Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hummingbird Contentment

The nicest thing happened to me yesterday! A fellow Blogger, nature and wildlife photographer extraordinaire, did a blog post that brought a little tear to my eyes....Okay, a lot of tears to my eyes! ;'_';
It was Mariann Rea of the Nature and Wildlife Photography Blog. Wait until you see! Then you'll know why I was teary...and you'll be reaffirmed also, in the knowledge that a good deed doesn't go unnoticed! :-)
Okay, 2 things this morning. One, no more hummingbirds showed up at my feeder yesterday. But I know why too! There was just too much activity in my backyard!...The lawn had to be cut....Rrrrrrrrrrr!...and the edges had to be trimmed.......Rrrrrrrrr rrrrrr rrrrrrrr!...People were riding bikes past the woods. Robins were chasing other birds all over the place. A big bluebird came and flitted around the tree where the feeder was. He wasn't a 'Bluebird of Happiness' for my hummingbird sighting! LOL
So, I guess the little hummingbirds thought that maybe this place is too nerve-racking on a little fella! ^_^ Maybe tomorrow!!...But just so you will get to see a hummingbird today, I found a video on Youtube, a promotional video I think, for the Saltery Lodge in Alaska. The story about what happened when they were filming a little hummingbird is extraordinary!!! I loved it! I hope you do too! :-)

Please let me know what you think of it!!
Lastly, more Yoyos!!...I finished the ones with the red in the center, then brown, then green...
Then I worked on some more!!!...These had green in the middle, then red, then purple...
And then...PHEW!...I started some more! These had red in the center, then purple, then white!
I've only done about three of these so far, so guess what I'm going to be doing later today?!! ^_^ I'm gonna be Yoyo-ed OUT by nightfall!!! LOL
Okay, I hope you all have a good weekend! If the sun shines, take advantage of it! Tomorrow is not promised to you...remember! And if it rains, dance in it!! :-)

Merrily Content

I've got lots to do today.
I hope the sun shines down on me.
But if, instead, the rain comes down,
I'll still be singing merrily.

Whatever happens I'm content.
I know how worse my life could be,
than watching hummingbirds and robins
flit around my backyard tree.

The news of shootings and disasters,
on my mind can't make a dent;
Because I'll focus on my backyard,
and I'll be smiling and content.


  1. Anonymous5/07/2011

    Good Morning, I love watching humming birds too. They are so neat. It is going to be very sunny here today. We need the rain, we are under a severe drought right now. Can't wait to see your yoyo's when they are done. Have a great day Deb. HUGS!!! Peg

  2. We don't have hummingbirds here and I am fascinated by them The video is just utterly fabulous. Thank you ever so much for posting it. It was so rewarding.
    We love out=r garden birds. At the moment we have goldfinches building a nest and many blue tits and sparrows. We also have woodpeckers but none are tame. I have managed to get two large crows to come for breakfast each day by making a noise for them. If they sat on my hand I'd fall over. They are huge.
    Loved all of your post today...the film, the photos and the poem. Thank you for bringing some brightness into my wet morning.Now I shall read the wildlife post. I have tissues.

  3. Peg, Good Morning!! Yeah, I've been on hummingbird watch for a few days now...especially now that I know at least one is actually visiting the feeder!! I have my camera all perched to take a picture of him. He's in and out so fast though...or maybe it's because I waste half his visit Ooooo-ing and Awwwww-ing!!! LOL ... I hope you get some rain soon. Wish I could send you some of ours!! Although right now, it's beautiful out! Weather man says a shower or two is due early this morning though. I'm enjoying the sunshine while I have it! :-)

  4., Awwwww! :-( You don't have hummingbirds?! Well, that's just not right! Let me can I mail you a hummingbird?!...*flipping through the yellow pages*...While I work on it, let me just say, you're still doing okay with crows coming for breakfast, and goldfinches building a nest in your garden! The robins had a nest in our backyard last year, but when there was a disaster with their pretty blue baby egg falling out of the nest they didn't rebuild there again! They still love digging and hopping around the backyard, but they have a nest somewhere else now. They just come here to gather food. My backyard is like their One-Stop grocery store! LOL...Thank you for such a nice comment this morning. Made me smile! :-) I'm doing a lot of that these days...between naps! ^_^

  5. Amazing video!! We visited some friends in Missouri one spring a few years ago and she had about 3 or 4 feeders on her deck and there were hundreds of hummers coming in and out all day! They sounded like bees flying! She had to fill them a couple times a day! I was so impressed! Love the little birds!
    FYI....I put my feeder out yesterday! So far I haven't seen one.
    I've always read NOT to put red dye in the nectar because it's bad for them. Guess I'll have to google it later.

  6. CinLynn, I'm glad you liked it, Bead! I was trying to get footage of my little visitor, but so far...he's too quick for me! But he's such a little cutie!! :-) Hubby saw him for the first time this morning!...Wish I could have a deck full of feeders too! But then, how would I ever get anything done?!! ^_^ I hope you're able to get a photo of yours!...About the red dye thing, I didn't know that until I saw the video. I don't know whether there's different kinds of nectar either. So much to learn in the world!!!! :-] Well, have a good day, my friend! Thanks for the short visit. You're like a welcome hummingbird. :-]

  7. Oh my goodness, Debbie! What a marvelous video! Thank you for sharing it with us all. During the summer months we usually have 14 hummingbird feeders place out on our country property. We pack a picnic lunch, sit out amongst the feeders and watch the fabulous hummingbird show. During fall migration, we get quite the crew. There is nonstop activity. I have tried to feed them out of a small, shallow red lid in my hand, but have not had much success yet. When I replace a refilled feeder the tiny birds will come within inches of me. Hummingbirds are most fascinating creatures.
    Love your colorful Yoyos!

  8. Julie, I am so glad you enjoyed it!! And how wonderful to hear about your 14 hummingbird feeders out on your country property!! Just sitting around among them, having a picnic, sounds like so much fun! :-] And in the video the guy said the man sat there with his hand still for 10 minutes before the hummingbird actually landed. That's a LOOOOOONG time in one place!! LOL Here's hoping we have that kind of focus sometime in the distant future, because we sure don't have it now!!!! LOL ... And thanks for the nice words about the yoyos too! I'm having fun with them.

  9. What a beautiful video it brought tears to my eyes the magic of those moments at one with nature was truely breath taking. Something so small and so full of life to trust like that it just makes you happy and grateful to be alive. Thank you for sharing that humming birds are so pretty. I love the purple yoyo's you crochet so fast ;-)) I am off to finish my circle attempts and flowers i am not really sure what i am doing but im making something and that makes me smile ;-)) dee x

  10. delia, I'm so glad you liked the video! It made me happy too!...until I can get some footage of my own little hummingbird visitor. I'v only seen him once today, early this morning. But the sun is shining, so maybe he's waiting for the cooler time of day. {That's MY story...LOL} And thanks for the Yoyo love too!!...By the way, here's the way to make the circles: >>> Chain 4, connect it in a circle. Chain one, put 10 single crochets (I think it may be double crochets for you) in the circle, slip stitch to connect it to the first one. Chain one, put 2 single crochets in each stitch around. Connect with a slip stitch; Last row, Chain one, put 2 single crochets in the first stitch, one single crochet in the next, alternating all the way around, and connect with a slip stitch!<<<...That's a circle and a yoyo. I just change the colors on every row...Tell me if it works for you! And have a good weekend!! :-)

  11. If it's the hummingbird video I'm thinking of then I've seen it and it is very teary, but in a good way. (the one about the boy teaching it to fly?)

    cant wait to see what your base colour for the bag is going to be :)
    Enter me!

  12. That video was a wonderful find. I bet those kids were in awe of those beautiful little birds eating out of their hands.

  13. Alittlesprite, Hello!...No, it's not the video about making a hummingbird fly. It's about how the hummingbirds were landing and feeding right out of their hands!! {I'd like to see the one you're talking about though!}...By the way, I'm still trying to decide about the base color. Any suggestions?! :-]...And you're entered!!

  14. Jo-anne, It sure was Jo!! I kept thinking about how I would feel with those little cuties sitting on the side of my palm, sipping nectar. :-) Maybe one day!!

  15. Thanks for the mention! :)
    I love that video but I guess you already knew that! ;) Another reason why I need to travel there! LOL
    P.S. Can you explain the Yoyo's because I don't get it! :D I know what a yoyo was in my childhood but what are yours? :D

  16. Mariann, I DID know you would love this video! It's right up your nature and wildlife alley! LOL...And guess what? I didn't understand about the yoyos either initially! ^_^ This post I did earlier explains everything though...

    Have a good day Little Fox!:-)

  17. Thank you for that i will write it down i find my circles tend to curl up and its getting a little frustrating, dee x

  18. delia, My pleasure! I think you should be okay with it this way. Mine don't curl at all. In fact, if you have any pattern for a pull-on hat, the center pattern for them just simply makes a big circle {the crown of the head}! Just follow what they say to do for each row going upward. You should make pretty circles doing that...until you get confidence enough to make your own patterns. I foresee this happening pretty quickly in your case. :-) You're doing so good already!!

  19. Got the idea behind the yoyo bag now ;)
    Enter me again :P

  20. Mariann, Good!...And you're entered again! :-)


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