Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Do I Talk About When I'm Tired?! Well.....

      I talk about how nice it is to wake up in the morning, look out the window, and see sunshine, greenery, and my hummingbird feeder! :-) And, as I'm really exhausted, that may be the extent of what I do today!...Lay here and watch for hummingbirds! LOL
     I know the nice weather has a lot of people thinking of sitting near the pool, soaking up some of that long awaited sun...
       ...gardening, or just looking at the growing flowers...
     ....or just getting outdoors and.....doing something!!! LOL But me, today?!
      I'M TIRED!!!...I'm just gonna LOOK at the backyard. LOOK at the robins hopping around. LOOK at the trees and flowers.
      I'm not gonna LOOK at much news. NO MORE!!!! I LOOKED at enough of that yesterday! {That could be part of why I'm tired, in fact!} 
     That doesn't mean that I don't have anything on my mind! I mean, the French Open Tennis Tournament is upcoming!! The first rounds will start May 22nd!!
     I can't wait!!...And I also have something else on my mind. My crochet Yoyo bag. I'm hoping to get started on that this week. I'm giving deep thought to what colors I want to use in it....OKAY!! I'm just too tired to do it today!! LOL
     I got a gift of some other yarn too though. My girlfriend gave it to me. She had it for a while and has now decided that she's never going to use it, so she gave it to me!
     Any ideas about what I can THINK ABOUT making out of it?! :-))
       Clearly, it's not gonna be one of my more ambitious days. But....so what?! I've got hummingbirds to look for anyway! :-)
      {The poem is one I wrote yesterday. It'll be self-explanatory.}


News of war and near disasters,
Lots of folks who are to blame;
A world that's ever slightly shifting,
and yet still remains the same.

You can turn off your T.V.,
Unplug your phone. No one would care.
But soon you'll need to be connected,
and the news will still be there!


  1. The poem is simple and so what I am thinking...
    It's wet and rainy...damp and cold here today. I have my trade show items to upload on my Etsy store...but really don't feel like doing it.

    I'm back in the blogging World though... :-)


  2. Can't wait to see your YoYo bags!

  3. Hi my sweet tired friend! Get some rest and leave the yarn for a bit. All of a sudden you'll look at it and know exactly what you want to make!! That's the way it always goes for me anyway.
    Your poem is simple, but says it all. I can't bear to watch the news some days even though I know what it all means. I can't wait till this is all over!

  4. Sorry to hear your so tired today i hope you managed to get a good rest and spotted a few humming birds. Love the yarn enjoy making your bag, dee x

  5. Simply beautiful shots!
    Loved your blog Debbie :)

    Marinela x
    Earth Poems

  6. We Blog Artists, I am so glad you got my little poem. I'm glad my mind occasionally can shorten it up, and just say it! LOL It doesn't happen often like that! ^_^ And I know what you mean about the listing thing too. I have some things to list for my etsy shop and I just don't have the energy or the "Want To"! {Part of my reason, though, is because I'm not selling right now anyway! :-)} Thank you for the nice comment.

  7. We Blog Artists, And I can't wait to start the Yoyo bags too, by the way!! Ha! Ha!

  8. CinLynn, Thank you for such a nice comment. :-] And boy did I get some rest!! I'm feeling better now too, after practically sleeping the whole day away. I guess I needed that sleep!...I'll take your suggestion about the new yarn. It'll figure itself out eventually as to what it wants to be. LOL I have to start my yoyo bag anyway. That pattern is calling to me...now that I can lift my head to see it! ^_^ Have a good evening my dear friend.

  9. delia, Yes I did get some rest today. Boy howdy, did I!!! Ha! Ha! Didn't spot any hummingbirds though. Kinda hard to do that with my eyes closed! ^_^ And thanks about my new yarn too!!

  10. Short Poems, I'm so glad you liked the poem! And thank you for letting me know too! :-]

  11. Those flowers are too pretty. I hope you got to sit there all day and enjoy the scenery! And YAY French Open! We went to the US Open about 6 years ago and it was one of the coolest sports events I've ever been to. Tennis, whoot!

  12. OttosMom, I'm glad you liked my flowers. And yes, when my eyes were open (which wasn't much yesterday! LOL) I just enjoyed the scenery. No hummingbird sightings yet though...And Woot! Woot! Another tennis fan!! And how cool that you got to go to the U.S. Open!! I hear they're a rowdy bunch, those U.S. Open fans, though! :-)) Thank you so much for your comment.


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