Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hubby's got that look in his eye........!

      Every year, around this time, my hubby starts to get that look in his eye. That look that says: "I gotta grow something"...."I gotta play in the dirt somewhere"..."I gotta start asking my wife all those gardening questions that make her eyes roll around in her head! *Teehee* That's what I call fun!!!" ^_^
     Okay, maybe he doesn't say it, but I'm convinced that that's what he's thinking! Why else would he come in the house, after playing in potting soil in the backyard for hours, and ask me: "Which colors should I put in the backyard this year?!"...Or "Doesn't this dirt look rich?!"...Or "Do I have to take my shoes off every time I come back in the house? It's just gonna be vacuumed up, right?"....UGH!
      I'm not the slightest bit interested in how all of the plants or flowers start growing. {I've never been an outdoor type of girl...unless there was an air conditioned Mall I could amble through involved!...*Teehee*} I'm only interested in the end result of all that planting...The end result that I get to look at, Ooooo and Ahhhh over, and put in my pretty vases! :-)
     Who said:"Shallow!" LOL But wait! Being the supportive wife that I am, I am of use. I can show off my hubby's love of gardening on my blog! :-) Yeah, I'm like the Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune reference) of blog show-offs. Being the greenery 'pointer-outer' is 'how I roll'!! Ha! Ha!...So, here goes!
        Hubby pulled out all of his plant boxes a week or so ago. {I don't exactly know when. I wasn't paying attention....except to the 'clod-hopper gardening shoes'! LOL}
       I "do" know that it wasn't very long before his excitement got raised to a new height...along with the raised greenery in the plant boxes! 
       This was the beginning of the endless conversations....{I say "conversations" loosely, because he was the only one talking about it! :-)}...about how fast things were growing, and what color certain flowers were going to be, and how long it would be before things would be transferred.....Blah! Blah! Blah!.....
     If you're more than 40 years old you probably remember how at 10:00p.m. every night the T.V. would go off, and we'd get that radar pattern on the screen, and a loud  Diiiiiiiii___________________________! That loud noise would drive you crazy, and drive you toward the T.V. to turn it off! LOL We didn't have remote controls back then.....(the dinosaurs had left by then too!...*Teehee*)...Well, that's the sound I start to hear after some "conversations" with hubby about plants that go on a little too long!
     You'll know what I mean in a minute, because I'm going to show you hubby's excitement...Deep breath!....Here goes....
       And then, a little while longer......
      And a couple of days later....
        Are you hearing that loud buzz?! ^_^ Well, by now I would have been! But I must admit, this is about the time I start to see why he gets so excited. They really are quite magnificent, aren't they?!...I guess I'm glad to have a husband who can see the possibility in life, and the future potential of things not yet visibly seen. :-]
     But when it comes to plants and flowers...I'll wait for them to get here....
        Yep!! I Oooooo-ed and Ahhhhh-ed right along with him when they got to this point!!!...What can I say, I'm a pretty 'flower girl'-looker! ^_^ I point them out, sniff at them, and smile. :-) I leave the hard work and possibility to him...As I said, that's 'how I roll'!! Ha! Ha!
      With all of the rain that we're having this week, hubby is gonna have lots to Oooo and Ahhh over by next week! It's suppose to rain for the next 5 days straight!! Those flowers and plants are loving it!....{But the ants are making leaf-boats and waiting it out....Note to self: Don't forget to put the ant repellent back around the tree that holds the hummingbird nectar....if it ever stops raining!} 
     My joints are a little achy today....Well, a 'lotta' achy!! So, I won't be doing much of anything today. Just some studying, some reading, maybe some music or a movie....or just sitting quiet. I like to do that on occasion. It gives me a chance to reassess things and get perspective about my life and up-coming decisions that have to be made.
     Do you ever do this? Just turn everything off in the house and sit quiet?!...It's really great on rainy days. The pitter-patter is very soothing. :-] I may actually be comatose by next week! ^_^
     Ahhhhhhhhh!.....Have a good day everybody!

Sitting Quiet

I love just sitting quiet,
letting silence be my friend.
I'm not afraid to be alone,
and hear my breathing out and in.

With no T.V. on, or music,
just some thinking done, with me,
In a world where quiet reading
is now called "activity".

There's no reason to be scared,
or to need all kinds of noise,
to create some kind of chaos,
or to look for games and toys;

Just a quiet low lit room,
where I ponder my life course,
where I think of plans ahead,
but no thoughts I have to force.

Just me, still, and sitting quiet.
Nothing altering my mood.
No smoke wafting at my sinus,
no one mad or being rude.

Can you turn off all the gadgets?
Can you hear your own-self sigh?
If you cannot take the quiet,
You should stop and wonder why!


  1. Yup! S.H.A.L.L.O.W.! :D I prefer your hubby any time when it comes to planting and seeing those little babies grow! HAHA :D

  2. Mariann, Ha! Ha! Ha! Leave it to you to point out my flaws!!! ^_^

  3. Congrats on your flowers! Beautiful.
    Yes, rain and more rain... too much, right?

  4. Priscila, Thank you...and YES! Too much!!! LOL

  5. I totally get how excited he is! Love to see everything grow:) I've only been to one nursery so far but making another trip this week for my hanging baskets. Garden won't go in till the end of the month. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  6. Kelly, Well, I give praise to all those who are into putting their hands in the dirt and so forth and so on. I'm not one of them! Clearly! I don't like the idea of dirt under my nails, bugs crawling all over everywhere, or stinky soil! LOL But I CAN appreciate the aftereffects...and if I HAVE to, I can play in the dirt every once in a while. :-]

  7. Think I'm on your side - if there is one thing I am good at, it is forgetting to water the plants. Not really green-fingered. But the end results are looking good so well done hubby and sorry you've had to endure the diiiiii--- noise while they were growing!

  8. aawww bless him i do understand where his excitement is coming from ;-)) Its great to plant from seed and watch the new life develop, grow and flower ;-)) I did chuckle over the ants having to make boats bless them. I hope your joints give you some relief soon i understand just how you feel. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  9. Creating Trouble, Ha! Ha! Yeah, I'm destroyed some plants in my time, forgetting about the watering thing. O_0 But that's why hubby deals with the greenery in our family now! ^_^ That's for the comment of sympathy!

  10. delia, Sounds like you have a green thumb yourself. Good for you! One day maybe I'll come over to you and my hubby's side of the fence....MAYBE! LOL Thanks for the comment, Dee. You have a good rest of the day too!

  11. Wonderful post! I love the way you express yourself. Looks like your husband has quite the green thumb. Spring blooms are always a feast for the eyes. My fingers are crossed the the weather forecasters are mistaken im their rain predictions. Wonderful poem!

  12. Anonymous5/17/2011

    i wish i had green thumbs. or greener thumbs, i should say.

  13. Julie, Thank you. :-) I'm definitely a 'talker'. That's the same as 'express myself', right?! LOL Glad you like the poem too. I appreciate the feedback on it. (And by the way, it's raining again this morning...like cats and dogs!!) Have a good day! :-]

  14. Kamana, :-) I know just exactly what you mean. Me too...I think!


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