Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Put Your Records On...Yeah! There's Rain Maybe...and More Plants!!

If you saw yesterday's post, with all of the seedlings and plants that my hubby is growing in our backyard, you're probably looking at this screen right now and saying: "Okay, what now?!! And PLEASE don't let it be more plants!!!"...Sorry. ^_^ But at least you can click the above Youtube link, and 'Put your records on' while you scroll!...Here goes...AGAIN! ^_^

{I figured a little visual from the blog From Croatia....To The States wouldn't hurt either. :-)}
Hubby assures me that these are gonna be some GORGEOUS sunflowers in just a little while. He says they came up in the soil all in a row, but he didn't plant them that exactly! He was kinda impressed with their uniformity...He's easily impressed. ^_^
Okay...Now comes the plants that are out of 'Plant High School' and on their way to 'Plant College'! LOL
I think these are getting a 'Potted-Plant Bachelor's Degree'!! LOL
Okay, for now that's it!!...*WILD APPLAUSE ERUPTS* ^_^ But don't just a little while hubby will be twisting my arm and begging me "Pretty Please", to show you what else has popped up out in the backyard!...If you're not comatose by then...and there's a chance!'ll get the full 'scoop'!! LOL
Our weather is suppose to give us a little break from the rain today. I say "suppose to"...because it's looking pretty dark outside still! But WHATEVER!!! I get annoyed at the constant-ness of it, but I have some good memories of rain. :-) So, if it rains I'll just spend my time crocheting away on my custom ordered hats...which I had gotten up to about 17 to 20 rows on...and had to TOTALLY take them a loose and start again!!!! UGH!
I have two different hooks that I use with them. One for the body of the hat, and one for the brim. Well, I started the hat, by accident, with the smaller hook!! I didn't notice until I got to the crown and it started to curl. Then I realized...."Hey! That's not gonna fit an adult's head...unless their head is the size of a walnut!!!" So, a loose it came! *smh* So far I'm back up to where I had left off...
I would have been further along, but I had company yesterday. My friend came over to eat breakfast and practice our talk together. We deliver it tomorrow.
Today I'll be crocheting like a fiend!! And singing in the rain....if and when it starts! :-)) Something tells will! Weather men haven't been the most reliable prognosticators!! ^_^ I might as well get in the mood! If you wanna see how, click the link below. :-)...Have a good day everybody!! :-)

Rain Of Love

I just love the rain,
because it makes me think, again,
of our private time together-
(time I spent with my best friend).

There's something quieting to the soul
about the rainfall's pitter patter,
that makes your problems disappear,
and never really seem to matter.

Just lying cuddled on the bed,
talking softly, from the heart;
or sleeping through the thunder's rumble,
while the birds all flit and dart.

Is it normal to be smiling,
when the clouds are dark with rain?
(Maybe its just the perspective
of the twisted, wet, insane!)

At any rate-when he's at work,
and I am here, at home, alone,
and I see the drizzle starting-
I get him, quickly, on the phone.

I say:
"Hi Honey, what you doing?"
He says: "What else, but think of you!"
You see-He saw the raindrops falling,
and he didn't know what to do!

He couldn't drop his work and run!
He said he had to use restraint.
(And if he had, I would be shocked!)
But I admit-the thought was quaint.

Okay! So what? We're kind of strange-
We never want the rain to end!
But, before you judge us crazy,
watch some raindrops with your friend,
and then, just read this poem again!


  1. I am busy making beanies. I made that one for myself on my post, and now hubby and son want! (I know what it feels like to have to undo something to. I think I've undid my son's beanie four times before I figured out what I did wrong..)LOL!

    Enter me!

  2. Alittlesprite, Yes, I saw the beanie! Nice!...And you're entered. Have a good rest of the day!

  3. Poetess Wug pop over to me -
    I've tagged you in a game, you see!

    Just been enjoying your last three posts. That garden is going to look excellent soon. It doesn't take much to make things grow. :)

  4. Facing50, Really?!...A game?...Hmmmmm!...And says 'YOU' that "It doesn't take much to make things grow..." I wouldn't know!! LOL I'll have to take your word for it!

  5. I too really dislike it when I use the wrong size hook or needles for a project, especially when I have created so much of it only to realise it wont be the right size :( Sometimes it makes you just want to cry.

  6. Jo-anne, It sure does!! Especially when it's something like a hat where you KNOW you can't 'jimmy-it-up', so to speak, to make it fit right. And that it HAS TO be started again. UGH! I've decided that I'm going to start adding the hook size, and the yarn I'm using, to my pattern of instructions. :-)

  7. That's a great idea Poetess. Another way I can use my colourful sticky notes :D

  8. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! Right! ^_^


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