...I'm so glad you came back for it! LOL I'll get it out to you later today!...Have a good weekend!


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