Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If You Were Having Breakfast With Me Right Now.....

     *** If you were having breakfast with me right now, you'd be sitting and chewing, while staring at the cutest Modern Owl Bamboo Wall Clock you've ever seen!! :-)

    *** If you were having breakfast with me right now, you'd be 'as happy as a pig in slop'! ^_^ ...providing that you're not Vegan...and that you eat carbohydrates....and that you're not on a diet....or some other dietary restrictions! O_O Why do I say that?!...because if you were having breakfast with me right now you'd be eating this!! :-) ...

      Yeah, Baby!!...I'm eating leftover Pizza for breakfast! ^_^

     But not just any old Pizza! No!!...I'm having 'Uno's' Chicago style Pizza!...with the butteriest and most appropriately crunchiest thick crust on the planet!....sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, bell peppers, onions, and chunky homemade tomato sauce!!! YUM!! :-) ... Why did I have to share?!...

      ...If you were eating this right now, wouldn't you share?! ^_^ I would hope so!!

    *** If you were having breakfast with me right now, you'd be smiling from ear to ear, savoring every bite of your leftover Pizza, and listening to a Beatles song to get your day started! :-)     


         Have a good day, Everybody!! :-) And eat something good!...We can always eat something even better tomorrow! ^_^
Fast Food!

Tasty, salty, satisfying.
Bloating, coating stomach lining.

Greasy, cheesy, burger grinder.
Gassy, thick, intestine finder.

Crispy, long, french fries a-plenty.
Chocolate, peppermint, green and minty.

Salads; veggie, seafood, chicken.
Fried and floured, finger lickin'.

Hoagies, subs, and roast beef stew.
Catfish, dash of hot sauce too.

Pizza, mushroom, peppers, tomatoe.
Apple fries instead of potato.

Catch-up, mustard, condiments.
Onion rings? I'm on the fence.

Frosty, frothy, milk shake sip.
Coffee Coolatta, donut, dipped.

No matter if it's hot or chilled.
Definitely a happy meal.


  1. Since I got the day off, I could've had breakfast with you..and being from Chicago I would have loved a Chi-town pizza! Good choice. The video brought a huge smile to my face..I loved the Beatles...still do..and I even saw them in concert when I was 11...(not so long ago..right?) Ahhh..Chicago pizza and the Beatles..life is grand!

    1. ^_^ Too bad Chicago isn't right around the corner, Yaya!! I would've loved sharing my leftover Chi-town pizza and a little conversation with you! :-] Not to mention a few Beatles oldies, but goodies! :-] ... And no, 11 isn't that long ago at all! About the same 'long' as 'in the tooth'!! LOL

  2. I LOVE Uno's pizza! I was drooling all over the computer screen!! LOL

    1. :-)) It's the best, isn't it!!


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