Monday, May 23, 2011

French Open Tennis...The Nectar of Life?!

     It's that time of year again!! :-) The time of year when my attention span becomes the size of a gnat, and all I do is stare into the T.V., with my head turning to the left.....and then turning to the right....and then turning to the left...and then....Well, you get where I'm going with this, right?! LOL It's time for the French Open Tennis Tournament!!!!
    It actually started yesterday, but I was so engrossed in finishing my talk that I totally forgot it was coming on!!! I know!.......I know!!!!!! LOL How is that even possible for a tennis nut like me?!!...But make no mistake, I KNOW it's on now!!! :-] In fact, I already watched Schiovone beat Melony Oudin this morning!...She steam-rolled her!
     My hubby is not the least bit interested in my beloved tennis right now. {Although if nothing else is on, and he doesn't need a nap, he'll watch certain matches with me. He has a couple of people he asks about occasionally.} His attention is totally on the garden he's developing in the backyard...and, of course, the hummingbird feeder!
       Over the next few days I'm going to be playing music, and conversations I had with hubby, as background sounds while I show you all of the plants and flowers he's developing back there. He's gone 'Garden Man Mad'!!! LOL He even came in from outside yesterday....'No Girl-Land', I call it!! ^_^ ...and started talking all about how the neighbors have had the nerve to plant 'already grown' plants in their gardens! He's feeling very proud of himself that his were just seeds....and now? They're A-L-I-V-E!!!!!...and steadily growing!
       Of course, the plant talk has been interrupted on occasion with hummingbird feeder talk!...He boiled up his own nectar yesterday. That's the clear stuff in the feeder...
      He assures me that, come rain or.....or...well, more rain, frankly! LOL...the hummingbirds are gonna come running to this feeder today!! "They're gonna bring all of their hummingbird buddies, and have a party out there!!"...That's HIS story! My story is that he's gonna have a long Spring and Summer, boiling new batches of nectar twice a week, for our 'snooty' NO-SHOW hummingbirds!! LOL
      Oh Well...he may not have hummingbirds, but he does have the camera! And boy! he really gave it a work-out this weekend, photographing the plants and flowers that he's growing!...And although there were a few random 'Uh! Why did you take a picture of this?' comments from me, I think he did a pretty good job! LOL Why did I ask that?! Look at this shot. I mean, it's a pretty tree...but in the dark...and looks just like...
      ...a tree! LOL
   But this shot is gorgeous!!
      It's the robin nest that's in the tree right next to the house! It looks really well worked on, but all day yesterday it just sat there without even one robin visitor! I mean, I saw the robins. They were pecking around all over the backyard. But not one of them even looked in the direction of the nest! O_0 What's that about?!!
     I was expecting some cute little blue egg photos pretty soon!!!....Well, guess what?! :-) My robins may be acting coy, but my friend's robins have been hard at work! Look at these photos she got!!!
      Is that cool or what?!!!! :-] I almost wish I knew a good 'robin being born' song! Well, I don't.......but I do think this one is appropriate! :-) And if you can listen to it without smiling you're a better girl than me this morning!!! LOL
     Okay, An older poem from a while ago, and I'm off to start my day. Have a good day everybody!! :-]

A New Life

There's  a new one on the way,
with a frightened, teenage mom,
making all her life's  decisions,
void of playfulness and calm.

There's  a little one now coming.
Sacrifice will be the key
to a happy, joyful life,
for this little He or She.

There's  another life that's  ending-
name is Teenager' and 'Child';
Now replaced with 'Mom' and 'Mother',
Sacrificed may be her smile-
for at least a little while.     


  1. Anonymous5/23/2011

    Good Morning Deb, Looking forward to all of you pictures. The nest is great. Isn't it neat to watch Jehovahs creations. There is a pair of eagles that I watch on line every year. They had 3 babies this year. They are getting big. The big fledge fest is July 11th this year. It is so cool. Most of the baby eagles take flight at that time. They will have pictures. So cool to see so many of them in the air all at once. I with you on tennis. Love to watch it. My hubby does too. Have a great day. Hugs. Peg.

  2. Peg, Good Morning!! :-) I'm glad someone is looking forward to seeing hubby's plants and flowers! Maybe you should suggest some music for me to entertain the captured screen-lovers with too!! LOL ... And I have the link to the live eagles....Somewhere! If you can, give it to me again. Save me some time from racking my poor little brain trying to figure out where I put it! LOL...And enjoy the tennis matches today!!

  3. uhh i wont lie, i frequent ur blog for the poems you write... am a big addict for that one :D and this one was esp too good, capturing the essence of both mother n child.... what shud i say u r awesome...
    and hey u got me pretty excited, thanks for dropping by my blog....

  4. Oh my goodness, this is incredible! I had no idea that had eggs that color. Gorgeous!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.

    That Girl in Pearls

  5. Sangeetha, Awww! Thank you so much...for whatever reason you visit! :-] And no, that does not make you a big addict! ^_^ Not unless I'm an addict for visiting yours too! LOL

  6. Beatriz, Yes!!! They are the most gorgeous turquoise you ever seen!! Aren't they beautiful?!...And don't you love learning something you didn't know?! I'm just like that too! :-] Have a good rest of the day! And thanks for stopping by.

  7. That is so cool!! How lucky you were to see this little one born!! xo

  8. Joyce, Oh! I didn't see it in person...Only in the photos. This wasn't my robins from my backyard. This was my friend's robins....But still!! LOL

  9. wow! These images are amazing. Good job.
    They are so tiny, so cute.

  10. Thanks Priscila! I agree. And I'm thankful to my friend for letting me share. :-]

  11. I read your blog this morning but had no time to comment. I'm sure your hummers will make a showing again soon. Just be patient! I can't wait to see hubbys garden! I've been busy planting mine too....using the "already grown" plants (I can't grow anything without them). I only grow flowers these days. Woodchucks and rabbits keep me from planting veggies. I do have 2 patio cherry tomatoes.
    Enough of that....the nest photo is so cool! And don't you just love to see photos of newborn baby birds?? I do!!
    Have a great evening Wug. Enjoy your tennis and we'll talk again soon, I'm sure.

  12. What beautiful eggs!

  13. Love the photos, especially the baby birds. They certainly don't look like much when they first hatch.
    You muse be awfully happy with the French Open starting. That means just one thing doesn't it. Wimbledon is just around the corner...

  14. CinLynn, I hope you're right about the hummers. It may just be all of the rain that's deterring them...or they're just 'snooty'!! LOL...And WOW! You've got cherry tomatoes?! I love those! Maybe I should talk hubby into growing some of those next year maybe. It sounds like you've got a pretty good-looking garden going too! :-) And, lastly...'PHEW' huh?! LOL...I 'do' love seeing baby birds! That's why I refer to myself as one (Book of poems)...And me and the tennis are already friends this year! ^_^

  15. Aron, Thank you very much!...I agree too! :-)

  16. Jo-anne, Thanks. I loved those photos too! My friend has 2 nests of robin babies hatching...or already hatched...on her property right now!! So cool!! And you're right about their "beauty" when they're born. Little faces that only a mother could love! ^_^ And by the way, OH YEAH!!! I'm happy about the French Open...and looking forward to Wimbledon too! :-)

  17. I love the photo your hubby took of the nest in your yard.

    also great shots of those baby robins. wow your friend was pretty luck she captured those moments!

  18. Elisa, Thank you...I love that nest photo too! It was a job, and some 'wonky' shots prior to it though! ^_^ And yes, my friend does have quite a good situation with those baby robins so close so she can look at them every day if she wants to! :-) But of course your area has some beautiful vistas and things to look at too! :-]


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