Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Rain...A Movie and Song Theme?!

               Am I the only one that likes to look at movies and listen to music with rain themes, on days when it's actually raining?! LOL Go ahead...Laugh! But on those dark and cloudy, rainy and gloomy days, I like my movies and music to reflect what I'm experiencing!
And No, it doesn't put me in a worse mood! In fact, it makes me feel better! :-) {Although who wouldn't feel better looking at Pride and Prejudice and listening to Patty Griffin's beautiful voice...any time?! Hubby even used her RAIN song as background music for a video he did of our backyard, while it was raining. *Teehee*...It ain't no Pride and Prejudice! Just saying! ^_^ I'll show it to you below though.}
I wanted to show you that the Yoyo bag is done!...Well, almost done. I still have to crochet the handle for it. It would have been done, but I ran out of the chocolate brown yarn. Don't you hate when that happens?!! UGH! I'm gonna get another skein today though. So by tomorrow I should be able to completely finis the crocheting part. I'll just have the...*gulp!*...lining to do.
This bag has gone from here... here...
I crocheted and put this little draw string in it last night...And I love the backwards loop single crochet stitch along the edging. Soooo pretty...and sturdy! Tell much would you think a bag like this would cost?!
There's been some other excitement going on around my parts too! Not at my house, but at my friend's house! They have two nests of robin's eggs hatching on their property!! :-) Who would figure that these NON-blue birds...
...could lay such beautiful aqua blue (turquoise) eggs?!
They're already starting to hatch now too!!
How exciting to wake up every day to see new little ones peeping their NON-blue heads up! :-)...By the way, I have to thank my friend for letting me share her photos...and for that delicious homemade chili and cornbread she made me the other night too!! YUM! YUM!! Thanks C!!!
Okay, last, but not least, today...a couple of photos hubby took of our backyard tree. (You can see it LIVE in the video) And a poem I did a while ago.

Free As A Bird

Been all cooped up.
No, haven't stirred.
Been on lock-down.
Weighing every word.
But I want to be free!
...Free as a bird.

Been sitting still.
My mind all blurred.
Time moving slow.
Nothing has occurred.
But I want to be free!
...Free as a bird.

Been a good girl.
Don't care what you heard.
On 'How To Be'
I could be referred.
But I want to be free!
...Free as a bird.

I almost lost my grip.
That's why my speech was slurred.
A little teary? Yes.
My words now un-gird.
Happy to be free!
...Free as a bird.


  1. I love the movie Pride and Prejudice!! I love the old one and the new one too!
    Sorry you are still having rain. Ours stopped yesterday afternoon and now we have sunshine but cool temps. Only around 60 today, but warming up as the week goes on.
    Your lilacs are so pretty!! Nice photos!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. CinLynn, I love it too! I've seen it so many times, and by so many different actors that hubby now says, every time he sees me slowing down on a channel where they're advertising it, "How many times are you gonna have to see that movie?!!!" Ha! Ha! Ha! What can I say...I'm a sucker for a love story. :-)) And good for you, to be all done with the rain! I'm gonna have to start another Yoyo bag, I think, just to have something to focus my mind on during all of the rain...and thunder today too!...Glad you liked the photos too! Have a good day, Bead!! Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Oh I just love that movie and the music is wonderful! What version of Pride and Pred. is that? I have to rent it. I am going to look up Patty Griffins music for my phone! That purse is wonderful. Painted the bathroom the color of the birds eggs!

  4. Susan, It's the 2006 version with Keira Knightly. And it's just a wonderful verson...My favorite of all the ones I've seen I think. (You might actually be able to look at the full movie, in parts, on Youtube! Most people don't know that, but youtube has full movies!)...And I love that song too...I thank you for the nice words about the bag too!

  5. cute

  6. Thanks Julia_Julia!!

  7. Anonymous5/16/2011

    We have rain and rainbows. It's lovely.

    The comment you made on my blog the other is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. ♥

  8. Michele, Ooooo! That sounds so nice! :-] And WOW! Really, about the comment?! Well, I thank you for saying that, but I just call 'em as I see 'em! :-)

  9. awww.. baby birdies! So cute.
    I really like the brown, green, purple at the top of the bag. NICE!
    Have no idea what kind of cost to put on it, as it takes so long to do (Well for me it did), I'd never sell mine anyway. I might make one for my little sister one day.

    Enter me!

  10. Alittlesprite, I know, huh! Love those little babies. :-) And I'm glad you liked the colors at the top too. I can't wait to finish it. Gotta get the brown still...UGH! I'm thinking of starting another one with black and white and some other colors that complement it. We'll see. I have to do the LINING first!!! Nooooooooooo!! LOL And you're entered too, by the way. :-]

  11. We have one of those trees in our back garden, it smells so pretty. And that bag is great, I have severe crochet envy! x

  12. bibbitybob, Ha! Ha! (about the crochet envy) I have felt that myself when I've seen some of the wonderful things people with such creative minds have crocheted. So 'I feel you' :-] And I thank you...At least we have our trees to keep us happy! ^_^


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