Friday, January 25, 2013

Sooooo...Let's Talk About Darkness?!

       Ah, Yes! This is the kind of darkness I wanna talk about!!... :-) ...dark chocolate in some cookies!! Made to order dark chocolate cookies, with salted and roasted pistachios in them!! YUM!!
     Or I could talk about some dark wood earrings!...

     These earrings are so slender and nice that they could almost make me look skinny!....Ha! Ha!....Okay, that would be a lot for a pair of earrings to do!! ^_^ No single piece of jewelry should have that kind of workload!..just saying! LOL Let's just let earrings do what they do, and my non-skinny body do what it does!...and 'never the twains shall meet'!! ^_^

     Instead of unrealistically trying to make 'my body' look skinny by wearing a pair of earrings, let's talk about something else dark, shall we! :-) Let's talk about dark beads!...

      Yep!...We can talk about dark chocolate cookies, earrings or beads, or......we can talk about 'true' darkness. The 'true' darkness hubby and I found ourselves in last night when a whole area of Holyoke went unexpectedly 'lights out'!!! O_O
      I'll start the story of what happened by first telling you that if not for my hubby there would probably be 'no' story that "I" would be telling you!!...because I was taking a nap when the power and lights went out! He woke me up to a blaring buzzer going off on my C-Pap oxygen machine, and pitch blackness!! O_O
      Good thing he was awake, or else I would've 'death'!!...which is kinda funny to say now, considering my proclivity to take a nap anywhere and at any time!...^_^....but it was not so funny last night!!
      He was so insistent: "Honey, wake up!!!! Take off your mask! The power went off!!!"...He says I started gasping for air while he was trying to figure out what was going on. O_O ...WOW!!!...I guess laying in your bed taking a nap, with your mouth and nose covered by a mask that's leading to a C-Pap machine that's feeding you pressurized air so that you can stay alive, that's suddenly is feeding you NO kinda dangerous, huh?!!! LOL...."DUH!!!" LOL
     I'm laughing about it because it sounds more serious than I'm sure it would have been. I mean...when the song stopped playing in my head I'm sure I would have woke up! ^_^ ...{For those of you who don't know, that is reference to the fact that I wake up every day with a song or jingle of some kind playing over and over in my head.}...or else I would have finally heard that blaring buzzer. I mean IT was BLARING!!!!...It's funny how when you know that your husband is the one that gets up and turns off the alarms in the house, you can sleep through ANYTHING!...but when you know he's not around, a piece of your own hair blowing past your nose can wake you right up!!! O_O What's that about anyway?!
     Anyway!...after we realized that darkness was gonna be our friend for a while, we pulled out the battery operated radio, got our flashlights, and chatted!...And nope!...I can't tell you what we chatted about!! ^_^ It's too silly for the blog. Suffice it to say...two old people with no tennis to watch, and not enough light to crochet by, can be REALLY silly!! LOL
     The lights were out less than two hours, and therefore...I'm still breathing this morning after a night of properly pressurized air! :-) LIGHT!....isn't it grand?!! ^_^ ...That's the end of my story, except to say that hubby and I had a kind of pre-emptive 'virtual' date night last night. We were 'virtually' everywhere else but in our room sitting in the dark!! LOL..Today we're just on the hunt for something good to eat!! ^_^ Any suggestions?!
       Sorry for all of the wordiness today, Y'all, but stuff was on my wandering mind and I just had to share!...It's not the first you know! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!

My Mind Went A Wandering

After barely any sleep,
and dreams I find that I am pondering,
my mind is on a journey,
skipping rocks and out a wandering.

It's acting sorta senile,
like an old lady in her nightie,
barefoot on the highway,
thinking she's all high and mighty.

I'm contemplating platypus
and belly buttons too.
All this while thinking fingernails
are not that good to chew.

It's probably not a good thing
that my head's so far from home.
Especially all uncovered,
and now clearly needing a comb.      


  1. I'm glad you're both alright! I didn't realize what a serious situation you were in. :/ My stepmother uses a C pap machine too. I wonder if she knows about this. We lost power a couple of weeks ago for 5 hours at night. I know what you mean by how nice light is....and heat!!
    Love your picks today. Have a great day too!

    Cute poem! :)

    1. Yes, Bead, we're good. :-] We're tucked in tight tonight though, because it's COLD outside!! We got something good to eat, and we're 'virtual date night' bound! ^_^ ... Here's hoping you don't lose anymore power either!! It's no fun if you're trying to stay warm and dry!!...Have a good night, my friend. :-)

  2. long earrings do INDEED take weight off (at least that's what I tell myself!) Thanks! :)

    1. Ha! Ha! I'll take your word for it!...You're the long earring Queen around here! ^_^

  3. Wow I would never have realised that about your C-pap machine & when the power goes out. It's a good thing your hubby was there to take care of you.

    1. I think so too, Jo!!...To the C-Pap's credit though, it was blaring the warning. I just didn't hear it! I guess I'm gonna have to figure out how to train myself to hear the buzzer blaring...or get hubby on a schedule to watch me sleep! O_O ... Nahhhhhh! ^_^


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