Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shades Of Blue...And Banana Bread!

     "Wug!...You're not suppose to lead your blog post with your 'worst' photo!" LOL...I know! I know!...but since I couldn't get a 'good' photo of Tina (the headless model) from the backyard this morning...*It's very shady near the house, and too much snow to go out further!*...I had to get the photos I could!

      Can you see the nuances of the shades of blue in the blue and blueberry blocks?! O_O ...Oh well, I'll have to take some more photos of it later this afternoon. {If you're looking for a scarf, you can check my Wuglyees shop HERE...Just saying! LOL}
        Let me show you some photos I took of it while I was making it though!...

       You can see the colors now, right?! :-] ... It's still not showing them perfectly, but better than that shady photo...for sure!
        I'm gonna list the custom scarf for the customer later on...It'll sit next to the other purple boutonniere I listed yesterday...AGAIN! :-)

      The only other thing I have to share this morning is....BANANA BREAD!! :-) ...

     My thoughtful girlfriend brought it with her when she came for a visit yesterday!!!...

    It's soooo itself or, as I'm having it this morning, toasted...with a little bit of cream cheese on it! :-) YUM!!!....What is it with me sharing all of my food with you lately?! O_O
      Anyway!!...I'm off to do some shop listing and eat the rest of my breakfast! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!

 Let's talk about our bad

Let's talk about what we've done bad.
Not talk about what we did right.
Let's talk about what we have messed up.
Not what's been clearly black and white.

All the photos that we''ve taken,
that we want no one to see.
All the cakes that fell apart.
Things that deserved apology.

It's easy rolling out our 'good'.
We do that every single day.
But Oooo! The 'bad' things we destroy
we quickly want to put away!

So, let's be bigger than our 'bad'.
Let's see some beauty in 'mistake'.
Let's give a pause to being 'perfect',
and give ourselves a little break!


  1. The two blue colors used in your smart looking scarf are so perfect for winter. I really like the stitching combination as well. That scarf will certainly keep someone warm. Your work is so fine, Debbie!

    How nice of your friend to bring you some banana bread. In fact, you have inspired me to pull out my delicious chocolate chip banana bread recipe and start baking. It's been a while since I made this and my husband LOVES it.

    I really need to take to heart your wonderful poem. At times I can be a perfectionist. Well said!

    Wishing you and your husband a healthy, happy new year filled with peace, joy and meaning!

    1. Hi Julie! :-) Awwww...Thank you so much for such nice words about my poem and scarf!! If I'm being honest, about the scarf, I'm not that crazy about the two blues side by side. I would've put some white or some off white in there somewhere! LOL But it's not my scarf! It was picked by the customer this time! :-] She already bought it and it'll be off to her this morning...And you're right about my sweet and thoughtful friend too, and her delicious banana bread! :-) It's too bad I couldn't be in your kitchen when you make yours! Having chocolate chips in it sounds delicious too!! YUM!...And last, about the poem, perfection at times is great...especially when it causes you to come up with the photographs you do! BEAUTIFUL!! :-) Just give yourself a break on being "TOO MUCH" of a perfectionist! A mistake every now and then can be quite humorous and make for fun stories to tell! :-))...Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I appreciate you taking the time. Have a good rest of the week and weekend, Julie! :-)


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