Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Used To Be A Dancing Machine...Now I'm A Crocheting Machine!!

This past weekend, listening to music and talking for hours with hubby, I was reminded how different I am from the girl I was in my youth. Not necessarily in a bad way, but definitely in a 'different' way!
I still love a lot of the same things I used to love...except high heels and Afros (I've definitely out-grown them!! LOL). But, for instance, even though I still love spending hours 'zoned inward', with just my yarn and crochet hook, I still like some of the same things going on around me....like, to have some music...or a tennis match (or some kind of sports....basketball championships coming soon too..WOOHOO!!!)...going on around me, in the background, so to speak. Something I can root for, or tap my feet and bop my head to!

And, considering how 'zoned in' I've been, trying to finish my custom ordered hats, I'm surprised I still 'CAN' tap my feet and bop my head! LOL Just look at what I've been doing...
Oh Yeah....me and the red hat having been having some fun!! I've only started it...Oh...about 4 times!!!! UGH! It was my own fault though. I hadn't written the instructions down very well when I made the brown one for the shop....I was doing that 'just using up some old yarn' thing. I wasn't thinking, back then, about having to re-do it!!
So, when I went to re-make it for my customer I realized that I had the pattern written down, but I hadn't said what kind of yarn I had used, or what size needles either!...UGH! I started two hats at the same time, and got them all the way to the brim before I realized that they were too small!! (I went back and finished one of them yesterday...and hopefully will have the other one finished today)
Then I started them again with larger needles, and a different pattern....Nope! That wasn't it!...So, I pulled those apart and started again!...This time....YEAH! Perfect!! :-) Red hat all done. {And it really looks more like this color...
...The light outside made it look more crimson.} And....
...the black hat...
...is all done too!!! :-)
After I make the flowers for the small hats, and list them in the shop for sale, I'll be finishing up the handle for my Yoyo bag...
...and then be hunting for my next project! :-) Do any of you have a request...a challenge...something...anything....for me to do?! ^_^ I'll be game!!
Okay, before I go back to my tennis 'game', I want to alert you all to a really cute giveaway that Priscila Peters Decor is having. Click HERE and go make a comment on her blog and get in on it!! It'll be ending on June 5, 2011. This is what she's giving away...
Pretty cute, huh?! :-) Alright! Have a good day! I'm off to do some dancing!!....after the poem, of course! :-]


Life is a dance, they always say.
It has a rhythm and a rhyme,
It makes you set a pace, while it
flows in the stream of time.

And dancing has expressions
that I think are kinda neat,
like dancing eyes and dance of joy,
happy dance and dancing feet.

Whatever dance you do today,
I hope life pleases you.
It really doesn't matter how.
Just dance! I hope you do!


  1. Love the hats! I'll have to order one for winter!

  2. Susan, Thank you! And I'll be happy to make you one! :-) Just let me know when.

  3. Hi Debbie,

    Love the hats. Especially the red one, it looks so pretty.
    Thanks for posting about my giveaway and good luck.

  4. I love your finished product my friend!! They are gorgeous! I'm sure the smaller hats would fit me. I have very little hair! LOL
    Keep dancing and crocheting! It makes you happy! Have a great day!

  5. Oh, wow, I LOVE those hats! They are so pretty!! You are a master with that crochet needle... Keep crocheting, dancing and tapping your feet!! Love, Silke

  6. Priscila, Hello! Thanks about the hats! And it was my pleasure to post about your giveaway. It's a cute bag. :-)

  7. CinLynn, Oh, I'm so glad you like them, Bead! I'm going to be listing the smaller ones in the shop later in the week some time...And I 'WILL' keep dancing!!! ^_^ Try to stop me!!...Thanks for your nice comment. Have a good one, my friend!

  8. Silke, Awww! From someone like yourself, whose a master with a crochet hook, knitting needles, and a paint brush, I say a hearty: THANK YOU!!! :-) As I dance a happy dance!

  9. Deb, I'm Back......LOL..... Love the hats and the poem. Hope you find something new to work on and some sport thing on t.v. Have a splendid day.

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, Well, 'Hello Dolly!!' ^_^ I've been wondering about you!! Nice to see you back. I hope things are going well with you. Are you still care-giving?!...Thanks for the nice words about the hats and the poem. And, as to the sports, I'm watching the Federer/Monfills tennis match right now!! Good stuff!! :-]

  11. Well my beautiful bloggy friend, I couldn't come up with any suggestions ( you know I'm a fan of your blankets). Thank you for the giveaway link I'll hop over. I love to enter as much as I love to giveaway. Hugs!

  12. haha. the title of your post is cracking me up.

  13. Katherine's Corner, No suggestions, huh?...Well, no worries. I'll come up with SOMETHING!! LOL It won't be a blanket right now though. I still have some more of those around here, waiting to find a new home! :-) I was a blanket making fool at one time!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  14. rebecca, Funny, but sadly....TRUE!!! LOL Guess what I'm doing in between the time I'm typing?! ^_^

  15. Debbie, those hats are sooooo cute! I love them! And the yo-yo bags is just rad. Are you keeping it or selling it because I feel like you have to keep it and show it off, it's awesome!

  16. OttosMom, WOW! Thank you so much for the nice words!! That's really nice of you to take the time to tell me. :-] I sold both of the hats. They were custom orders. I have 2 more I'm finishing up...smaller. But as to the yoyo bag, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I'll be crocheting the handle for it tomorrow, but I'll still have to put the...*gulp*...lining in it! O_0 I'm N-O-T looking forward to that!!! I hate doing linings. It's that 'sewing' thing!! UGH! I wish I could figure out how to 'crochet' a lining for it! :-)) But, at any rate, THANK YOU for the nice complement about it. :-)

  17. Gosh I thought I had heard a lot of Jackson 5's songs but I had never heard that one before.
    You are definitely a crochet machine. I cannot get over how quickly you have made those hats. You are amazing! Don't your hands or your wrist get sore? I know mine do when I've crocheted a lot.

  18. Jo-anne, Really?!!! That's an old Jackson 5 standard from my childhood. We boogied for years to that one! It still makes me wanna dance when I hear it now! :-))... And the only time my hands get tired is if we have bad weather. My joints get hard to move then. I think it's the way I hold the needle and thread that eases it for me. I don't do a lot of 'wrapping the yarn' and stuff. I hold a strand on a 'tension release' in my other hand. (I guess you'd have to see it! :-))


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