Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lights....Camera...Hook....Ball....and Eye!!

      No surprise as to what I'm gonna talk about this morning, right?! ^_^ The Australian Open is almost over. There's only one more championship match to play...Novak Djokovic versus Andy Murray. That match will be tonight. Or should I say in the morning...because we'll get the match at 3 a.m in the morning!
      3 a.m. was what time I was awake this morning to see Li Na...

        ...versus Victoria Azarenka...

       (The photos of the match are all from the Australian Open page on Facebook --> HERE.)

     What a good...wild...wacky....match it was too!...An ankle sprain, a head whack with question of a concussion, a ten minute delay for fireworks, and a boo-ing crowd! O_O Wild.....wacky!
      But the tennis was fabulous!!....Let me just say right now that if you don't wanna know who away from the page NOW! ^_^ ...It's what one of the female commentators would affectionately refer to as "Big Babe Tennis!"...In other words, two heavy hitting, talented female players whacking away at the ball! :-)
      Oh! The angles!.....Oh! The power!....Oh! The unexpected!! O_O It went three sets, and the whole time you could've held your breath! Sooooo good!...except when Li Na fell and twisted her ankle, and then later in the match...she fell again!, seemingly to avoid twisting the other ankle...and ended up whacking the back of her head on the court!! O_O
    Li Na won the first set. Victoria Azarenka won the second. But in the end...

      ...Azarenka took home the trophy! :-) Congratulations to Victoria!!

     Truth be told...she wasn't hubby and my pick. We really wanted Li Na to win...Not because we didn't think Victoria Azarenka was talented...because she clearly is! But because we like the talent and personality of Li Na.
     Even through a twisted ankle, and a whack on the head, Li Na was still fighting and smiling. She was even smiling during the doctor's examination of her on the court after she whacked her head! The doctor had her following his finger with her eyes and she just started laughing and smiling. :-) How can you not like that?...especially considering how much stress a situation like that can cause!
       Anyway!..."Maybe next time Li!!! :-) You're so talented that we know you'll be back!!"

     In other news...we still have lights and power. YAY!!! ^_^ Clearly we do...because I'm here talking to you and not suffocated behind my C-Pap machine!! LOL...All jokes aside though, I feel sorry for the people in the area that have lost power...some of them for days!..and with us having such cold temperatures too! It was eleven degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning!! Brrrrrr!...Bundle up and put on your 'long Johns' everybody!!

     And last for update on hubby's crocheted scarf! :-)

      His speed is not that great, but as you can see...his technique is still good! :-)

       But even for a slow crocheter, he's coming along nicely...don't you think?! :-) ...

     He says he's even gonna put fringe on it!! :-) ... Ambitious!!...But I'll be sure to show it to you when and if it happens! Count on it! ^_^ ... In the meantime, I'll keep encouraging his wonderful breakfast making abilities...This morning he made me bacon, eggs and grits, orange juice and green tea. YUM! I sure wish I could share it with you! ;-)

        Have a good day, Everybody! And I hope the sun is shining brightly...or is about to...where you live too! :-)

Just When You Think...

Just when you think you've got it bad
you see someone that's worse!
You complain: "My aches and pains...",
but some folks need a nurse!

Just when the weather's got you mad
and the snow's too deep to run,
you see the melting everywhere...
You look! and there's the sun!

Just when you think I'll just move on,
and find something else to do,
there's another blog post about snow...
and another poem too! :-]


  1. Thanks for the 'it could be worse' poem... It's been cold & snowy here in Michigan, but the sun IS out and that makes everything better!

    I'm really impressed with your husband's crochet talents. I can knit, but I've never been able to train my fingers to crochet...good for him!

    1. :-) I'm so glad you liked the poem!!....and enjoy the sunshine! :-)

      My hubby is impressed that you're impressed with his crochet! ^_^ ...By the way, no one is more impressed...and surprised!...than me!!

  2. As you know I'm not a big tennis watcher but from the little bits of sport that I had seen on the news the crowd sure seemed to be against Azarenka. I have no idea why but it's a bit sad really that they booed someone. It doesn't seem very sportsman like.

    WTG to your hubby. His crocheting looks great! Hmm it makes me think it's time to get Angus picking up his hook.

    1. Yes, Jo, the crowd was upset at Azarenka...but it was because of the way she behaved in the match prior to the championship match. When she got behind in the match, she "said" she had an injury. She completely left the court for 10 minutes, into the cool air inside, leaving the opponent in the steaming heat!...which apparently caused the other player to be thrown off of her rhythm. :-( It was the point at which the whole match switched, and Azarenka was refreshed enough to win. The people watching this slighting of a new-comer (her opponent had never been in a semi-final match before) didn't forget it! The reporters said that Aussies are all about 'fair play'! And the way Azarenka behaved was not seen as fair....And on another note, hubby says "Thank You! :-)"


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