Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easy Breezy Sunday Morning...On Dandelion and Hummingbird Watch!

Good Morning!! I don't have much for you this morning, except that hummingbird watch may have gotten a kink in it this morning...THANKS TO HUBBY!!! UGH!
We figured out that our little visitor comes to the feeder every morning between 6 and 6:30 a.m. So, we got the camera all ready to video him this morning, opened the window nothing would obstruct the shot, positioned ourselves, and waited.......and waited......and waited some more.
Hubby got bored and laid back down. TYPICAL!!...Can you tell I'm a little annoyed with my 6 foot baby this morning?! Grrrr! Wanna really know why?!...Well, the hummingbird came!!!!!!....I went to reach for the camera that I had positioned right next to me....and it was gone! I shook hubby. I had to wake him up to ask where it was....Shhhhhh!
He woke up talking loud, flipping cover off of him, reached over to the window sill RIGHT IN FRONT OF WHERE THE HUMMINGBIRD WAS...UGH!!!!...flipped the window blind cord around, startling my little visitor...who paused, looked at him for a second (with his little head tipped sideways), and "beat bird feet outta there"!!!!!
;'_'; I am so mad with him!!!! He said he put the camera on the window sill to get it out of his way so he could lie down. Now I don't know if my little hummingbird is ever gonna come back again!!...MR. RUSTLE RUSTLE may have spoiled my chances at getting "THE VIDEO SHOT"!!!
Oh well......He better be glad I love him!! He'd be hunting a hummingbird room-mate, carrying his luggage and a complementary bag of 'Hello-I'm only-going-to-stay-for-a-little-while' bag of groceries if not!! LOL
Oooooo! He just brought me breakfast in bed!!.....Okay, all is forgiven. :-) He's a good man. I call him Bae. You can call him Ruslte...or "Al"! LOL

Have a good Sunday Everybody!!!!

How Can You Tell a Good Man From a Bad One?

How can you tell a good man
from a bad man nowadays?
The truth is there are many,
many, many, kinds of ways.

A good man, when he meets you,
looks you straight into your eye.
A bad man, will look down,
and he can't wait to tell a lie.

A good man, when he owes you,
pays your money right on time.
A bad man says: "I'll pay you!"
But he never has a dime.

A good man wants to help you
if you're ever in a pinch.
A bad man, if your car breaks down
won't even loan a wrench.

A good man, when he dates you,
is not concerned with just 'right now'.
A bad man wants his milk' for free',
and never buys the cow.

A good man is a good boss,
and a sparkling employee.
A bad man likes to take control,
and complains exhaustively.

A good man brings you flowers,
just because he thought of it.
A bad man, if you ask for them
will quickly throw a fit.

A good man,'cause he's loved by all,
will know the world is his .
A bad man gets a poem wrote
to show how bad he is!


  1. I have always maintained that 'You can call me Al' is MY song as my friends do....

    grr re the lack of Hummingbird video footage!

  2. Well my friend, you DO have a good man!! Sorry you missed the hummingbird video...maybe tomorrow. I haven't seen one on my feeder yet. I'm still looking forward to it.
    I LOVE that video with Paul Simon and Chevy Chase! One of my all time favorites! Hubby and I danced and laughed to it! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Creating Trouble, Ha! Ha! Ha! I relinquish to share with me! ^_^ And regarding the hummingbird video, I agree!! But guess what?! I got some footage of a Cardinal in the tree after I posted this morning!!!! :-)

  4. CinLynn, You're right, my friend, as usual!! :-) He IS a good man. We have our moments, like this morning...Grrrr!...But thankfully, after almost 33 years together, those moments are few and far between. :-) ... And as to the video, I absolutely LOVE it!! My favorite part is the little dance they do about half way through it. I played it about 15 times this morning, dancing more wildly and giggling with hubby after every playing! ^_^ {I had to get rid of the song I woke up in my head this morning! Not a good one today...Grrrr! It's gone now though...thanks to Chevy and Paul! :-) Thanks for the nice comment. Have a good day, Bead!!!

  5. You will get your hummingbird footage, I feel it!!!

  6. sMacThoughts, Yes I will!!!...Eventually! :-) Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  7. aaww bless him he missed it this time but he won't next time not after this morning ha ha ;-)) And then to bring your breakfast in bed bless him..he is a good man ;-)) Love the poem its so very true. Hope you have had a lovely sunday, dee x

  8. Hahaha Love that song btw and looove that video! :D It's so funny! LOL
    And I also enjoyed your little video of the feader. Why? Because, I've said this before, I like it when I can hear you two talking! :D
    I'm sure the little hummingbird will come back and bring some army fella's with him/her to be protected from your 'Al'! LOL

  9. delia, :-) I think you're right. He's already in my good graces because he got a cardinal on film this morning!!! It landed in the tree and he was filming him before I realized it!! ^_^ But now he's talking about starting his own blog so he can talk about me...YIKES!!! LOL

  10. Mariann, Ha! Ha! Ha!...My "AL" says 'he'll be waiting' when the hummingbirds come back with their army!! ^_^ And I'm glad you enjoyed the feeder video too. We are starting to talk about doing a video a day for the week of our wedding anniversary...maybe! We've got some "through the years" photos of each other we'd like to share and...EXPLAIN!! Stay tuned!! ^_^

  11. happy mother's day - hope they come back.

  12. Hi Char! I hope they come back too! :-))

  13. Sorry you missed getting footage of the hummingbird but your back yard looks lovely and green!

  14. Ok, will wait for the videos then! :D Yay!
    Btw, ENTER ME! LOL

  15. Jo-anne, Thank you. Yes, I missed the hummingbird. Maybe today!...But hubby did get a Cardinal!!! :-)

  16. Mariann, Ha! Ha! Ha! We did a video last night. SO MUCH FUN!!!! I got hubby dancing to the Paul Simon song I posted yesterday!!! ^_^ I don't know how to upload it correctly though. It uploaded onto Youtube sideways and I can't figure out how to get it turned upright, so I'm not sharing it...It's even funny sideways though!! LOL...And you're entered again!

  17. No-no, I need to see that! LOL Here's what I found about rotating a video on youtube
    You have to click on the plus sign next to the video and then it will appear in the bottom. And when you mouse over the video there, then a sign appears which lets you rotate it :)

  18. Mariann, Once again you have come to my rescue!! I just went and edited it. YAY!!!! It worked....but they said to come back in a few minutes to see it. It's being processed right-side-up! So, I'll send you the link over on facebook. THANK YOU!!!! :-)

  19. Breakfast in bed, lucky you!

    Is it too late to enter me?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  20. Bee Happy, I did feel kinda special! Although I think he was trying to get 'brownie points' after the whole "missing of my hummingbird" thing! LOL And no, it's not too late. The drawing is not until the 15th. So, I'm entering you! Come do it again tomorrow if you want! :-) Have a good Monday!!


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