Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need A Representative!

       "I'm up! I'm up!"...Thank you Mr. Owl, for helping me express exactly how I'm feeling this morning...Awake, and kinda looking forward to the day...Although Mr. Owl isn't showing the aches and pains I'm having!...Good thing! Some things should be left to old ladies! ^_^
     Mr. Owl also can't express how little time I have this I will. I have sooooo little time this morning! LOL I've got a friend coming over early, and after that, a lot of crocheting to do...if my fingers hold up! :-)
      I did find a couple of cool things to share with you from Etsy though. One being these really cute embroidered hoops...

        I 'do' love a bird, ya know! :-) Even my book of poems in my Wuglyees Etsy shop has birds on the cover. :-)  

       And if you've been reading my blog for any length of time you also know how much I 'do' love a good bag! :-) Especially one with a lot of compartments!...

      And since I started the post with an expressive representative, I'll end the post with an expressive representative....

       I'm like Mr. Tortoise on my way out....Slow....tired...but full of possibilities for what lies ahead for the long as it doesn't come at me too fast!! LOL Maybe I'll just take a little quiet time this morning, sitting and pondering, before I get it started. Sometimes, when your mind is full, you just have to do that!...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Sitting Quiet

I love just sitting quiet,
letting silence be my friend.
I'm not afraid to be alone,
and hear my breathing out and in.

With no T.V. on, or music,
just some thinking done, with me,
In a world where quiet reading
is now called "activity".

There's no reason to be scared,
or to need all kinds of noise,
to create some kind of chaos,
or to look for games and toys;

Just a quiet low lit room,
where I ponder my life course,
where I think of plans ahead,
but no thoughts I have to force.

Just me, still, and sitting quiet.
Nothing altering my mood.
No smoke wafting at my sinus,
no one mad or being rude.

Can you turn off all the gadgets?
Can you hear your own-self sigh?
If you cannot take the quiet,
You should stop and wonder why!

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