Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gray...With A Little Lemon In It!

      Gray sometimes needs a little lemon in it, doesn't it?!... :-)...I know it 'does' when gray is preceded by a rain-filled sky like we had this morning...Yep! Rain, rain, wind, and more rain. That's what's happening in the backyard this morning.
      This is 'sorta kinda' good news for the backyard though, because YAY!! got rid of the snow! I can actually see the soggy lawn!! ^_^ ... Of course I also can see my bird feeder swinging in the wind like it's about to be a missile that's gonna take off...soooo...*blink! blink!*...therein lies the 'sorta kinda' of what kind of news it is! ^_^

       Speaking of news!...Lemon Gray news I mean!...One of my crochet necklaces made another treasury!...a treasury entitled 'lemon gray'! :-) ...


      Thank you for including it, Stefania! :-) 

     One of the other items that was also included in the treasury, and that will help me tell you my feelings about it, is this...

      :-) ... It helped take some of the gray out of my morning sky. :-]

     Something else that took a little of the gray out of my morning sky this morning was my crazy/funny husband! LOL A simple conversation about the Super Bowl game this morning went places that made me wanna pee my britches and shoot water right out of my nose!!! LOL...And no...I 'CANNOT' share it with you....sorry. ^_^ But suffice it to say, my gray went a little lemony right on the spot!! :-] ...Lemony, as in it brightened up my day. :-] ...What were 'you' thinking?!... (tsk! tsk!) :-)
      I can share something else with you that came from my husband though!...I can share a photo of the tuna casserole he made the other night! :-) ...

      It's hard to make tuna casserole 'LOOK' good! But if I tell you that it had a little lemon and sharp cheddar cheese, a little bread crumb and peppers...does that help?! :-) ...

      And while it might not appeal to everybody, I loved the buttered baked potato he made with it too! YUM!!...Now today I'm sending him on a run for some chicken wings to make for the 'Big game' before they all run out! I hear there's a shortage this year. O_O What would a Super Bowl football game be without chicken wings?!!...I know.....Gray! :-]

Okay...I'm off! I actually have some shipments to get out!! :-) So far the shipping prices aren't running everybody off!! LOL...Have a good day, Everybody!...Make it lemony!! :-)

What do YOU talk about?

What do YOU talk about
when you don't have much to say?
A short phrase about the weather?
Or the 'fine'-ness of the day?

Do you ask: "How do you do?",
hoping they won't say a thing?
Or just say: "Call me tomorrow",
hoping that the phone won't ring?

Do you lend yourself to grins,
and slight noddings of the head,
knowing big smiles and eye contact
would make you committed to what they said?

What do YOU talk about
when your 'talker' is 'on the blink'?
Not hardly much at all.
Certainly not much as you would think!


  1. Thanks for featuring my wallet! I hope you have a great day!

    1. it was my pleasure, Sarah! :-) It's a beauty!

  2. Love the colors of yellow and fresh looking! I think your hubby's meal looks wonderful. I think food always tastes great when I don't have to do the cooking! Your poem is cute. At work if I'm quiet..not saying much...the first thing everyone says: "Are you feeling OK?"

    1. I love those colors too, Yaya!!...And as hubby appreciates your thumbs up for his tuna casserole, I appreciate your thumbs up for my poem :-)) Stay 'okay' today. ^_^


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