Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wildness is EVERYWHERE!!!

I don't rant often on this blog...not in a bad way, I mean. But lately, with people I'm acquainted with, and with all of the talk in the news about it, I just had to say one thing about infidelity...UGH!!!
I'm not gonna go on and on about it, but I just want to say...Clearly the apparatus that they're using to 'think' with is not functioning correctly. Maybe they need an extra one!!!......Brain, people!...I'm talking about their brains!...What are you thinking?! LOL Get your minds out of the gutter! ^_^ Okay....rant over!...Moving on!! :-]
I'm going to leave the mental chewing of those things to other people. I've got my own things I'm chewing to speak. Like custom hats... black...And... red!
...And yep! I'm almost finished with them! Well, the red one 'is' finished, as you can see!
I should be all done with the black one by today too! :-) Ahhhh! Sweet success!
And while I've been slaving away on crochet hats, hubby has been slaving away at...okay, so he's just watching...his gardening.
He's also been slaving away at what the best way to photograph them are. LOL
What do you think? Do you like the ground view?! :-)...Well, guess what?! Plants is not the only thing he's been photographing this morning! :-)
He's been on a kind of morning you can see, starting with the header photo. What has he been stalking?!
...nest shot of the robin eggs!
Got it!!!! :-) Well, considering that the Mama Robin wasn't very happy with him, and he had to endure a lot of her noise, and had to be on watch that she didn't swoop down and peck his eyes out or was a very good shot!!! LOL
It's all about the wild today, people! Wild behavior....wild plants....robin egg stalkers in the wild...*Teehee*...and a movie theme, "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken". I loved this movie of the true story of this woman's life. And I was shocked that it was rated 'G', in a world of salacious movies...and it wasn't a cartoon...and it was VERY good!!! So, I'll leave you a little song and movie theme...and a poem of course! :-)

The poem today is more than 20 years old. It was during a time when hubby and I were doing some growing. Thankfully, we're tons of growth away from the sentiments of this poem now. Hopefully someone will get something positive out of it, or get some helpful insight.

I Need To Get Your Attention

I want, so much, not to need you,
and, when you're absent, not to fret;
But thats not me! I need attention.
But I don't feel you 'get it' yet.
No- you don't 'get it' yet!

Should I cook, and just smell pretty?
(That would please you-I just bet!)
But I don't gamble with my feelings,
and you're gonna get that yet.
Yea! You're gonna get it yet!

You say you don't know what I want;
And you act like we just met;
But I know that you have knowledge.
You just don't want to do it yet.
Why don't you want to do it yet?

Here's a few things you should know:
I'm not just like a household pet
that you can feed and leave for hours,
and wonder if I'm happy yet.
You Know that I'm not happy yet!

Maybe I should be a puppy;
At least you'd take me to the vet!
(Not like that trip we took to Paris-
that trip I haven't gone on yet.
No-I haven't gone on yet!)

I need to have you listen to me,
and not just tell you what to get.
I know you think I talk too much,
But you just haven't heard me yet.
No-You haven't heard me yet!

I try to have you look at me,
but you just stare in the T.V. set.
I fight commercials for attention,
but you still haven't got it yet.
Haven't got it?-no-not yet!

When you're stressed out, and I know it,
I try to be your safety net;
But when I'm stressed, and feeling anxious
I still don't think you've noticed yet.
Thats right!-You haven't noticed yet!

I ask you not to sit so quiet
When you're driving-you forget!
You force yourself to start a sentence
that you haven't finished yet.
No-You haven't finished it yet!

You want me to go back to work
so I can help you pay our debt.
But there's some debt that you're still oweing.
Attention to that's not being paid yet.
Sorry-You haven't paid it yet.

In exchange for trips and flowers
and flying to Paris in a jet,
I'd like to go 'back-road' sight-seeing,
But you haven't made time yet.
No-You haven't made time yet!

There's been no time for going swimming
(Only my eyes have gotten wet);
There's been no time for 'time together'.
You say: "Real soon. But just not yet".
But "Real soon" has not come yet!

We'd eat and sleep and sit in silence
and just have sex (thats if I let!);
But I need more, some real attention.
And thats why you don't get it yet.
Dear, what is it that you don't get yet?

You don't get that I've been lonely?
That I need my appetite whet?
That this just can't go on forever?
But you're bound to get it yet.
And, until then this bone won't set!


  1. I am going to have to rent this movie too! To bad the library is closed today. The music is great too!! Thank you

  2. Hi there, Deb!! The garden pictures are wonderful - I planted herbs a few weeks ago and I have basil and oregano growing. I can't wait to make sauce with them. Love the crocheted hats too - I have not crocheted in about 5 months...gotta get back in the swing of things. :)

  3. :-) I know everybody has their own tastes in movies, but I really liked it! Let me know what you think after you see it...Have a good rest of the day!

  4. I LOVE your crochet hats! Think I may have to ask for the pattern and make one this summer (don't want to sunburn my face with all these scars that need healing!)
    Might need to rent the film out too...
    Great post as always xx

  5. Craftgal, Hi there!! :-) Thanks about the garden photos. Hubby will be very happy to know you liked them. I'm sure he'd love to see your herbs growing too! :-) Whereas I'd love to get my lips on some of your sauce!! LOL And thanks for the nice words about the hats too. I'm really enjoying doing the custom orders. Wish I had more of them!...Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  6. Nice poem! I'm sure you have definitely grown since then since we all seem to "get it" as we are married longer. That robin egg shot is great!! Good job Jeff!!
    Have a wonderful meeting today and a wonderful day too!

  7. Creating Trouble, Why, thank you, very much! I'm afraid my pattern is a state secret though! :-)) I'm considering maybe selling it online at some point. I really like how it makes the hat so versatile. Don't you love it when you get something to work, by accident, in a way that is really cool?! :-] I may give it to you, secret. Shhhh!...And what scars are you talking about that need healing?!! O_0 Did I miss something?!...

  8. CinLynn, Thank you, Bead! I almost didn't share it, but considering the subject I started the post with today, I thought it was tolerable. :-)) YAY for growth!!! :-) And Jeff sends his thanks, about the photo too!...Enjoy your meeting...and the WT! :-)

  9. Wow, look at those beautiful blue eggs! Your title threw me at 1st, I thought it was about wild plants and then after I started reading I thought it was about wild body parts! lol.
    The hat looks awesome!

  10. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Yeah, WILD, wasn't it?! ^_^ I gues you can say that this post was truly about 'Wild-Life'!!! LOL And thanks for the nice words about the hat too! :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. Love the red hat with the flower..very cool! The egg shots are amazing also. I was at home depot yesterday looking at trellises and low and behold a robin was sitting on a nest that was nestled in the top of one of the trellises! Hopefully people will leave her alone to finish her motherly duties..of course I did take a pic and will post it if it came out OK..Have a lovely weekend Deb!

  12. That hat is amazing. I LOVE it! That flower just sets it off!
    Wow those eggs are the prettiest shade of blue! It kind of reminds me of the colour of my car :D lol

  13. yaya, Thanks for the hat love! :-) And WOW! A robin right in the store?! I can't wait to see that photo!! :-] Mama robins don't like people messing around with them when they're taking care of their motherly duties. I know!!! LOL Have a good rest of the weekend! :-)

  14. Jo-anne, WOW! You have a turquoise colored car?! Why have we not seen that on the blog?!! LOL Come on Jo! Show and tell time!! ^_^ ... And thanks for the nice complement on the hat. I'm finishing up the black one as we speak too. So fun!!! :-) And of course I always love a flower...anywhere!...Just like you, Blossom! :-))

  15. Gosh on my monitor the eggs look blue. If they are turquoise then I really would like my car to be that colour!

  16. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! Ha! Yep! Turquoise! The most beautiful shade of turquoise too!...Great for a car! :-)

  17. love, Love, LOVE this poem!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Your personality shines right through all of your wonderful poems! Good luck with the crochet hats ~ I went through a 'hat phase' and they were alot of fun to make! :)

  18. P.S. ~ Fabulous song! Thanks for the introduction, I NEED to see this movie now!

  19. OH! I really like the flower you use on the hat. Any chance of you sending me the pattern pretty pretty please?

    LOVE the robin eggs! They are so blue! So precious :)

    Enter ME!

  20. ~Lady*♥*Fiona~, Thank you so much!! :-) And you just paid me the nicest complement, by saying that my '...personality shines right through all of my poems...' :-] That's exactly what I try to share 'ME'! It's nice to know that another poet recognized 'ME'! :-) Thank you!...And as to the hats, I love making them..especially this hat. I've got it so that it can be worn in different ways because of it's construction. An accident I'm happy to have stumbled upon. :-)

  21. ~Lady*♥*Fiona~, Yes, I like that song too!! I love it when movies have good music! It makes them better, in my opinion...Enjoy the rest of your day! :-]

  22. Alittlesprite, Awwww! How nice of you to say that!! :-) Well, guess what?! I did a whole post a while back, about how to make my flowers...with pictures!

    And I agree about the robin eggs...and you're entered!! :-]

  23. OOO! Thanks. I'll take a look :)

  24. Anonymous6/14/2011

    Enter me!

    i also like the photography plants and other things from other angles to find best angle.
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  25. Anonymous (shuttermom77), My giveaways are only open to followers of my blog. And as I couldn't confirm that you were a follower, I couldn't enter you in this one. But I will be starting another one on the 15th of the month. If you become a follower, or confirm that you are already a follower by then, I will put you in for 2 entries! Thank you for your interest. :-]


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