Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wuglyees' Flowers and The Poetesswug's Yoyos Too!!

      Okay, today I just have some 'clean up stuff' to talk about. I call it "clean up stuff" because it's just things I should have talked about before now, but have just been putting them off...like people put off cleaning. :-] They've just been sitting around, waiting to get put in their proper place.
     Like the fact that LittleMadamtutu put my Red Earth Flower Dangle Necklace (the one in the header photo) in her new Treasury on Etsy a while back. It was entitled My Mommy Loves Red.
     Sorry it took me so long to get around to sharing it. It's a beautiful Treasury!!
    That's also true with the Treasury entitled Only One.... that lolos curated!
        It's beautiful too! And I'm really thankful that she added my Blue On Blue Crochet Button Flower Necklace to it!
     That wasn't very nice of me, not taking care of the thank yous for those Treasuries right away. But I hope that these ladies forgive me. I really do appreciate the attention they're giving to my SLOW AS MOLASSES Wuglyees shop!...I've had my head going in circles!! :-)
     Yoyo circles I mean!! LOL... The above picture shows that 6 sets of the ultimately 10 sets that I had to do were now done!
     And then 7 sets were done!!
     And, Yeah, you can guess where I'm going now, can't you?!....8 sets were done!!!
      These were the 9th set!!!!...And this morning I'll be finishing the last set! I've only made a couple of them so far. I have to make 5. They look like this...
       PHEW!!! NO-MORE-WIRE......wait a minute!! I got lost there for a moment! ^_^ 
     I'm actually kind of excited that I'll be able to start the main part of the bag today...although what color that'll be is still not 'set in stone'! LOL I need....
    Please give me some suggestions on whether the full bag should be red, green, purple, white, or brown. I know it'll look great in red, because I saw Alittlesprite's bag in that color. 
      But what color would you want to have it in, if it were going to be yours?! {As an extra thank you for your help, every suggestion of a color today will also get you an extra entry in my blanket GIVEAWAY! :-)}
    Okay, an older poem and then back to my circles! (By the way, I sat there with my camera this morning, waiting for Mr. Hummingbird, and he was a no-show!! The nerve! The first time I'm actually ready for him!! LOL) Have a good day everybody!

Decisions, Decisions

What should I do?
Don't know if I should go.
What should I wear?
I don't know, I don't know!

What should I say?
Don't need another foe.
Should I tell the truth?
I don't know, I don't know!

Who should I be?
My peppy self or keep it low?
But can they handle it?
I don't know, I don't know!

Decisions, decisions.
Coming at you every day.
You will be just fine!
Come what may, come what may!


  1. Hi!

    This is my very first time here. You have a very interesting blog. So many cool things to see!

    Please, drop by if you have a minute! :-)

    Have a wonderful day.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. Haha now you have a little insight to a wildlife photographer's life by sitting and waiting for the bird to come only to find out that she/he doesn't ;) Good times, good times! LOL

    And you know I always prefer green but red and white would be good too ;)

  3. Luciane, Hi! And Welcome! Nice to have a new visitor to the backyard. :-) I'll return the visit very shortly!...Have a good day!

  4. Mariann, Ha! ha! Ohhhhhhhh! So that's what you do with your time when you're out in the woods?!! ^_^ Now I can sympathize! My fingers and my back are still sore from trying to sit there quiet and still...in one place! I got robin babies, cardinals, and a finch I think, but no hummingbird!! LOL...Thanks for the suggestion for the yoyo bag too. I knew you would say green. ^_^ I'd love to do it in white, with all of the colors! But it might need washing too much. I think the brown may make it look too retro. I just don't know!!

  5. Yup, it's either sitting still in one uncomfortable position for hours or just lurking around and being very quiet and slow in my movements.I've taken pics in some really weird and painful poses :D You get to sit in your comfortable chair and in your own home not in some dirt hole like me! LOL

  6. Mariann, Ha! Ha! And for the best dirt hole sitting photography, the award goes to........Mariann Rea of the Nature and wildlife photography blog!!! (Insert wild applause, and a standing ovation here) LOL

  7. Hahahahaha! Now I understand my last night's dream! :D I was dreaming that I got an award! :P :P

  8. Mariann, Ha! Ha! Ha! Were you sitting in the dirt with somebody reading poetry to you?! ^_^

  9. :D No I got the award for best colouring of a drawing I think! LMAO :D

  10. Ha! Ha! Too funny!!!! ^_^

  11. Anonymous5/10/2011

    Hi Deb, Surprised to hear from me so early. I am home sick today. I have a very bad sore throat, earaches, headache, coughing, congestion. Just feel YUCKY!!! Great treasury. I think the bag will be great in any color, but if it was mine, I would want it in black. That is one of my favorite colors and I coordinate allot with black. Plus I think it would really make the yoyo's pop allot. Very cute poem!!!!! Hugs....Peg

  12. Peg, Yes, I saw on FB that you weren't feeling well today. :-( Sorry about that. I hope it passes fast...Whatever it is!...Thanks for the nice words about my poem and the suggestion about the bag. I think the black would have been a great idea if I had made black one of the 6 colors!!! Why didn't I think of that?!...Oh well, next time. I think I'm leaning toward the cocoa brown or the red now. The white would be the choice for ME. It would be great in white, for the beach, or for a bride! But it's not a practical every day color. Still debating...You take it easy today, stay hydrated, and feel better.

  13. Hi Deb! I was looking at the yoyo circles and thought...hmmmm...they could really be yaya circles couldn't they? That's my silly for today!

  14. If the bag were going to be mine I would choose purple or black. My thinking being that darker colours may absorb more 'dirt' if the bag was to be used frequently.

  15. yaya, Ha! Ha! Yes they could!! ^_^ But they wouldn't whisper through the pines!

  16. Jo-anne, It looks like everybody is saying that Black should be the color. Guess I'm going to have to make another one! :-) I started this one in it's basic color already...By the way, purple would have been pretty too, but not many people are bold enough to carry it! ^_^

  17. Looks like red appears to be the main colour, so I'd go red :)

    enter me!
    Does that mean I get two? Can't you tell I want to win the giveaway? LOL!

  18. Alittlesprite, I'm going to be posting which color I chose in my next post! :-) It was NOT an easy decision!!...And yes, you now have 2 more entries!! ^_^


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